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Sellonia’s head slowly turned to the front.


As soon as she raised her gaze, she met the red eyes, sitting with his legs crossed in an arrogant manner and staring at her.


Sellonia’s shoulders twitched.


Her eyes were bloody enough to bring back memories of her then, just by looking at her.


“W-Why are you here?”


“Because I saved you.”


“Then if you go back now…”


“I’m not sure. Before that, I need you to pay off your debt to me.”


“I will give you enough. Tell me how much you want.”


“You, you know me.”




Sellonia’s mouth was tightly shut at the sudden attack without even blinking.


He didn’t look away even once, looking straight at her with clear red eyes.


As if he was trying to see through.


“Have you seen me?”


“That can’t be. I saw you for the first time today.”


Sellonia calmly responded to the attack that came in again.


She didn’t know why he asked her about his existence, but that was all she had to say.


“Then why were you surprised to see me? As if you’ve seen me. You asked how I’m alive.”


His yaksha-like red eyes glowed tenaciously and viciously, as if he was desperately trying to bring out her true intentions.


‘Damn it. Did I even say that…’


She seemed to be talking nonsense out of fear.


A trickle of cold sweat ran down her spine at the sight of his gaze, which drove her into a corner with nowhere to run.


Still, Sellonia tried to keep her unfazed expression, and she replied brazenly.


“I mistook you for someone else.”


“I have no memory.”




“But I think you know about me.”


The unexpected confession left Sellonia confused.


Is that why he’s obsessed with who she is?


‘Or, did the male leads change because the Demon King who was supposed to die didn’t die?’


No, no. That’s a very baseless speculation. Let’s not go there.


For she doesn’t want to be pathetic again.


“I got it wrong. I don’t know who you are.”


“You don’t know me.”


His face suddenly turned cold.


Even though he confessed his inner situation, the same answer came back like a parrot. But she couldn’t back down.


He opened his mouth again, his eyes wide open.


“You’re not going to tell me until the end. But I need to know about the me you know.”


“I really don’t know, you know?”




In an instant, Sellonia had chills run down her spine as a disturbingly foolish smile bloomed across his face.


And her feelings came true.




Being full of energy would be a word to say after seeing this situation now.


Sellonia opened her mouth with her fists clenched at the giddy sight in front of her.




“Because I don’t remember.”


The man spoke shamelessly and lay down on the sofa.


Even his long, protruding legs were placed on the table next to the sofa.


It looked very comfortable, like the living room of your own home.


“What does that matter now?”


“I have nowhere else to go, so I have to stay here.”


The giggling of his voice made Sellonia’s head throb.


It’s not enough that he’s the Beast of the Night or something, he’s going to stick to her house.


Could this happen to me?


“Leave now. Unless you want to be dragged away by the guards.”


It was then.


He raised the corners of his smooth lips and suddenly snapped his fingers.




A fist-sized ember blazed in the air between the two.


The embers moved like musical notes in sync with the movement of his outstretched fingers, like a baton.


The embers came to a precarious halt in front of the carpeted window curtains.


If it comes 1cm closer, the curtain will burn up and become a fuse. It’ll burn the whole room down.


“How many embers do you think I can make?”




“Enough to cover the whole house.”




“What do you think this will do to the people who try to bring me down?”




“The front yard is large. We can bury it there.”


He laughs well at scary words.


So he was saying that if anyone were to forcefully drag him down, he would kill them all.


This was a clear threat and warning. For her to say the right thing.


In the end, Sellonia clutched her head in despair.


She just wanted to cry.


As someone who had experienced the Demon King, she knew how great his power was.


She didn’t want to get involved.


She just wanted it to disappear from her eyes as soon as possible.


Besides, at that time, four people were determined to defeat the Demon King, yet now she was alone.


She never thought of fighting. Because it was like suicide.


“So tell me. About the me you know. And about you too.”


“Haa, I really don’t know…”


She buried her face in her hands with a sigh mixed with lamentation.


She had nothing to say to him.


Even if there was, how could she get those words out of her mouth?


You’re the Demon King and I’m the savior who killed you.


‘Why isn’t she talking?’


She was frustrated, waiting for another threat, yet there was silence for several seconds.


In the meantime, she raised her head, wondering if he had started a fire.


Fortunately, the fire was still burning in place.


It’s just that he was looking at her tenaciously and earnestly, as if he was trying to gauge the truth.


“I have a lot of time.”


As if he had made up his mind, he took the fire he had left in the air and stood up.


“W-What is it?”


Shocked by his sudden action, she leaned back almost to the point of piercing the sofa.


Standing at 190 cm tall, he was intimidating just by sitting down and standing up.


His solid and gigantic body, which overwhelms people in an instant, resembles that of a wild brown bear.


“Tsk. I won’t bite you.”


Seeing her shrinking, he frowned.


He didn’t do anything, but she had an attitude that made him a ruffian. He didn’t even know what he did.


He looked at her disgruntledly and then walked over to the floor-to-ceiling window that occupied one side of her living room.


“You know.”


He opened his mouth again, taking in the view of the garden at a glance.


“Your father told me to stay as long as I wanted before go.”


Sellonia, so startled, almost chewed her tongue out.


Father knew who this man was and brought him into the house!


“I can’t refuse a favor.”


“It’s okay to refuse…”


“No. That can’t be.”


She timidly resisted, yet the bait wasn’t eaten.


“If you don’t like it, tell me what you know. Then there’s no reason for me to stay here.”


“I told you I don’t know anything.”


“Alright. I’ll be waiting. How long you can not speak.”


Hearing the giggles, Sellonia stared into space with her limp, unfocused eyes.


It was obvious that God had a grudge against her. Otherwise, there was no way God could have messed her up like this in such a short time.




Drip, drip.


The sound of water droplets echoing underground spread over the surroundings.


Inside the cellar, as dark as a thick fog, the walls were all wet from the damp and humid air..


The cellar door, which had been closed tightly, opened with a sharp sound that made one’s eardrums hurt. The man who opened the door walked inside, dragging a black robe.


Squelch, squelch.


The wet sound that rang through the cellar with each step added to the gloomy air.


Water splashed from the pools of water soaked the tips of the robes, yet the man didn’t care, as if he was familiar with that.


The legs, which had been moving freely, climbed the two steps and stopped on the podium.


Right in front of where his feet stopped, there was an altar up to the height of a person’s waist.


A hand slipped through the robe and carefully touched the cold altar. To the extent that it’s affectionate as if it were dealing with something very precious.


Perhaps it was made of silver, the altar that absorbed all the cold air in the cellar was so cold that even being close to it made one feel cold.


The man raised his head.


As if he had been waiting, someone came up behind him.


“How was it?”


“I got two more.”


The subordinate who approached the man’s question without hesitation gave a solid answer.


The subordinate put down a bundle the size of the person carrying it on the floor.




A heavy noise echoed through the ground and walls.


The man looked away from the bundle his men had brought and looked at the altar in front of it.


There was a large magic circle on top of the pitch-black altar, of which it was made.


In the magic circle, colorful mathematical formulas were drawn inside a large sphere.


There were dozens of small red pebbles in the formula.


The number of them was insufficient, so it was impossible to fill all the large magic circle.


The man clicked his tongue as if he was dissatisfied with the current situation, and suddenly his fierce eyes flashed.


“There’s a good way to speed up.”


“Please give me your order.”


As his subordinate knelt down on one knee, a plan flowed from the man’s mouth.


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