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“Even if you’re the Duke, this is…!”


“It’s fine. Everyone, go out.”


Sellonia issued an order to the knights who were trying to come after to stop Ian.


The knights and Ella looked at each other hesitantly, and eventually backed off.


“Ha. Was the lady leisurely drinking tea after sending me that letter?”


Ian sarcastically looked very angry.


It was a behavior in which even a drop of courtesy couldn’t be found after visiting someone else’s house from the wind in the morning.


Is he crazy at last?


Sellonia clicked her tongue and got up from her seat, raising her chin.



“Sit down please. It sounds like you have a lot to say.”




Ian glared hard at Sellonia, sat down on the sofa in the middle of the study, and crossed his legs arrogantly.


“The etiquette of the Cherville family is really amazing.”




“If you visit, you will be waiting calmly until the owner appears, yet you made a fuss ridiculously after coming to the mansion.”


Sellonia sat across from him and smiled.


Ian twisted his lips at the relaxed look.


“You’re the one with the greatest courtesy of not serving a cup of tea.”


“Ah, didn’t you know? I don’t have a cup of tea to give to an ignorant guest.”


“What did you…!”


“Enough. Aren’t you here for alimony?”


Sellonia firmly said, not even looking at Ian who shouted and raised up.


She knew the purpose of his visit.


Since it was the weekend, the letter she sent last week must have arrived on Monday, and he must have come running as soon as he received it.


How could he be so simply ignorant?


It was hard to believe that he was once the male lead of this world.


“Ha, are you taking revenge on me now? Because I chose another woman over you?”


What kind of bullshit is that?


Sellonia raised her eyebrows in a slash. What kind of self-consciousness is this?


“Are you serious?”


“Ha. What else is your reason for doing this?”


Ian crossed his legs with an arrogant expression and ran a hand through his hair.


As if he knew why she was acting like this.


It was obvious why Sellonia, who was innocent and kind like a delicate flower, suddenly harbored venom.




Ian believed that Sellonia, whose pride has been hurt by him choosing Grace, was jealous and envious.


She wanted to get his attention like this.


That’s why she claimed ridiculous alimony and created one more chance to see his face this way.




Meanwhile, a chill appeared on Sellonia’s face as Ian let go of his delusions.


How far will this man really go to the bottom?


Is it refreshing to reveal such an ugly and lowly side to his once-lover?


Besides, there was no value in replying to words that didn’t make sense.


“Since you look so confident, it must mean that you brought the alimony I demanded.”


Sellonia wanted to quickly get this guy out of her sight and got right to the point.


“Ha! Yeah. That alimony. Rather, ask for mines or business rights.”


Ian, who was suddenly free from delusion at the word ‘alimony’, said confidently in a tone mixed with annoyance.


“Yeees? Duke, you don’t think I would really want to own the Cherville family’s mines or business, do you?”




Sellonia asked, widening her eyes exaggeratedly, and Ian’s lips bit tight.


It was clear that he understood what she meant.


Instead of stopping there, she drove a wedge.


“Ey. There’s no way.”


She waved her hand to stop talking nonsense.


The effect was immediate.


Ian’s eyelids were quivering from quite annoyance, and his hands resting on his lap clenched into fists.


The sound of his pride breaking was heard in her ears.


He couldn’t resist it.


As the Princess of Basin, the golden family, there will be nothing she could covet in the Cherville family.


“Oh my. Really?”


She asked with a surprised expression if he really had such a stupid idea, then he gnashed his teeth and spit it out.


“Why are you asking for that? Why would a princess who doesn’t even know how to use it, need it?”


“Isn’t that obvious? The only thing I can take from the Cherville family is that sword.”


Sellonia shrugged her shoulders.


What she demanded as alimony was a sword. The sword with which he cut the Demon King.


The symbolism of the sword, said to have been stained with the last blood of the Demon King, was great.


Because it contained infinite glory, honor, and pride.


Moreover, that sword later transformed into a holy sword.


However, because of the situation, yesterday she suddenly thought that it might not transform into a holy sword, but seeing that Ian didn’t want to give it to her, she already felt the extraordinariness of the sword.


Otherwise, he can just give her a sword, so there’s no reason for him to go crazy like this.


As the knight commander, he would live with a sword by his side, so he would feel a different strength every time he gripped the sword.


However, he only vaguely felt the energy, and he probably wouldn’t know in detail what kind of power it was.


