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Isaac, who unexpectedly accompanied her to the workshop, looked very embarrassed.


“I wore this because I came out in a hurry.”


Everyone glanced at him, wearing a green apron that looked like that of a young florist.


Isaac seemed to think that it was the apron that attracted people’s attention, but Luce had a slightly different idea.


“I think it looks good on you?” 


“Thank you for the compliment, but it’s not something to wear outside the garden…” 


“I can assure you, if Mr. Isaac walks around like this for an hour a day, the sales of 『Murat Garden』 will double.”




‘He’s a pure flower shop boy who doesn’t know he’s handsome.’


She always met him in the dark garden, but this was the first time she saw him in the bright sunlight.


Isaac, with his light gray hair loosely tied and purple eyes, was something that was hard to forget. 


‘It’s not easy to match the atmosphere of your job and appearance exactly, but this person manages to do that difficult job.’


“Really. You can trust me.”


“But when I’m away, there’s no one to take care of the flowers.”


‘Oh my, even the personality.’


Isaac looked awkwardly at Luce, who was clapping her hands, as if he didn’t understand why. 


“Lucete, you said you were tired. Would you like some ice cream?”


“Wow, I’m not that tired, but ice cream is good.”


“My grandfather figured it out, so it must be accurate, but why do you keep saying you’re not tired?”


Luce, who cleared her throat vigorously, spoke rather solemnly.


“It’s like a habit. Originally, I was taught not to show off my physical condition in front of my employer. It’s unprofessional.”


“It’s not an employer, it’s more like a business partner. Lucette is helping us. And you’re professional enough.” 


“…You know what is professional, right…?” 


“Isn’t it a good meaning?”


Isaac smiled brightly and handed out the ice cream.


Luce, who was grateful for the coffee-flavored ice cream, looked up at Isaac. 


“Hey, excuse me. You can speak comfortably. There’s no need for you to treat me politely all the time and call me Miss Lucette.” 


“Ah, but.” 


“Isaac is the boss, and you’re older than me. Also, since Grandpa Arthur is comfortable talking to me, I hope Isaac will treat me the same way.” 


“…Do I look much older?”


“No, that’s not what I meant!”


As a result of talking all the way to the workshop, she learned a few things about Isaac. 


First, he is twenty-two.


Second, he loved flowers very much from an early age. It’s the influence of his parents.


Third, he said that he was influenced by his parents, but the information about his parents in his story was rather shallow. Luce was also in the same situation, so he didn’t particularly ask, and Isaac, who seemed a little nervous as if he had accidentally brought up the story about his family, seemed to regain his stability when Luce didn’t ask.


Fourth, he is very attached to his Grandfather, Arthur.


Fifth, he is shy and odd.


“So Luce is…your nickname.” 


“It’s more like an abbreviation than a nickname.” 


“…The nickname is still, for me, um, that’s a little bit. I’ve never called someone like that before, and I’ve never been called like that before.”


“Then would you just call it Lucette? I don’t think I can shorten Isaac either.” 


‘It’s not that the title tickles, it’s strange no matter how I shorten it. I, saac, Isac, everything!’


“That would be nice.”


For Isaac, whose ears are burning with fire, mutual titles were decided by name.


The two who chose Isaac’s vase and Luce’s potion bottle had one thing in common.


That they like sweets.


“You didn’t ask for ice cream because I looked tired; you asked for it because you wanted to eat it, right?”


“…It was a bit embarrassing to walk while eating alone.”


Since she was done picking up bottles sooner than she thought, they chose to sit for a while in the plaza before going back.


The second ice cream Luce bought. Looking at the musical fountain in the plaza, Luce asked.


“Did Isaac continue to live in the capital?”




“Do you like capitals?”


Isaac, who opened his eyes wide, looked at her with a face as if asking why. 


Luce smiled awkwardly.


“The territory I lived in was full of green scenery whenever I turned my eyes. Large trees, small pretty flowers, low bushes, and shrubs. I didn’t know it when I was living there, but after coming up to the capital and looking at the gray-white buildings, I finally realized how pretty and beautiful it was there.”


“Is it like being homesick?”


“It’s too early to be homesick. It just feels new… It was a really nice place there. I hope everyone who lives there is happy. I have such sentimental thoughts.”


This was the conclusion that Luce had reached, having finished the summary four days earlier than Dietrich had said.


