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Author: lipzoldyck


Late at night when the dawn was approaching, I was watching the sleeping Caesar through the gap between the door.


It was to reveal the source of the nonsense rumors that were constantly spreading inside the Imperial Palace.


The Caesar I knew was a pitiful child who couldn’t awaken even when all the conditions were met, and easily collapsed through congestion with unknown reason.


However, the rumored Caesar was very different from the one I knew.


The people who gossip called him a tyrant who is cruel and does as he pleases.


Tyrant? To think they said he’s a tyrant. It didn’t make sense.


‘I need to find out just who on earth came up with those rumors.’


That’s why I’m crouching here, staring through the cracks in the door.


I planned to secretly observe Caesar all day today. That way, I’ll find out who the hell is spreading these vile rumors.


I had to protect him. Just like how it has been so far.


I stared intently at the sleeping Caesar. Caesar, who had grown rapidly over the years, now had the face of a fully grown man. However, he still looked young on his sleeping face with his eyes closed.


In particular, it was the appearance of biting his lips from time to time. It was one of Caesar’s cute habits that didn’t change over the years.


Every time he did that, it reminded me of his childhood. Four years ago, the day we first met.


It was when I was smiling with a relaxed face. Suddenly, Caesar opened his eyes.




It was as if his gaze was directed in this direction, so I covered my mouth with both hands and sprinted away from the door.


Caesar tilted his head slightly and then looked away.


‘Fortunately, he didn’t seem to notice me.’


Even if he did notice, it was clear that Caesar would welcome me instead of doubting me. He might be worried, wondering what was happening to the extent I came to find him.


Since there was a history of him telling me over and over that my own room should be made right next to his bedroom.


That’s why it wouldn’t be a big deal if I got caught, but I was going to keep hiding for today. Since only if I do this I’ll be able to find out who is spreading the bad news.


Caesar hurriedly got up from the bed. It was too light of a movement to say that he just woke up. Moreover, it was still a long time before morning.


He then tugged at a rope next to the bed.


‘Just who is he calling at this hour? Is he thirsty? He’s not sick, is he?’


I put my eyes on the door gap again and stared at him intently. Soon a knock was heard and the door opened.


Entering his room was his aide, Alvin, dressed in his armor up and down and with a sword.


“Did you call, Your Imperial Majesty?”


“Alvin. What do you think?”


“…Yes? What are you talking about?”


Caesar’s sudden words put him in a bewildered expression.


“I’m talking about today’s congestion. Was it too strong?”


What does he mean by that? I blinked.


‘To think he said the congestion is strong?’


He often ran out of control over his abilities and was congested. It was also the same for today.




The aide made a stupid noise. Caesar brushed his chin and continued, perhaps not expecting an answer.


“Yeah, it was too strong. Next time, I’ll have to control it more carefully.”




Congestion wasn’t something that can be controlled. Of course, since it couldn’t be controlled, it was called congestion. Yet he spoke in a tone as if that was certainly possible.


Caesar continued.


“How did Evelyn look today?”


“She looked similar as usual.”


‘Huh? Me?’


I unknowingly trembled at my name which was heard suddenly.


It was a tone of speech I couldn’t understand. On top of that, Caesar’s tone of voice was also strangely different from usual.


‘Should I say that it’s more… overbearing than usual?’


He wrinkled his forehead nervously. It was a look I had never seen before.


“Hey, Alvin.”


“Yes, Your Imperial Majesty.”


“I’ll have to completely change the furniture.”




Alvin continued with a slightly sick-and-tired-of-it face.


“However, just a few days ago, you brought in entire silver furniture, saying that it was the same color as Miss Evelyn’s hair, and once more, a few days ago, you brought in black furniture, saying that you will appeal to your subtle adultness… Did it have no any kind of use?”


‘Huhh? What does that all mean?’


My name was mentioned again. I glanced down at my hair. As the aide said, my hair sure was shiny silver.


‘But the color of the furniture has changed? Why didn’t I know?’


“Miss Evelyn didn’t seem to notice it at all. I don’t know if she’s not interested in furniture or if she’s slow-witted.”


It’s both of them… I got embarrassed and kept my mouth shut.


