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“T, there are a lot of books, right…?” 




“Still, I conscientiously asked for something easy and simple. And! It’s nothing in return, but Luce, I’ll buy you something you want every time you finish organizing. If you can’t think of anything, you can get it with money! Oh, or if it’s too much to accept, I’ll do whatever you ask me to do…!” 


“From the moment you ask Luce for this in the first place, it’s as if you don’t have a conscience. No matter what condition you add, it’s a fact that won’t change, so keep your mouth shut.”


Dominic snapped, looking at the books piled up to his shoulders.


Dietrich looked nervously at Luce, who was flipping through the book. 


She won’t say no, right? 


It was when Dietrich’s forehead was seething with cold sweat. Luce, who was frowning whether her eyes were dazzling or in pain, opened her mouth. 


“It’s better than I thought, brother?”


“Is that so? Then how many more would you like to take?”


“You madman, do you really have no conscience!”


Luce, who was watching Dietrich get slapped on the back again, talked to him.


“Brother Dietrich, please prioritize these books. And how long do I have to summarize it?”


“God, even if I don’t have any other blessings, it seems that I have my younger sister’s blessings.”


“…Brother, your younger brother is not her but me?” 


Dietrich, who immediately wrote a note with the eyes of meeting the savior and put it in the bag, and Dominic, who had an expression of not liking it until the end, moved the book to the front of the hotel and went back.


This is because the bellboys, who ran out as soon as they saw Luce’s face, scrambled to take the book. In the process, Dietrich,


“Oh, please be careful! Please! This material is more expensive than your salary!”


He also shouted earnestly.


Thanks to that, Luce, who returned to the room with a light hand, was surprised by two things.


One is that the table is full of food again, and the other is.


‘What is this?’


It was a pile of newspapers spread out in a fan shape on the desk.


‘I asked the concierge to get some newspapers on my way out in the morning… How many of these are there? It seems that all the newspapers available in the real capital have been swept away?’


The only newspaper that could be found in Rodante was the newsletter from the surrounding estates, published once a week.


At most, it was a newsletter with a big story about Mr. Mallory’s cow giving birth to four calves in the next estate. 


Naturally, the information outside the territory that Luce could access in Rodante was very limited.


‘But as long as I stay in the capital, I should get as much as I can from here. Reading the newspaper would be a good way.’


In a room full of things to read, the first thing Luce chose was the book Dietrich had given her, 《The Identity and Basic Culture of the Western Vladin Empire》. 


Dietrich complained that this book was the most urgent, and there was also Luce’s own theory that newspapers are best read in the morning while drinking coffee, but the biggest reason is.


[Wherever you go, the father is the problem: I thought only the direct line had insane kids, but the collateral line is also not easy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I feel so sorry for the people of the Vladin Empire… In this novel, who is the Lord who loves and takes good care of people in the territory? ㅠㅠ It seems like the Emperor is only interested in blowing off others’ heads and the female lead. How can people love it? (Like: 89)


└ The fate of the extras… What can I do…


└ I think it’s time to reevaluate Duke Ximel, who seems to be working with a clear purpose… I’m sorry to call you Ximelum.


└└ Maybe it’s because Ximel doesn’t have royal blood flowing in it, so she works hardㅋㅋㅋㅋ


└└ Ah, so that’s why the evaluations of Ximel were mixedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ As expected, K-readers like people who are good at work… ㅋㅋ


└ I think Menel seems to be particularly crazy. The male lead said he was purging like a meal, but why did he keep them alive? I turn off wide click bait like that


└└ That’s why he do it after it’s done. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  (Comments have been filtered due to spoiler reports)


Blizzard Finale Keeper: ★★ There are spoilers in the comments above. Please do not open it! ★★ Please adjust the number of likes! (Likes: 84)]


It was because as soon as she opened the book at Dominic’s house, the comments passed before her eyes as if a trigger had been pressed.


Luce thought, pressing down on her throbbing head.


‘Looking back, when I first met Princess Alois in the hall where the concert was held, I couldn’t remember the comments about the female protagonist. After hearing the name Ximel, I only thought of the Duke of Ximel. At that time, I didn’t know that the boy was Princess Alois.’


Luce continued to think, habitually taking out painkillers and swallowing them.


‘But as soon as I noticed that the boy wearing glasses was Princess Alois, I thought of a comment about the female protagonist… I think the moment my perception is established, the comment that is most relevant to my perception comes to mind. I can’t explain it other than that. Isn’t it like that when you look at things that you wouldn’t normally think of even if you put your energy into them, now unfolding before your eyes?’


