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Finally, the original story is about to begin.


With such intuition, I listened to the Crown Prince’s every move.


‘If my prediction is correct, he’s at least a sub-male lead. Then an event will happen around him.’


I had to keep an eye on him. That way, I could find out what kind of story this novel was and where I possessed this body.


And that way, I knew what was going to happen in the future.


At the very least, I needed to know the genre. Whether it’s an all-age childcare or mental breakdown for 19-year-olds.


‘If the latter… My life could be in danger.’


Wasn’t he the one whose throat was cut off to create an atmosphere of supporting role in the waste and to show the cruelty of the male lead?


“Isn’t tomorrow the day I have lunch with Mom?”


Floria asked, chewing a cookie.


Lost in thought, I suddenly lifted my head.


We were sitting at a tea table in the garden, drinking tea. It was after squatting on the flower bed and looking at yesterday’s blue flowers for a long time.


“Yes, you’re having lunch with Her Imperial Majesty the Empress. Have you decided what clothes to wear?”


“Hmmmmm, Evelyn will pick it for me later.”


Floria smiled cutely as she chewed the cookie in her mouth.


“Doesn’t Her Majesty like dresses that aren’t too flashy?”


“Hmm, she said neat looks good.”


Floria puffed her cheeks as if she didn’t like it.


Smiling at the sight, she asked as if she had just remembered. So as not to look awkward.


“Y-Your Highness. What kind of person is the Crown Prince by any chance?”




Gulping, Floria passed the cookie and her eyes widened.


“Why Brother, all of a sudden?”


“I just don’t think I’ve heard much about the Crown Prince. What kind of dress would the Crown Prince like you to wear?”


I ate a cookie, pretending to be okay.


Of course, Floria must have had the most information about the Crown Prince around me. That’s why asking her was also the easiest way to get information.


Floria rolled her feet back and forth.




Thinking about it, it was strange.


It’s been over a year since I’ve worked here, but I didn’t know anything about the Crown Prince. It was the first time I saw his face last night.


Floria would often tell stories about her family. I heard that she was scolded by her mother today, and she was worried that her father’s condition was getting worse.


She was with me almost all day, so she talked to me about every little thing.


However, her brother’s story was never brought up.


“Brother is… handsome.”


Floria, who was worried, said abruptly.


She shook her head in agreement. I thought if I asked about him, she would say that first.


“And a little scary.”


“Scary? He’s not friendly?”




In fact, if they were close, he would have come to visit the Imperial Palace at least once. Then I would have seen his face too.


“And the truth is, Mom…”


She glanced around.


‘Mom? She means Her Imperial Majesty?’


“Because she doesn’t like my brother very much.”


“She doesn’t like him?”




Floria avoided her gaze, not wanting to continue her words any longer.


Floria’s mother, the present empress, was the second empress. The first empress, who was the Crown Prince’s mother, died, and she became the newly crowned empress.


I heard that the first empress died because she was weakened while giving birth to the Crown Prince.


‘Does she hate him because he’s not her son?’


At best she became the Empress, but it had already been decided who would rise to the throne, so I thought it could be. The more I looked into it, the more convinced I became.


‘The mother of the Crown Prince of the Empire dies and his stepmother hates him… It’s the perfect male lead’s narrative.’


I heard that he was only fourteen years old.


‘There was a reason why there were no events until now.’


I must have gotten possessed here in the main leads’ childhood, before the original work even began. At the age of fourteen, it was a good time for things to slowly start.


Something will happen around him. If I can figure it out, I can easily find out where this place is.


‘Please just don’t be a mental breakdown type of story.’


I begged and prayed.




A week passed like that. Nothing happened.


I thought things were going to happen anytime soon. My energy ran out.


All I learned was his name.


The names of the Imperial Family members aren’t publicly known. Moreover the Crown Prince, who hasn’t yet become an emperor.


But that didn’t mean it was a secret that would never be unraveled. Besides, I was the Princess’s closest companion, her lady-in-waiting.


His name was Caesar Dietrich.


‘Caesar, Caesar…’


I thought I would be able to recognize the original story in an instant if I just found out his name, yet I didn’t get any inspiration.


I may or may not have heard of it. The only male protagonist named Caesar that came to my mind was a blonde duke.


‘The Crown Prince with pure blue eyes. Hmm…’


It wasn’t such an uncommon setup. So I didn’t even know that I couldn’t think of anything.


I trudged through the garden. For the past few days, I had been thinking of leaving work late just in case I could meet the Crown Prince.


As it was quite late in the evening when the Crown Prince was sitting on the flower bed that day.


I thought that the possibility of meeting him would increase if it was the same time and the same place, but so far it has been in vain.


