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The next day.


“Shit, shit!”


Ian couldn’t get over his anger and knocked over the table.


The table fell over with a crashing sound, causing the documents on top to spill out and ink to splatter everywhere.


The inside of the manager’s office was already busy, so it was five minutes before the chaos.


The sword that Sellonia had just requested was sent to the Duke’s residence through someone.


Even thinking about it again made him feverish.


He was o disgusteds because of Sellonia, going crazy to the point his blood couldn’t uprise anymore. 


“Shit. What kind of sword that is…!”


It was a sword that even the Emperor coveted.


It was natural.


The Demon King was the Empire’s only problem and a problem that remained unresolved throughout the lifetimes. It was the sword that killed the Demon King.


A sword filled with honor and glory that every knight dreams of.


Moreover, he could feel the sword becoming increasingly powerful.


Although not sure, it’s probably the Demon King’s power.


To a woman who can neither use this sword properly nor appreciate its true value!


And that attitude!


Even if she’s jealous, how can a person change like this!


She was so relaxed that she didn’t show any regrets on her face, and she even defended the guy who was rude to him by calling him her guest.




He remembered the face of the man Sellonia had said was her guest, and his face scrunched up.


It was his first time seeing her with another man.


“No way.”


Is he her lover?


No. That can’t be.


There’s no way she’s going to make a lover out of herself.


She was a woman who looked at him only, not even giving a glance even when Reyev and McLion wandered around her.


So, she must have been simply angry at his change of mind and planned this show to win him back.


She drew the man in, knowing that he would come.


“Ha, then that’s right.”


Ian, who had come to his own conclusion, brushed his hair with an arrogant expression.


There is no way Sellonia can easily forget me. This was definitely a strategy to make me jealous.




But what is this feeling?


He understands the reality, but why doesn’t this discomfort go away?


Even if it was a strategy, it wouldn’t be because Sellonia was with someone else, and there must be another reason…


While he was endlessly denying and searching for a reason, something flashed through his mind.


The cheeky red eyes were looking down at him.


An arrogant and proud man who didn’t even lower his head, probably because he had a splint on his neck.


“How dare.”


Ian gritted his teeth with a displeased expression.


Who is this guy that he doesn’t even bow his head to himself, the Duke?


He couldn’t just ignore it.


He thought he needed to thoroughly fix that arrogant brat.


“Captain, Lady Grace has come to visit.”




Before he could say anything, the door burst open and Grace came in.




Grace, who appeared with a bright face, became a rabbit’s eyes when she saw the mess in the room.


“Oh my. Why is the room like this?”


“Ha. Can’t you see I’m busy right now!”


Annoyed, Ian furiously flipped his bangs and got sensitive.


He was already so uncomfortable that Grace, who suddenly came to visit him during work hours, sparked a spark.




Grace was so surprised that a hiccup came out of her mouth.


Because now he was showing raw emotions that she had never seen before.


“Phew… Grace, it’s not that…”


When Ian saw Grace hiccuping in surprise, he quickly regretted what he had done.


“I-I guess I interfered. I’m sorry.”


“Grace! Grace, just stay there for a moment!”


As Grace left the room with a miserably distorted expression on her face, Ian hurriedly followed.


The sword was handed over, but he will get it back somehow. He guesses that’s what makes him feel uncomfortable because he’s anxious.


He tried to soothe the sulky Grace while holding back the darkness and anger that kept rising from somewhere deep in his heart.




The man stood in front of the window and looked at the people gathered in the garden with his arms crossed.


Among the crowd was Sellonia.


The man didn’t pay any attention to what they were doing and just had Sellonia in his eyes.


She had a face he couldn’t remember at all. It was unfamiliar, as if he was facing someone he had never seen before.


But what was that?




He looked down at his hand, in which Sellonia’s hand was held.


His hands, which no longer felt completely her warmth, were as cold as before.


He tried to squeeze it tightly, yet he couldn’t feel her warmth.


For his hands were as cold as ice to begin with.


But for just one moment, he also felt warmth. That was the moment he held that woman’s hand.


He clearly remembered what happened during the night.


The moment he held her hand, his entire body quickly became drowsy, as if she had administered a sedative to him, and eventually the pain began to subside.


As he continued to hold her warm hand, the pain that had always oppressed him completely disappeared.


The experience, which was both strange and sweet, was engraved in his mind.


Those hands that instantly soothe the pain he had been struggling to get rid of for three months.


A woman who may hold the clue to all of this.