“This time, she doesn’t have to notice it. No, she mustn’t notice at all.”


“What do you want to change it to?”


“Furniture with no sharp edges.”




“Entirely all, from the bed to the chandelier.”


“A chandelier with no sharp edges?”


Chandeliers were originally made of sharply cut glass and were intended to reflect light. But to think, a chandelier with no sharp edges?!


It was only natural that Alvin’s face was strangely distorted.


“Yeah, prepare something that a three-year-old won’t get hurt by even when they touch it.”


“What do you mean by all that? Will there be any children coming to the Imperial Palace?”


“Because there’s a weaker being than children.”


‘A weak being?’


As I tilted my head, I soon realized. The weak being must have been Caesar.


Caesar was very weak. It was normal for him to collapse by grabbing his chest, and sometimes he vomited blood.


In addition, sometimes, he surely had the abilities which he hadn’t been able to awaken rushed out without even realizing it himself. At that time, a gust of wind blew, and the surrounding furniture floated. Therefore, furniture that doesn’t have sharp edges was a good choice.


“Just who are you talking about?”


But unlike me, stupid Alvin still didn’t seem to notice.


“You surely are like an idiot.”


Yeah, he was like an idiot.


“Don’t you know even after you saw it? I’m talking about Evelyn.”


Yes, it’s… Huuuh?


“Today, she got a scar on that pretty cheek. How annoying. I wanted to shatter the vase that made that scar.”


“…But hasn’t Your Imperial Majesty already shattered the vase? That’s how the Lady got hurt.”


“I did. I should’ve turned it into powder. I made a mistake.”


I gently caressed my cheek. It was such a shallow scar that I couldn’t even feel where the scar was now.


“Then, get it. A very soft one.”


“…Yes, Your Imperial Majesty.”


“But you can’t be obvious. It will be difficult if Evelyn notices.”


“Yes, I will prepare a chandelier that looks sharp but is actually soft.”


Alvin said in a sarcastic tone.


“So now you understand.”


A satisfied smile spread across Caesar’s face. This was his face I knew. Seeing the smile on his face, my expression softened again.


‘There must be some misunderstanding. Even the words I didn’t understand well must have something to do with it.’


I rationalized that and shook my head.


But the beautiful lips again spoke words I couldn’t understand.


“And I need poison. The one which one can pass out in an instant.”


“Yes? Why poison?”


Alvin’s expression wrinkled completely. Perhaps my expression wasn’t that different from his.


‘To think he said poison? Where is he going to use such a dangerous thing?’


“No. It might look weird if I pass out right away… It would be better to vomit some blood then collapse.”


‘A poison that makes one fall down while vomiting blood? So, why the hell does he need that, though?’


Alvin seemed to have the same question as me.


“What are you thinking? Where are you going to use the poison?”


“What do you think?”


Caesar got up slowly from the bed. He leaned against the window and turned his eyes. It was a look I had never seen before, a look I never thought I would ever see on his face.


“I’m going to drink that poison.”


‘What is he saying… right now?’


I opened my mouth wide. What did Caesar say just now?


Alvin asked with a frustrated face.


“Your Majesty, just why on earth are you doing it until like that?”


‘Yeah, why the hell is he doing that, though? He’s going to vomit blood in front of me, he said? For what?’


“Why, you asked?”


Caesar took a step closer to Alvin.


“Because only if I do that…”


He lowered his eyes and whispered.


“Evelyn can’t leave me.”




At that moment, the door I was leaning on opened. It was because of the shock that I lost my strength and sat down.


“Who’s there!”


Alvin pointed his sword at me, and he got it without a hitch.






Caesar pushed Alvin roughly and took a step forward.


As I was crouching, I blankly raised my head. I couldn’t bring myself to wake up to the shocking words I had just heard.


‘Did he say he lied to me until now? The continuous congestion, and the occasional collapse were also all lies?’


My eyes met with Caesar’s eyes.


“Eve, since when…”


His sky blue eyes, like a well-sharpen blade of a sword, were tinged with bewilderment.


When I saw those eyes, I remembered four years ago.


The day I saw him for the first time, that day when I had thought that he was time-limited in the same circumstances as me.


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