Is this a possessor buff or a debuff? It must have been a debuff.


Luce, angry for nothing, chewed her lips.


‘It’s not a comment, it reminds me of the original content… No matter how much I read the comments, I have all these abilities that seem to be helpful or not. Also, why do I think of the nickname and the number of likes?’ 


There are usually two ways to reveal hidden maps in open world games.


One is to go around and reveal a map only of the places they have been to, and one is to purchase a scroll from a merchant to reveal a map of places they have not been to.


She thought the comments in her memory would be the same.


She gets information by going here and there and meeting as many people as possible, or indirectly, such as through books or newspaper articles.


The latter is overwhelmingly safe, and the amount of information she can get is probably high, but there are some problems.


‘The indirect method may have a lot of information, but the quality of the information is different.’


It’s a dilemma.


‘When I met the Duke Ximel’s husband in person, I was able to know all about what he looked like, what kind of personality he had, and even the fact that he had little importance in the original work. All I can think of right now is… that the people on the collateral side are also insane, and the vague information that Menel or something is about to suffer a big disaster later. It’s about the Emperor going crazy and killing everyone, but then, would the people involved in it be sane? Can you avoid anger because you are a collateral?’


Buying a scroll to light up the map only shows the way. There is nothing else to be gained.


Not only do they know the way, but in order to win prizes and open treasure chests in battle, they must eventually go and fight by themselves.


‘It’s much better than starting without knowing at all, though.’


Luce opened two notebooks.


One was a summary notebook for Dietrich, and the other was a notebook in which she summarized what she had learned while living her life in 《The Cruel History of the Vladin Empire》.


Her body ached from working all day in the flower garden, and her eyes, staring at the dense type, seemed to be begging her to close, but Luce gritted her teeth.


She couldn’t figure out what was good or what was right, but she had to be more than aware of the method.


‘Menel or whatever, it must be Menelik County… The place where Knight Franz and Angel are.’


The second problem was that if they went wrong, Rodante might spark.


They are nice and good people. The thought that it would be nice if that harmonious family would not be harmed made her move her hand.


Taking turns filling in the two notes, Luce murmured.


“Please don’t use my notes.”


Perhaps the reason she possessed this world was to protect the peaceful and small territory of Rodante.


Luce stayed up all night with determination.




“This fatigue reliever, Grandpa. Do you have any plans to make it in the form of a drink or potion?”


“What’s the matter, Lucette?” 


“Of course, these pills work well, but they take a long time to be absorbed. And there are usually many people who need such a fatigue reliever who want an immediate awakening effect, so I made it sweet like a drink to cover the bitter taste of the medicine and to cheer up by administering sugar…” 


“Looking at you saying that, you must be a bit tired, right?”


It was an excellent choice for Grandpa Arthur to serve guests.


How did the blind person notice that she was tired just listening to her?


Luce hadn’t slept much for a few days because she was working and summarizing books at the same time, and her period started at the same time. She smiled awkwardly and rubbed her eyes.


“Ey, what do you mean tired! I’m very lively! Are you really speaking for a cause? Good medicine like this should be easily accessible to people. If Grandpa puts a label with Grandpa’s name on the potion bottle, it naturally has a publicity effect!”


“Even if you try to talk, it doesn’t work for me.”




Arthur, who had been fumbling through the medicine cabinet, nodded at her. 


The amount of medicine Luce made was sufficient. Arthur pretended not to know and called Isaac, who was watering the flowers.




“Yes, Grandpa. Did you call me?”


“Didn’t you say you were going to the vase workshop today? Go with Lucette.”


“Yes? I’m really fine. I am not tired at all.”


“I’m asking you to find a bottle for the drink you mentioned at the studio and then come back. It’s absolutely not like I’m asking you to come and get some fresh air.”


With a clear burst of laughter, Luce bowed.


“If you say so, then I will go.”




The footsteps of the two were heard.


‘I don’t know what kind of luck this old man has, to have an apprentice who is kind and polite and is good at working as a pharmacist.’


Arthur smiled happily and leaned back in his chair.


‘Isaac praised Lucette until his mouth was dry…I hope we can get to know each other a little better now.’


Arthur, lost in soft thoughts, straightened his back.


The doorbell rang.


“Welcome. What medicine are you looking for?”


“It’s not medicine.”


Arthur, blinded by his eyes, turned his head away.


“I’m just looking for someone.”


Even in the midst of blurry vision, a vivid red light spoke lowly.


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