‘The history books of this country don’t specify the exact names of the high-ranking nobles. It’s all written like a crime report. However, there was information that could be obtained from sources other than books. As I matched the event and the timing, I came up with several clues.’




  1. House of Duke Ximel 


– A person with mixed evaluations. They have a reputation for being good at work, but it seems that the ‘work’ they do doesn’t work in a particularly good way for the Emperor.


– Because it is a family with a long history, it is highly trusted and prestige within the empire. A key family in the Western Union, which has held important positions in the empire for generations and is the center of power in the Vladin Empire. 


– As a high-ranking aristocrat, they may have entered into a marriage agreement with the imperial family, but there has been no such case in the last 100 years.  Rather than the royal family refusing the engagement, it seems more accurate that the Duke of Ximel avoided it in advance. It was unknown for the Young Master, but for the Young Lady they got married too early.


→ Was Princess Alois married? I searched but couldn’t find any related articles or materials. As long as she didn’t get married secretly, it seems like she’s preparing to marry the imperial family like in the original story…


– The first impression was kind and delicate, but she treats her children very harshly. She doesn’t seem to consider the trauma of her child at all.


  1. House of Count Menelik


– A family that started from the Emperor’s collateral and was a member of the Western Council.


– As the main producer of magic stones, its prestige has grown rapidly in recent years. Since mana stones are mined in the county, magic engineering is said to be the fastest and largest in terms of research in the entire empire.


→ Magic engineering, like pharmacology, was regarded as a legacy of wizards and was looked down upon, but how was it able to respond faster than others to changes in perception? Could it be that you had some prior information?  It may be that he has a closer relationship with the imperial family than I thought.


– There is a consistent record of generations of men in the family dying prematurely or suffering from illness. Do they have a genetic disease? (?)


→ If there is a genetic disease in the collateral, wouldn’t it be highly likely that the direct family also has the disease?


  1. House of Count Ignice


– It is a member of the Western Council and is said to be the most married to the royal family, but there has been little mention of it lately.


→ It seems that he is avoiding it because of the check on maternal relatives.


  1. House of Count Bradbury


– Member of the Western Council. Information is still lacking.


According to the investigation so far, there are two families who are influential enough to cause an incident. Ximel and Menelik.


If the incident is triggered by Ximel, perhaps the motive is Princess Aloise, who is believed to be the main female character.


If the incident is triggered by Menelik, it is probably due to conflict and illness.


‘Maybe both can happen at once.’


She felt like she was looking for a clue to the incident, but she was not at ease.


As far as she knew, it wasn’t something that a pharmacist from the countryside could handle.


Is there anything she can do? 


‘If it was like the old days when I didn’t know anything, it would have been better. Since they’re fighting each other, frying each other, I’ll just have to live a quiet life. That’s what I thought.’


Isn’t there one loose link in each family? 


Even though she started preparing for the complicated head, when she faced it, she felt like her head was going to explode.


Isaac, who had been watching Luce’s expression for a while, spoke cautiously.


“I have no idea about the capital, Lucette. It’s just where I live. Where my grandfather is. That’s about it. I don’t put much importance on the place, so… I can’t say anything to Lucette.”


He lowered his eyes.


“The peaceful and beautiful plants of Lucette’s hometown must be struggling very hard in their own way.”


“Plants struggling?”


“Yes. Did you know that it is difficult for other plants to grow under pine trees?”


“No… I didn’t know.”


“As Lucette knows, plants also have their own ecosystem. Plants with the same maternal line stick together, and plants of different origins are excluded. Everyone’s survival strategy is different. Some plants bloom during seasons when everyone else avoids them, while others deliberately choose to reproduce by being eaten by animals.”


Luce recalled the adonis vernalis that bloomed in winter.


“The appearance of the plants that have grown like that may seem very peaceful and quiet to people, but I first think of how many roots are entangled under the ground.”


She thought she knew what Isaac was talking about.


“Sometimes you have to fight, right? Even the seemingly peaceful plants.”


“Yes. If you fight like that… You can find your place.”


She thought it was the best encouragement a flower shop owner could give.


‘Yes, being sentimental doesn’t solve anything.’


It was when Luce’s eyes were twinkling with a promise.


“Oh, a sudden shower!” (t/n : It means the rain suddenly falls.) 


The sudden rain caused the two to run into the garden.


It was fortunate that it was not far, but Luce’s wrist was grabbed before she had time to shake off the water. 


“Lucette, come here for a moment.”


Arthur’s pale complexion was looking down at her.


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