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The face of Isaac, who took turns listening to Arthur and Luce, was constantly changing.


“So… Grandfather is in charge of handling guests, right?”


“Although his eyesight is not so good, his knowledge is much more useful in explaining medicines to customers and recognizing the right medicine for their symptoms.”


“Miss Lucette, do you make medicine instead of my grandfather?”


“I decided to help make medicine and make manuals for recipes that Grandfather Arthur knew. I will also review recipes.”


“I need to look at the herbs!”


Arthur, who looked very excited, headed toward the garden with a cane.


Isaac’s gaze, watching Arthur’s back, reached Luce.


Luce, who was looking at Arthur with a complex and subtle expression similar to his own, smiled slightly when their eyes met.


“I thought of the Lord where I was.”


“What kind of person was he?”


“He used to be a musician. But I’ve never seen him play a musical instrument or compose a song, so I guess that’s it, I just accepted that. Seeing that he points out that the aide’s hum is out of tune, he must still have good ears, just that much.”




“But one day, I saw the Lord playing the piano. He was very talented. However, before I thought about his skills, I thought that he looked very, very happy. That’s when I realized. People are so full of life when they do what they like. Passion doesn’t get dull just because you’re old, or because you’ve been out of your hands for a long time. It’s just buried for a while.”


It’s natural, right? Luce continued talking softly.


“Mr. Isaac said yesterday. Your grandfather was full of energy. Maybe it was because of the joy of seeing guests after a long time. “


“Yes, that’s right.”


“Mr. Isaac was right. Grandfather went to the night market because he wanted to see people who were getting better from his medicine.  But apart from that, I thought he needed another way to pour his pride and passion of working for 40 years.”


“Even so, I’ve been a pharmacist for more than 40 years! Even though I went through the dark ages, I didn’t let go of pharmacology until the end!”


Luce, who recalled what Arthur had said, nodded.


“That’s why I thought it would be nice if we made an organized manual with a name like <Arthur’s Pharmacology Recipe>.”


‘Seeing as he talked about the Dark Ages, he must have gone through something similar to Mrs. Plum. Unlike other drugstores that seem to have opened recently, this must be the reason why he was unable to open a drugstore that put his name on the front and opened as a flower garden. But now the times are changing.’


He thought that creating a manual would help Arthur relieve his trauma.


“Now, if the recipe exists only in the head of Arthur’s grandfather, as a sense or memory, I think he will be more proud of the materialized manual because he can get it in his hands. He can pass it on to Isaac.”


Isaac, who couldn’t even think about the manual because he was worried about Arthur’s health, wiggled his hands.


Luce, who watched him rattling his teacup for a while, smiled and sat down.


“And I need Isaac’s help in making the manual.”


“…My help? I only know the very basics of pharmacology that I heard from my grandfather. Like how to make cold medicine and antipyretics.”


“You know a lot about plants, not just about pharmacology. You run a flower garden.”


Isaac blinked. Luce waved a lily of the valley leaf.


“It’s better to distinguish leaves that are similar in shape and size, such as Plantain lilies and lilies of the valley leaves, by texture or veins. Grandfather Arthur knew that, but he didn’t want to admit that his eyesight was getting worse, so he tried to judge it with his broken eyes. But from now on, you’ll be reviewing the recipe, and you’ll have to rely on your sense of touch a little more, so I’d like to attach the leaf as a sample to the manual so you can memorize it by touch. That’s why.”




“Could it be possible to stuff or coat the leaves so they don’t wither?”


“Yes, you can use percarbonate. It leaves veins and texture.” 


“Wow, that’s great!”


‘Mr. Isaac seems like a soft-hearted person, so he might blame himself. He was worried about his grandfather in his own way, so he prevented him from paying attention to his medicine. He would be happy to know that there is something he can do for his grandfather.


It was just as Luce thought.


Isaac’s face, which had been complicated the whole time, slowly relaxed as he explained how to stuff the leaves.


It was something she knew because she had heard it from Mrs. Plum, but Luce responded to his explanation wholeheartedly.


Isaac, who was explaining how for a long time, stopped talking.


He looked at Luce quietly and lowered his head.


“…Thank you. I mean it.”


“No, I’m grateful. If it weren’t for Grandfather Arthur and Mr. Isaac, I’d probably end up apprenticing outside the capital even though I’d even found accommodation here?”


“Don’t say that, Miss Lucette is a welcome person wherever you go.”


