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Author: lipzoldyck


“I fell in love with Grace. I’m sorry, Sellonia.”


Sellonia looked at her fiancé’s face as he confessed the affair he had.


He wasn’t avoiding her gaze, without changing the color of his face.


“I didn’t want to say this to you, who has just woken up, but I hope to get it done as soon as possible. I want to hurry up and marry Grace.”




Sellonia, who was sitting leaning against the bed head, was beginning to realize how she felt speechless.


For several months, she wandered around the deathbed and was revived, and the moment she came back to life, her fiancé, whom she thought had come to visit her, immediately confessed the affair he had.


Besides, why is it that this man is so confident and expressionless the whole time he asks for an engagement break up?


There was no regret or guilt in his unshakable eyes.


To the extent that she doubted that the man in front of her was really the person she had been with for six months.


“I’ll give you alimony so you won’t feel disappointed.”


When she didn’t answer back, Ian spoke again. Before she knew it, his forehead was wrinkled.


There was a strong desire to finish this matter quickly, as if it was troublesome.




Sellonia shutted her lips. Because she read his expression on how annoying this situation was now.


Her chest was throbbing and throbbing.


Ian Cherville.


He was her fiancé.


Although he was only a person her family had set for her, Ian loved her and she liked him.


Of course, she didn’t like him as an opposite sex, but she did like ‘him’ anyway.


In particular, she liked his confident attitude and courage, which didn’t yield in any situation.


‘I never dreamed that he would be confident in such a situation.’


When she kissed him for the first time, she didn’t hear the bell ringing in her ears, yet she thought it would be okay to have a future together with this person…


She didn’t expect to get stabbed in the back like this.


“Haa, Sellonia. You’re not the type to be pathetic like this.”


Ian sighed with a tired expression on his face.


A silent attitude and gaze that she has never seen in over half a year together.


Seeing it, she faced reality completely. That his heart for her was completely gone.


“Alright. Let’s break up the engagement.”


A firm voice escaped from her red lips.


There was no need to contemplate anymore.


If a rude man asks his fiancée, who just escaped death, to break up their engagement without asking if she was feeling well, she would do that without any hesitation.


“Yeah. Then if you send me the break up engagement papers, I’ll take care of it.”


Ian answered with a bright face. She was taken aback by the sight, and Sellonia parted her lips.


“In return, I will receive alimony as much as I want. So wait until I ask for it. Please leave your written oath.”




“Why? I’m in a position to break up my engagement, so shouldn’t the calculation be correct to that extent?”


Sellonia proudly raised her head. Ian frowned as he hadn’t expected her to make such a request.


It seems like he’s trying to pay alimony by agreement nonchalantly, it’s not even a rough guess.


One way or another, she will take the greatest away from him. To the extent that this rude man would get a stomachache and roll around.


“I didn’t know you were such a greedy person.”


“To think that you didn’t know. That’s too bad.”


She shrugged her shoulders with a brazen expression toward him.


“Where is the paper?”


“It’s in the drawer over there, take it out and use it.”


She nodded her head to him who wasn’t hiding his annoyance.


With his dissatisfied hand, Ian opened the drawer next to her bed and pulled out a paper and pen.


He then scribbled down the contents.


Seeing this, Sellonia bit the soft flesh of her mouth tightly so that her trembling lips couldn’t be seen.


She believed in a man who was nothing but this…  She felt utterly foolish.


She hated him because he made the six months they spent together meaningless as they went through dozens of times of death.


But she will never show it. As she didn’t want to reveal any of her agitation in front of the traitor.


He will not have any effect on her life.




“Are you satisfied now?”


Ian grabbed the finished contract roughly and threw it at Sellonia. The white paper fluttered and fell onto the duvet.


A pledge signed by him along with a statement that he will pay what she wants as alimony.


She quietly gripped the pledge.


The price of one year with him was only this one piece of paper.


“Oh, and one more thing.”


Sellonia summoned Ian, who was about to leave without any regrets.


It wasn’t enough to just let him go like this.


“Ha, what else?”


Ian furrowed his eyebrows. On his face was a look that he was so furious he was going to die.


“Will you come closer?”




“It’s the last one, you know.”


Sellonia reached out her hand to him with a pitiful expression on her face.


Ian took it as a sign that she wanted to shake hands because it was the last one, but he sighed and came closer.


Sellonia stretched out her hand just before he could reach it.




Ian’s head turned sideways with a loud fricative sound.


It stings more than she thought, though?


She looked down at her fist.


Her fingers were burning red as if they were sincere.


“What are you doing!”


Ian, who was suddenly slapped in the cheek, became angry. Perhaps it was unexpected, his face was filled with anger beyond surprise and displeasure.


Like an idiot. Then, he thought she’d shake hands with him in an elegant way?


“I’m quite lame. You’ve done enough to get hit and I deserve to hit you, right? Surely you, are not a narrow-minded man enough to get your anger provoked over this, are you?”


Sellonia gave back the words she had received earlier.


Knowing this, Ian couldn’t answer and grumbled with a red face, then he turned around.


“I’ll be going. You don’t have to come to my wedding.”


“Bye. I won’t see you off.”




The door closed and Ian’s back figure disappeared completely.


Sellonia clenched her fists as she stared at the door that never opened again.




Tears welled up in her eyes, yet she didn’t want to cry. Because her tears were precious to be shed for that guy.


However, her eyes were increasingly blurred by the rushing betrayal and bitter disappointment.


Today was the second day she woke up after she had been struggling with her death for over three months.


