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The next day.


“Miss! Are you okay?”


Ella, who had entered the room to make the bed, came running in astonishment.


“Miss? Miss!”


Sellonia, who was sitting against the bedhead, slowly turned her head.


“I’m okay…”


A helpless answer flowed from her, whose face showed she hadn’t been able to sleep a wink.


“Are you sick anywhere? Shall I call the doctor?”


“No. I’m tired. Because I’m tired.”


Sellonia stood up from her seat with a haggard face, like someone whose soul had gone out.




Seeing Sellonia leading her limp body into the bathroom, Ella was worried.


Entering the bathroom, Sellonia immediately poured cold water on her face several times.




She was feeling a bit relieved now.


When she looked up and stared in the mirror, she saw that her face was definitely more crumbly than the day before.


She wiped the droplets of water running down her skin and pooling on her chin with her hand.


She stared at her face in the mirror for a while before opening her pursed lips.


“What should I do?”


She has never seen anything like this in the original story.


In the first place, the fact that the Demon Kng was alive and the male leads left was a different situation from the original story.


Something is wrong. Very wrong, at that.


She even thought about going to the male leads and talking to them, but she was reluctant.


When she said something to Grace, Reyev got angry with a straight face.


McLion, who was watching from afar to make sure she didn’t harm Grace.


What kind of conversation would she have with those things?


Ian had nothing to look at.


“This jerk and that jerk…”


Moreover, even if she wanted to say something, she doubted whether she would be able to say it.


Her mouth might be forced to close, preventing her from speaking.


If she didn’t talk, they wouldn’t recognize the Demon King. Because she was the only one who saw the true face of the Demon King.


She’ll have to give it a try though. After all, they were saviors too.


It was too unfair for her to carry this huge burden alone.


She doesn’t know why, but the Demon King was alive with his memory lost.


So she had to get him out of her mansion quickly before he could find his memories and harm them.


Also, she needs to find out why this happened.




“This, this, and this. Find out who wrote these articles right away.”


“Yes. I understand.”


The aide who received Ian’s order hurriedly left the room.




He rubbed his hair wildly and furrowed his brows.


Newspapers were scattered on the desk in the office.


All the articles were a sight.


[Duke Ian Cherville’s new girlfriend, Grace Bennett. Is this romance or infidelity?]

[The Sinful Man Ian Cherville. The bare face of the savior.]

[Can an immoral savior really be called a savior?]

[Sellonia Basin, the protagonist of the tragic story. What will she do next?]


After the announcement of his engagement to Grace, the articles pouring in yesterday and today were full of negative things.


If he hadn’t used his hand in at least one place beforehand, he would have no face to face Grace.


But that wasn’t why he was so angry.


Talking about his own qualities, who came back after killing the Demon King.


“How dare.”


He glared at the phrase ‘Can he really be called a savior?’ for a long time, then sneered and laughed when he read the article next to it.


“Tragic. She’s laughing, though.”


Does the word ‘tragic’ suit her?


Ian remembered the wild Sellonia he had met in Roblanc.


The way she inevitably gave him an answer.


He was dumbfounded by the sight of her, which he had never seen before.


There was no such thing as disgrace. It was like being pushed by Sellonia in front of Grace.


Ian clenched his fists in embarrassment.


“Duke, a letter from Princess Sellonia has arrived.”


“Bring it.”


It will be a claim for alimony.


He opened the door and was handed a letter by a servant who entered.


How great Princess Basin made him write a pledge to ask for something great.


He sarcastically opened the envelope and opened the letter.


However, the mocking laughter faded within a few seconds.


Because the alimony written in the letter was ridiculous.


“Prepare the carriage right now. Now!”


He shouted with a reddened face.




Sellonia was sitting in her private study.


She first wrote letters to Abel, Roana, and Pellaine, whom she had met at a cafe. Let’s put off the tea time at the duchy for the time being.


Because of the uninvited guest, she couldn’t invite them to her house.


Instead, she added that she hoped they would attend the celebration that was to be held for her soon at the Imperial Palace.


As she finished the letters for the three of them, Sellonia took out a new piece of paper and scribbled a name on the top of it without hesitation.


Following the pen, the name Reyev Hetzel was completed.


She couldn’t handle this reality alone, so she tried to inform Reyev, who was the most dignified and determined among the male leads.


However, Sellonia couldn’t write anything other than Reev’s name.


Just like yesterday, it didn’t have the word Demon King written on it.




With a grunt, Sellonia, who tried to move the pen with all her strength, let go of the pen she was holding.


It was impossible.


She couldn’t figure out why this was happening, yet she had no way of finding out.


Eventually she leaned back against the back with a placid expression on her face.




A curse came out of her lips spontaneously.


She was dying of pain in her head like this, yet the Demon King left the mansion early in the morning.


Ella told her that he had just walked out without saying where he was going.


It would be nice if he didn’t come back like this forever, but he’ll come back when his business is over.


To spend some time with such a dangerous man, whom she had no idea where he was going or what he was doing.


It can’t go on like this.


“Princess, Gillian has arrived.”


“Come in.”


Sellonia stood up and greeted Gillian.


She asked her father in the morning to call Gillian, the vice guild leader of Finnest, who brought her information about Grace the other day.


“I’m greeting the Princess.”


“Thank you for coming. Sit down.”


Inviting him to sit down, she took a seat on the single sofa, the most prestigious seat around the table in the middle of the study.


The attendants quickly left the room after placing the pot and tea cups prepared with the tea on the table.


“Gillian, do you know the Beast of the Night?”


“I know. I also know that she’s currently staying at the Duke’s residence as the Princess’ benefactor.”


“Can you find out about him?”


She didn’t know if investigating his existence would give her a clue as to why this happened.


“Yes. I understand.”


“Also, anything is fine, so if there are even the slightest strange phenomena or incidents in the Empire, please share them.”


“Yes. Is there anything else you want me to do?”


After thinking for a while about Gillian’s question, Sellonia opened her mouth.


“Grace Bennett. Please keep an eye on that woman too. If there’s something strange about her, let me know right away.”


Now that she’s at a loss, the best thing to do is to learn about the Demon King and Grace.


Since the woman who popped out of nowhere interrupted her, everything had been going in an unexpected direction.


She had no doubts about the male leads’ change of heart.


She just wanted to get a little clue.


“I’ll get someone attached right away.”


Gillian, who strangely narrowed his eyes at the name of Grace that came out of Sellonia’s mouth, responded with an expressionless face as if he had never done that before.


It was when the two finished the meeting and were about to get up.


“Lady! Where is Lady Basin!”


“You shouldn’t do this!”


It was very noisy outside.


It seemed that the servants were trying hard to stop the man who was looking for her.


An angry voice echoed through the hallway.


“Please wait outside until you give permission!”


“How dare you stop me?!”


Even knowing that her father was away, the man was running amok like a mad horse.




Sellonia, who recognized his voice, raised her eyebrows and stood up from her seat.


“Should I handle it?”


Gillian grabbed the sword that was worn around his waist with his characteristic expressionless face.


“Yes? No.”


Bewildered Sellonia stopped him. Being her father’s person, he has no hesitation in holding the sword.


“It’s fine, so just go.”


“I understand.”


When Gillian, who bowed deeply, opened the door, Ian, who was ridiculously against the knights in the hallway, turned his head.


“Ah, here you are.”


Finding her sitting on the couch through the door, Ian quickly came inside.


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  1. I’m really curious to know what she wanted as alimony, seeing as it’s some sort of precious thing for that Trash Ex-Fiance