“Ah, Mr. Isaac, you are making a big mistake!”


The corners of Isaac’s eyes, who smiled at Luce’s cheeky smile, soon became moist.


Luce, who is not particularly immune to others crying, waved her hands.


“T, shall we thank each other?”


It was then.


“Isaac–! Why did you spill so much water here?”


“Oh, you can’t go there!”


Luce smiled naturally as he ran after Isaac, who had tears in his eyes.


Even though it wasn’t meant to be, it felt like she had a good boss and friend.








“Stop sighing at the table.”


“Why don’t you take a breather? Right, Luce?”


“If Dominic hadn’t said it, I would have said the same thing three seconds later, Brother Dietrich. It looks like the land will collapse!”


“…You’re all so mean…”


Dietrich, who was pretending to be crying while eating bread, collapsed on the table.


Dominic, who frowned as much as he could, shook his head as if he was sick of it.


“If you’re going to frown like that, can’t you tell the professor that you can’t do it and ask him to leave you out?”


“You can’t.”




“Brother, you really like reading books. At most, what’s so hard about reading and researching history books?”


“It’s hard.”


“It’s hard!…. What’s the point of having a younger brother? Luce is the best. How do you know my heart so well?”


“R, right.”


Luce, who came to listen to the life of a graduate student while eating, nodded.


Dietrich, who had pursed his lips, grabbed Luce’s hand tightly. He seemed determined to complain.


‘Didn’t I say that Brother Dietrich was going to cry?’


‘Did I know it would be this bad? I still came, but you said we should eat together. Ugh, I’m sick of this human doing this. Why did you accept the invitation to dinner when you said he was going to cry?’


‘There’s something like that.’


‘Tell Brother to take his hands off.’


‘You tell him.’


‘If I say it, he’ll hold onto me and complain!’


‘I’m going to listen to the complaint and tell him to get his hands off me, right?’


The wrinkles between Dominic’s eyebrows deepened while he was talking with his eyes, but Dietrich didn’t care at all.


In the end, Luce, who put down the spoon, patted Dietrich on the shoulder.


“It’s very difficult, Brother?”


“Eung. There are too many things to investigate, too many data to cross-verify, and the annotations are written strangely, so I check to see if they are correct and go through the day, and I’m trying to borrow some books as reference materials, but there are too many to returned due to strange procedures…”


Luce, who had been listening to Dietrich thinking that it would be great to have a PDF file and a CTRL F, asked anxiously.


“What did Brother say while investigating this time?”


“Eung, it’s an investigation into the royal family.”


Of course, Luce knew what he was investigating.


That’s why she accepted Dietrich’s invitation to eat.


“Yeah. This time, I’m going to start collecting data on the collateral of the imperial family.


“What are you doing there, Brother?”


“Exploring the tracks of collaterals and recognizing and organizing their value at the present time.”


At the time, because of the headache, she couldn’t ask right away, but Luce didn’t forget what he said.


If he investigates the collateral line, he will also learn about the direct line. Then he’ll be able to figure out what the damn <The Cruelty of the Vladin Empire> is all about!’


Luce, who coughed in vain, took a deep breath.




“Eung, Luce.”


And she closed her eyes tightly.


“Can I help you?”


There was a moment of silence at the table.


“…Lucette, are you crazy?”


Before Dominic could finish his words, Dietrich jumped up.


“Really? Luce, are you sure? Are you really going to help me?”


“Uh, I may not be as dexterous and meticulous as Brother does, but can I help you with organizing the data?”


“Are you out of your mind—?”


“Haa, but there are many materials that are restricted from being viewed by outsiders…”


“Brother, why are you smiling so hard?!”


“Brother really, do you think I’m the kind of person who talks about restricted materials?”


“You’re not, but…”


Luce pushed up the tip of her mouth that wouldn’t go up when she saw Dominic looking surprised and Dietrich looking excited even though he said no.


“I’ll keep it a secret. I’m helping Brother, so how difficult is it to keep it a secret?”






“…did I tell you I loved you?”


“I don’t think you did, but you don’t have to, Brother.”


“Hey, you crazy!”


It seemed that she had stepped into the tragedy itself, but it was unavoidable.


Dominic scratching his older brother’s back, and Luce trying to ignore Dietrich, whose eyes were twinkling whether or not his younger brother hit him, pressed her throbbing temples. She already had a headache. 


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