Because there’s still quite a bit of time left before it turns into a holy sword. It was written in the original story that his status would be higher because of that holy sword.


If he felt the power of the sword, he wouldn’t want to let go of the sword even more.


He’ll think he’s missing out on an opportunity to seize great power.


Moreover, it was said that a sword is like an heirloom or life to a knight.


Especially if it was a sword that brought a brilliant glow.


Thinking back, there was no more perfect alimony than this.


“Send it by tomorrow.”


“You, do you know what you’re doing.”


“Yes? What?”


Reading his eyes, Sellonia asked back with an expression as if she didn’t know anything.


“Enough. Ask for something else. I’ll listen to anything.”


However, the doubts were quickly dispelled.


He has no choice but to be the only person who has ever touched the sword, so he thinks that he’s the only one who knows about its extraordinariness.


“I just told you now. Isn’t the Duke really strange? What is that sword like, I wonder. Perhaps… Even if the sword has other power…”


“What! Don’t talk nonsense.”


Angry Ian raised his voice. As if like it will never happen.


It seems that he’s afraid that the secret he has been keeping to himself will be found out.


“Until tomorrow. You’d better not plot other schemes in a dirty way. I will request a notarization from the Imperial Family.”


Ian’s eyes, which had been blocked in advance, were burning.


He was openly expressing his anger. To the extent that the veins on his forehead were squirming.


Ian thought to himself that a woman’s twisted jealousy was quite annoying and irritating.


He suddenly wanted to appease her with a friendly tone like before, but his pride wouldn’t allow it.


“Ah, right. Did you hear the news? My celebration at the Imperial Palace in a few weeks.”


“How funny. Your dream that I will be there…!”


“What kind of nonsense is that? I mean I want you to never come. I don’t want to see any uninvited guests at my celebration.”


Ian’s expression, which had been arrogantly snorting, hardened.


On the other hand, Sellonia was smiling leisurely.


When Ian, unable to find anything to say, kept his mouth shut, silence fell in the room in an instant.


The gazes of two people met until they were cold.


There were sparks flying from the fiercely exchanging glances.


It’s to the point where one wonders if it’s true that the two were lovers in the past.


As Sellonia faced him today, she fully realized. She really knows that she doesn’t even have a single feeling left for him.


Rather, looking at him acting dirty and mean, she even wanted to forget their memories of half a year.




At that time, Ian broke the silence first.




“It would be good to do this. If you don’t want to cause me any more anger. You can only see it.”


Yew can onwy swee iwt~”




Ian jumped up from his seat and gasped.


Sellonia, who had been following his threatening expression and way of speaking with all her might, hardened her expression.


It would be a mistake if she thought he would go out gracefully.


Originally, you need to respond to bullshit with bullshit.


To think that he was threatening without thinking about his situation rather than having a proper conversation.


She had neither the need nor the worth to be polite to such a person.


Although her head hurt, she was just humming.


There was no need to take out the word ‘Demon’ for the Demon King. Even if she died, she didn’t want to discuss it with this kind of person.


Conversation is also between people who are equal. What kind of discussion would she have with a person who wasn’t even a human, but a beast?


“If you’re done talking, can you go?”


“You’d better be out of my sight again.”


“It’s what I wished for. Please don’t run into me even by coincidence. Good bye then. Be sure to send the alimony.”


Ian, who was staring at Sellonia with an evil face as if he were going to chew on it, headed towards the door.


Sellonia clicked her tongue at the not-so-funny action.


The only thing reflected on her face after she had shaken off all the lingering feelings was a sense of relief.


“Huh? Now the Miss is having a guest…!”


When Ian opened the door, he heard Ella’s voice and saw a man standing in front of the door.


Seeing the man, Sellonia sprang from her seat like a spring.


No, when did he come back!


“Are you done talking?”


The man didn’t even look at Ian, who was standing in front of him, and said to Sellonia, who was sitting on the sofa far away.


“Screw off.”


Ian bared his teeth at the large figure blocking his eyes.


“Hmm? Ah.”


He looked around him, lowered his gaze, and put on a look as if he hadn’t noticed.


“There was a person. I didn’t see it because it was down there.”


Then, even if it was obvious, he naturally spat out a lie that was too obvious and laughed?


A smile lifted with only one corner of the lips. It was an obvious mockery for anyone to see.


In addition, the arrogant and cold red eyes were looking down at Ian.


As if looking at a low animal.


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