I mean, it won’t be today, but… I glanced at the flower bed with anticipation.


‘Huh? Huuuh?’


It was the Crown Prince! He was crouching in front of the flower bed, just like the last time.


‘What about the maid?’


I glanced around. There was no one. It was now. I had a chance to talk to him.


Is it because I think I don’t know when the maid will come? I recklessly walked towards it. He was looking down at the very flower that Floria loved.


What should I do? I came closer, yet I didn’t know what to say.


Floria was so cute that I often forgot, but they were the members of the Imperial Family anyway. If a lady-in-waiting like me spoke to him recklessly, I could lose my voice.


But if I didn’t talk to him here, I don’t know when another opportunity like this will come… Maybe it will never come.


What if this is my last chance? I thought of the extras who died because they missed the opportunity that appeared in front of them.


Yeah, if my throat is going to be cut off anyway, let’s do something and get it cut off.


“It’s a Delphinium flower!”


When I suddenly spoke with such a heart, the boy looked up at me in surprise.


Oops, I showed my courtesy in a hurry.


“I’m greeting Your Highness the Crown Prince.”


Caesar frowned and looked up at me. It wouldn’t be polite to look down at the Crown Prince, so I hurriedly crouched down next to him.


His expression hardened even more.


“What are you?”




Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. It was understandable for him to be on guard.


I smiled as kindly as I could and opened my mouth.


“I’m working in the Princess’s palace…”


“I know that you’re Floria’s maid.”


“You know?”


How? Last week was the first time he and I had run into each other. It was even from afar.


Instead of answering, Caesar turned his head and looked at the flower.


‘What should I do now?’


I thought it was an opportunity, so I hurriedly walked in, yet when the situation turned out like this, I was bewildered.


I can’t ask if he’s the main lead of any book. Even so, I didn’t even have to leave my seat because I was squatting.


‘Alright, let’s talk somehow.’


I hurriedly rushed into the second operation. That is none other than getting close to this (presumed to be) male lead.


If I became close friends with the male lead, I had a better chance of surviving than the mediocre Maid 1. Of course, if this is a bloody waste, I could die in the name of instilling trauma in the main lead, but…


Shouldn’t we get to know other information once we get to know each other? Hair color, eye color, name… Not those, I’m talking about really useful information.


So I opened my mouth in a low voice.


“Her Highness also likes this flower. Does His Highness the Crown Prince like it too? I think you’ve been looking at this flower before.”


Caesar didn’t answer this time either.


It was understandable that Floria was afraid of her brother. The fourteen-year-old was creating a sense of intimidation with his silence.


“Um… This flower is the same color as Her Highness’s hair.”


But I didn’t give in. Maybe, really, maybe… … If this was a mental breakdown for 19-year-olds, there was a possibility that he would like the Princess.


That’s why it was necessary to mention her.


‘Then it’s ruined, though. I have to keep all possibilities open.’


“Could it be that Your Highness the Crown Prince, towards the Princess, also…”


“What do you mean?”




He made eye contact with me.




I let out a stupid exclamation.


‘It wasn’t the color of Floria’s hair.’


Cloudy sky blue.


It was the color of the Princess’s hair, but also the color of Caesar’s eyes.


It wasn’t the Princess. He was looking at himself


“Floria’s hair color, you said?”


Caesar twisted his lips. I lowered my gaze at the cool energy.


“Why the hell did you come here?”


“Just passing through…”


“You didn’t find me on the way, you passed by on purpose to find me. You think I don’t know?”


Apparently, he was watching me from afar.


“Why don’t you go to Floria?”


‘Why is the Floria story suddenly appearing here?’


I stared at him. Caesar frowned and glared at the flower as if he were about to pluck it.


“You played well every day. While drinking tea in the garden. As if there was something fun.”


“Did you see it?”


Caesar nodded at the building behind without answering.


Right behind was his palace. Looking down from the window, it was a position with a clear view of the garden.


‘He watched us drink tea, talk, and laugh in the garden.’


“I can hear the laughter from my room.”


Caesar said bluntly. It was an intimidating feeling that might scare someone, yet somehow I felt sorry for him.


He was just complaining.


Floria said the Empress disliked him. From the last glimpse, he didn’t seem to be on good terms with his maid either.


There was no one by his side, yet Floria’s was overflowing with people.


‘Yes, he’s overly handsome and a bit scary, but he’s only 14 years old.’


It was lonely enough. Thinking like that made me feel like I was looking at a younger brother.


“Why are you looking at me like that?”




“Why are you looking at me with that expression?”


Caesar asked, raising his eyes.


“How did I look?”


“You, do you pity me?”


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