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“What are you really.”


“…What do you mean?”


“What did you do to me?”


“I’m trying to treat you. Look at this wound. Let go of my hand.”


She turned her wrist, ignoring him saying something incomprehensible.


However, he held her hand tighter, as if he had no intention of letting go.


“Hey. This hand…!”


“Hold it.”




“Hold my hand and do it. Then I will be treated.”


Sellonia was planning to shake off his hand, telling him not to talk nonsense.


She definitely tried to, yet she couldn’t.


Because of his slight trembling in the grasping hand.


She slowly lowered her head and looked at his hand holding hers.




The blue veins on the back of his hand were showing signs of anger, as if he would never let go of her hand.


She doesn’t know why, but his hand holding her felt earnest and desperate.


Like a person holding onto a tree root breaking through a rock to avoid falling off a cliff.


“Haa… I understand, so hold it gently.”


With a short sigh, Sellonia opened the first aid kit with one hand.


Treatment came first.


She couldn’t just argue with someone who was bleeding and not let go of her hand.


She immediately took out a jar labeled cattail powder from the box.


As she twisted her fingers to open the lid with one hand, she felt the blood rushing to the hand that was held by him. He seemed to have relaxed when she told him to hold her gently.


While she was shocked to see that he was listening well again, she whined, trying to open the lid.


It wasn’t as easy as she thought because of how tightly it’s closed.




He clicked his tongue and took the jar away.


But didn’t he very easily open the jar with one hand only, she wondered.


No, it would be more accurate to say that it was smashed rather than opened.


The lid, which can be opened by simply twisting it, was torn off as if pulling out a radish.


The torn off lid was crumpled like a piece of paper and discarded on the floor.




Sellonia swallowed her breath and accepted the jar he held out.


It was only when she turned her head to check the area of the wound that it became clear.


How closely she felt herself pressed against his naked body.


She thought there was quite a gap, yet when she actually faced him, the wound was right in front of her nose.


They even had a posture that was perfect for anyone to misunderstand. For she was on top of him sitting on the bathroom floor.


She could feel his hard thighs against her arse.


‘Anyhow, this is a bit…’


Since all she had to do was treat him, there was no need for her to maintain this strange posture.


Sellonia slowly moved her hips back to get a little further away from him.


“Just do it.”


The plan was aborted because he, who was quick-witted, grabbed her hand and pulled it.




Sellonia, once again, pulled her face away from his bare chest.


Although there were many words she came up with, full of anger, she held back and faced the wound.


Rather than fighting and losing strength trying to escape, She thought it would be better to just end it quickly and leave.


When she looked closely, she found that the wound was worse than she thought.


Muscle tissue was visible inside the wound, which was as wide as her finger, and blood was pouring out of it.


Sellonia quickly sprinkled powder on his wound.


During her six-month adventure, she discovered that cattail pollen was effective in disinfecting and stopping bleeding.


Little did she know that she would use that knowledge for her benefit.


‘Isn’t this wound, that wound?’


When she first saw him at the cafe, she caught a glimpse of the big scar on his chest.


Is it new or not new? The location of the wound was the same.


“It must be pretty stingy.”


She said as she watched the powder build up over the scars on his well-toned muscles.


Cattail pollen was guaranteed to have medicinal effects, but its drawback was that it stung the wound area very much.


Yet he didn’t flinch or even let out a small moan.


“You. You say you don’t know me.”


As he stared at her, intent on treating him, he opened his lips.


The pain soon subsided.


As if dawn had come, he barely felt any pain.


It wasn’t the drug, it was the hand he was holding.


Even before she sprayed the medicine, the pain was quickly disappearing the moment he held her hand.


“Yes. I don’t know.”


“Then why are you helping me?”


“Then do I just leave you alone?”


It was a completely incomprehensible question.


If there is a sick person in front of you and you can help, isn’t it natural for you to help?


Of course he was an exception, but this was her home.


If this man was going to die, it had to be somewhere else. She couldn’t remove the body from her house.




He looked at Sellonia, who was silently spraying the powder on his wound.


The blue eyes beneath the pale, furrowed eyebrows were quite serious. Her pursed lips looked quite stubborn.


It’s quite different from how she used to constantly talk back and show off that she didn’t like it.




Sellonia’s gaze turned upward at his call.


He had been acting like he was dying just a few minutes ago, yet now he was staring at her intently, as if he could survive.


“You asked if I had been attacked. No, it’s a wound that was there from the beginning.”


“Is it getting worse? Why is your late wound bleeding?”


“I’m not sure.”


A weak chuckle escaped his mouth. Because it was he, not anyone else, who wanted to know the truth.


‘The wound that was there from the beginning?’


Sellonia tilted her head to the strangely familiar location of the wound.


Now that she thinks about it, when the shell disappeared and his true face was revealed, the wound was in the exact same spot where she had stabbed him with the dagger.




“…Why did this happen?”


“I don’t know. It’s been there since I lost my memory and opened my eyes.”


“When is that?”


“Three months ago.”


It was roughly three months ago that she defeated the Demon King. The timing was the same.


However, she quickly denied it and shook her head.


“Then let me ask you something about what happened. You really don’t remember anything? Not even who you are?”





“You call that a question now?”


Sellonia closed her mouth as if she was dumbfounded.


That’s right. It was funny that she asked a person with no memory why he lost his memory.


“Then I’ll ask this time. What have you done to me?”


“Why do you keep asking what I did to you earlier?”


She asked back without avoiding his gaze.


She couldn’t understand why he was doing this to the person who was treating his wound.


“You really don’t know?”


“I’m asking because I don’t. What is it? What did I do?”




He was looking into silent, unwavering blue eyes.


“Miss! I brought the doctor!”


It was then.


The maid she had asked for earlier came in with the doctor.




The maid was startled by the scene she saw as soon as she entered and covered her mouth.


She couldn’t help but be surprised to see the Miss riding on top of a naked man.


Sellonia was horrified, snatching her hand away from him and stood up from her seat.


Looking at the maid, whose pupils were shaking countless times, she clearly had misunderstood.


“You’re mistaken. James, please take a look at him.”


James, the doctor of the Duke of Basin who was clearing his throat and unable to find a place to focus, came over at once when he saw the blood pooling on the floor.


Sellonia stepped back and left the bathroom with a little regret. She happened to help so much.


And that, too, to someone whom she shouldn’t be helping.




He stared at her back until she disappeared, then looked at his empty hands.


Even when her hand left, the pain didn’t return. The bleeding had also stopped for a long time.


As if she had absorbed all of his pain.


He doesn’t remember anything, and from the moment he woke up here, the nights have been hell for him.


Yet in the middle of the night, before dawn, he felt this comfort. It was the  first time.


He clenched his fist, recalling the warmth that hadn’t yet disappeared in his hand.


“She doesn’t know, she says.”


That she’s saving me.


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