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Sellonia turned around while Ian and McLion were flying to the western district to announce the victory.


[I will go with you.]

[No, Reyev. I’ll be back soon.]


Dissuading Reyev from following her, she entered the spire again.


Inside the silent Demon King castle.


It was hard to believe that a fierce battle had been going on just a few minutes ago.


The battle is over.


Although they struggled quite a bit against the Demon King, they won in the end.


She could go home now. Half a year of hard work had finally come to an end.


Sellonia carried her weary body forward, her legs limping.


Her body was a wreck. Even if she was a walking corpse, she was safe.


Ian, Reyev, and McLion’s conditions were all the same, but their wounds were all healed and their physical strength was restored due to Sellonia’s healing technique.


Although she was unable to take care of herself, having exhausted all her energy in treating them.


[Here it is.]


Reentering the castle alone, she found her own dagger lying on the cold stone floor.


The blade was stained with blood thick and red like the red ruby on its hilt.


It was the sword that cut through the Demon King’s chest.


It was when she picked up the sword she almost left behind and was about to turn around.


Suddenly, a vibration was felt on the floor, and the huge corpse of the fallen Demon King began to tremble.




Sellonia, startled by the unexpected situation, fixed her sword.


She was afraid that it might be revived, but the black scales that covered the Demon King’s entire body turned into ashes and scattered in the air.


The horns on its head and the black light covering its face all turned to ashes and scattered.


A man with black hair was lying in the place where the entire body of the giant body had turned to ashes.


She approached cautiously, holding her surprised heart.


At that moment, the man’s eyes opened wide.




With a shriek of her own, Sellonia fell behind.


The bright red eyes they met were burning like a living flame.


Without any time to appreciate it, she stabbed him in the chest with the dagger she was holding with all her might.


A creeping sensation spread through her fingertips.


It was a confirmation kill.


This time, as if he had truly died, his body, pierced by the sword, didn’t even move. Just like a person whose eyelids were facing the end, they just closed.


A dead body. Closed eyes.




Sellonia sighed at the confirmation of his death and cupped her trembling fingertips.


She then walked out of the castle without looking back.






Sellonia’s eyes flashed open.


“Haa, haa…”


Her chest was rising and falling greatly from her rough breathing.


Her heart beat fast like a locomotive.


She gulped and blinked her eyes.


Her blurry vision became clearer then she saw the familiar ceiling.


It was her own room.




A hot breath burst out with a deep relief.


It was a dream.


Ah, how fortunate.


She had a really crazy dream. so much that she didn’t even want to think about it.


She could feel the sheets she was lying on were wet with sweat, perhaps because she was suffering from a terrible nightmare.


Even the cold sweat that formed on her forehead.


Sellonia sighed and wiped the sweat with the towel on the table next to the bed.




“Where does the dream come from?”


“Miss! You’re awake! What a relief!”


Just in time, Ella, who opened the door and came in, found her awake and ran towards the bed.




“How are you feeling? Are you okay? What about your waist? Does it hurt?”




Under the barrage of questions from Ella, Sellonia slowly raised her upper body.


What happened?


“Ah, you have to wake up carefully. It hasn’t been long since you’ve been treated.”


Ella hastily helped and supported her shoulders.




“Don’t you remember? There was an accident.”


Accident? No way…


“On my way home from the cafe?”


“Pheeewww! You remember. I’m glad!”


At that moment, Sellonia felt that something was wrong and pulled the blanket covering her body.


Her white legs were intact.


However, a splint for a cast was attached to her waist.


It was the part where she felt the tingling pain in her dream.


“There was a slight crack in your ribs. The Duke called a healer, who treated you.”


Cracked ribs?


“Ella, how long has it been since I came home?”


“It’s been about two hours. Miss, can you move? The guest has been waiting with the Duke since a while ago.”




Her distraught, swaying eyes looked up at Ella.


What is this uneasy feeling?


“Yes. A lifesaver who saved us and the Miss!”


Ella replied with a wide smile.


On the contrary, Sellonia’s face hardened as if it had become rigid.


Her fingertips, exposed between the sleeves, trembled.


‘No way…?’


Sellonia, who sprang up, bounced out of the room.




She didn’t stop at Ella’s urgent voice behind her.


Her destination was only one.


The splints that were in her way had been taken off and thrown away long ago.


The white skirt she was wearing fluttered and her tousled hair fluttered behind.


She ran down the stairs so fast that her bare feet weren’t even visible, and opened the door to the drawing room.




“Oh! Sellonia. Is your body…”


Galloway, who was sitting on the sofa, raised his body and opened his eyes wide in surprise at the sight of his daughter in front of him.


Even if she was in a hurry, it wasn’t polite to wear pajamas in the presence of a guest.


“Haha. You girl. Did you come out immediately after waking up? My daughter must have been so grateful. I hope you understand.”


Galloway gave a good-natured grin, defending the behavior of his daughter, who had been rude.




“Sellonia, come and say hello.”


Galloway gestured toward Selonia, who stuttered and was unable to speak properly.


Inside the spacious living room.


On a long, blue velvet sofa next to the Duke seated in the high chair, sat a man of enormous stature.


Leaning on the sofa like in his own bedroom, with his long legs crossed.


The man’s black hair glistened like black crystals, and his bloodshot eyes burned like flames.


The same as he was in her dream.


“We meet again.”


Staring at the stiff Selonia, he grinned.




When Galloway left, saying that he would come after work for a while, only the two of them, Selllonia and the man, were left in the drawing room.


The man was sitting on the couch, wearing a black cloak, just as she had seen him before, staring at her.




But Sellonia’s spirit, who had left her house, hasn’t yet returned.


She thought it was all a dream, yet it was reality.


She realized it the moment she looked closely at the face of this man whom people call the Beast of the Night.


That he was the Demon King she cut.


It was this face that she saw after he died. The only person who saw it was her.


‘No, why on earth?’


He is dead.


As if proving that he was dead, the rift disappeared and the rampaging monsters also calmed down.


When the Demon King was resurrected after 100 years, the quiet demons awakened and started rampaging.


The fissure in the monster forest that appeared with the appearance of the Demon King was connected to the private house in the northernmost part, and the monsters made the private house a mess and descended down and down.


Troops were sent to clear it up.


While the saviors tried to defeat the Demon King inside, the soldiers fought a fierce battle with the demons outside.


Six months.


After a long battle, the Demon King died and the rift disappeared.


The monsters who lost their ruler lost their power again and entered a dormant phase, and didn’t come out of the monster forest.


To this day, that condition persisted.


‘A lie. This is a lie.’


Sellonia clutched her head with a stunned expression. She just wanted to turn away from the unbelievable reality.


The one called the Beast of the Night is the Demon King. Does this make sense?


“How long are you going to stay like that?”


While she was drowning in her own thoughts, a voice, sounded as if it was very bored, pierced her ears.


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