In his life where everything was unclear, the only thing that was clear was that woman.


He still stood in his place and observed her.


Her fine hair glistened under the bright sunlight.


Her hair, which was swaying like a thin curtain in the blowing wind, was the same color as the unknown purple flower that bloomed on the side of the road that he always passed by.


Her sky-blue eyes were a striking color.


Enough to make him think he has looked into those eyes at least once during his memoryless life although he doesn’t remember anything.


He turned around to see that Sellonia had escaped the crowd and was heading towards the mansion.


Anyway, the conclusion was that he had to keep that woman by his side.




The sword Ian sent has arrived.


Sellonia had notaries from the Imperial Family to verify that the sword was Ian’s true sword at the duchy’s garden.


She found out from the magic stone that sent waves through the sword, which was matching the waves Ian had.


Although she was worried that he might do something dirty, it was for no reason.


Still, his pride as a swordsman remained, and he couldn’t play with his sword.


“You’ve worked hard. Thank you.”


“Yes. Then I’ll be going.”


After greeting the Imperial notaries, she asked Ella to put the sword in the safe in her room and walked towards the mansion.


Now that she had received alimony from Ian, she really had nothing more to do.


She thought she would be a little upset, yet her heart was relieved.


It’s probably because she lost all affection yesterday because of the unknown truth.


Should she thank him? For voluntarily making her fall out of love.


“Did you have a good talk?”


As she opened the central door, thinking about something trivial, a man suddenly appeared and joined her next to her.


She wasn’t surprised anymore, having seen him a few times in the past.


“I see you look energetic. When you almost died like that at night.”


Sellonia gave him a quick glance and then turned her head away.


His bandaged body was clearly visible through the wide open shirt front.


The bandages were tightly wrapped around his chest, but the problem was that the outlines of his muscles were clearly visible.


He should be given a shirt that can be fastened all the way around his neck. It’s shameful.


Last night, the doctor cleaned and sutured his wound.


His wounds were deep, but had healed well, so she heard that his life wasn’t in danger.


In the additional opinion, it was said that his wounds weren’t receiving proper treatment, so they were repeating over and over again, bursting, and healing.


If he eats and rests well, he will get better quickly.


She decided not to care what caused the wound. Even if it was a wound she caused herself.


It’s not too late to think about everything after kicking this man out.


“Well. It’s not bad. Thanks to someone.”


His gaze rested on her white hands shaking with each step.


That hand. He needed those hands. In his heart, he wants to hold on to it all day long.


“Don’t think about sticking on me.”


He raised his head at the sound of her scolding voice.


Soon, one side of his lips curved upward. It seems like a good idea came to mind.


“Right. You want me to get out of here, right?”


“Yes. Very much.”


Sellonia glanced at him as if asking if he was saying that now.


“Then you…”


“Miss, the meal is ready. The Duke is waiting in the dining room.”


His voice, which he had raised because he thought it was an opportunity, was drowned out by the appearance of a maid.


Sellonia’s gaze passed the servant who was bending over her waist and looked at him. With an expression telling him to keep talking.


“Go. He’s calling you.”


Yet he didn’t say anything else.


“Excuse me… There was a word that Sir, too, should join.”


When the servant who was observing them hesitated and opened her mouth, Sellonia’s eyebrows furrowed.


What on earth does her father see in this human….


“No need.”


“He said you m-must come…”


The young maid refused and turned around, raising her voice in a sorrowful voice.


Her delicate body was shaking, as if she was very scared.


In fact, he was twice as tall and bigger than an ordinary person, so it could have been difficult to deal with him.




In the end, Sellonia reluctantly called him.


She wasn’t happy, but it was her father’s call.


Duke Basin was the type of person who had to do whatever he wanted to do.


Even if it wasn’t today, he was going to ask them to eat together again, so it was better to just eat together quickly.


And since she heard that he hadn’t eaten even once since he came to the Duke’s residence, she kept thinking about the doctor’s words that he would get better if he ate and rested well.




As he walked without regret, he turned around when he heard her voice calling him.


Then, she called him out as if she had something to say right away, yet he saw her hesitantly looking at him with an expression on her face that she didn’t want to talk about it.


“Let’s go.”




He was a little surprised because the words he soon heard were completely unexpected.


“My father is calling. And he said that you had to eat well in order for the wound to heal quickly.”




“Follow me.”


As soon as she finished her sentence awkwardly, she walked toward the dining room first.


He was left alone and looked at Sellonia’s back as she walked away with an inexplicable expression.


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