In addition, it was also 9 months after the day she possessed the female lead in the novel [Surviving from the Demon King].




The novel [Surviving from the Demon King] was literally a novel about defeating the Demon King, who is called the strongest villain in the novel.


Looking at the title alone, it looks like a fantasy novel, but in reality, it was a romance- fantasy novel with 80% romance.


Sellonia Vessein.


The 21-year-old was the only daughter of the Duke of Vessein and the female lead in the novel.


Sellonia resembled her deceased mother, and she was one of the few people in the Empire with healing powers.


She had a fiancé that her grandparents had set for her since she was young, and that was Ian Cherville.


Duke Ian Cherville.


The male lead of this world and a man who became the leader of the Knights of Imperial Palace at the young age of 25.


The two met through political marriage, and although they dated several times, they didn’t develop feelings for each other.


There was an incident that changed the hearts of those two people 180 degrees.


It was the resurrection of the out-of-the-way Demon King.


Somehow, the sealing stone that sealed the Demon King was broken and he was resurrected after 100 years.


A war with the Demon King 100 years ago caused huge damage to the Empire.


The Emperor decided that he couldn’t suffer the same nightmare as then.


This time, he decided to completely kill the Demon King, the axis and source of evil.


Thus, the most elite troops were formed.


Among those chosen by the Emperor, there were the male lead, the female lead, and the sub-male leads.


Ian Cherville, who was originally the leader of the Knights with a rightful personality, willingly departs to defeat the Demon King in accordance with the Emperor’s orders.


The female lead, who was a healer, also declared that she wanted to work hard for peace, and she began an adventure with the male lead.


The two developed feelings for each other while heading to the Demon King’s Castle, and met two other colleagues in an endless adventure.


Reyev Hetzel, a Holy Knight, and McLion, who inherited the blood of dragons. They were the second male leads.


The two fell in love with the female lead, Sellonia, but after realizing the existence of her fiancé, Ian, they weren’t greedy.


They simply dedicated themselves to helping the female lead and defeating the Demon King.


So, the four of them worked together to defeat the Demon King, and complete peace will come to the Empire.


The female lead and the male lead swore by the love they bloomed in the face of adversity and had a happy wedding, and the novel ended.


“Yeah. It was definitely supposed to end like that…”


Sellonia squeezed her temples as her head hurt.


It was good until she possessed the body of Sellonia Vessein.


But of all things, she has no luck…


She had never experienced the luxurious life of a duke’s daughter, and possessed the body the moment it was the starting point of her journey to subjugate the Demon King, and suffered all kinds of hardships.


As much as if living hell existed, it would be there.


For six months, she climbed the castle through a rough forest of demons.


During that time, she died and came to life several times, and she couldn’t even wash or eat properly, then she was injured dozens of times, both large and small, by the hands of demons.


On the way back from defeating the Demon King with such hard work, she collapsed with unknown pain.


Am I going to die from getting taken advantage of like this? Her eyes were opened like a miracle the moment she thought of that, and three months had passed.


She lived anyway, so she thought that all that was left was the flower road…


What is this?


Her fiancé, Ian Cherville, the male lead in the original story, who should be celebrating the happy ending with her, has demanded a breakup. He said he had someone he loved.


That was already a few days ago.


“Miss Sellonia?”


“Ah… I’m sorry.”


At the sound of another voice next to her, Sellonia suddenly escaped her thoughts.


“I heard the story, Reyev. That you came to visit me often while I was down. Thanks.”


She expressed her gratitude to Reyev, who was sitting opposite her in the parlor.


He is Reyev Hetzel.


He was a noble, pure-blooded Holy Knight and one of the sub-male leads who had a crush on her.


“I’m glad you’re feeling well, Miss Sellonia.”


“…Reyev? Are you okay? Are you sick somewhere?”


She asked curiously as she looked at Reyev, who was looking at his toes without making any eye contact with her.


He was the one who always looked at her with straight eyes, but it was especially strange today.


“…I heard it. The news that you broke your engagement with Duke Ian.”


“Ah, that…”


Sellonia had a bitter taste in her mouth.


As soon as she sent a letter of divorce to Ian just yesterday, the breakup proceeded as if he had been waiting for it.


They didn’t really hide it, so today’s newspaper featured the news of her breakup with Ian.


“It happened like that.”


Sellonia took a sip of tea, hiding her disappointment.


The couple and colleagues, who spent six months together, were a bond that would eventually end when she signed a piece of paper.


“…It must be difficult, but I’m sorry that even I had to say this, I want to make the Knight’s Oath I made to Miss Sellonia as if it has never happened.”


Ptui! Cough, cough! J-Just now, what…?”


Sellonia, who had forgotten that she was so surprised she had spit out the tea she was drinking, opened her rabbit eyes.


“I have another lady I want to take care of for the rest of my life.”


Reyev couldn’t look her in the eyes, as if he was ashamed, and frowned at his teacup with his head bowed.


At that moment, Sellonia’s eyes fluttered wildly.


This faint feeling crept up from her toes.


No way, no way…


“I will swear an eternal oath to Miss Grace Bennett.”


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  1. This seems really interesting! Thanks for translating this, I can’t wait for more~

  2. Wait…
    Is this Grace lady the OG FL?
    If it’s yes, then I kinda understand…
    But if its no then, is she a succubus? Or someone with charm power?

  3. interesting… we always see the story from the point of view of the extra, but seeing it from the side of the female protagonist who was abandoned seems very different

  4. I bet the Demon King is better looking, nicer and cuter anyway so
    … Good riddance!