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The meal ended quickly.


After hearing his answer, Sellonia remained silent and chewed her food.


She broke down. She didn’t ask what it meant.


For she didn’t want to be deeply involved with him or feel even a little pity for him.


“When you want to eat, tell anyone. Then they will take care of it.”


Sellonia turned around and spoke to him, who was following her.


They had just come out to the garden together because he had something to say.


“Will you eat with me?”




“Else, there is no reason to do it.”


What kind of trick is this again?


She looked up at him with questioning eyes.


However, his expression was as emotionless as she always saw, so she couldn’t read his intentions.


“Eat with me.”


“No, do it on your own…”


“You. You want me to leave here.”


“Of course.”


Sellonia answered quickly without having to think about it.


As if he knew that would happen, he glanced at her as he grinned.


The first meal he had today was pretty good. Having fresh vegetables in his mouth or chewing well-cooked meat.


The feeling of being filled for the first time after feeling empty was really good. This was his first time experiencing something like this.


He didn’t die without eating, so he didn’t even think about doing that act. No one had ever recommended it to him.


But what is this woman?


She informs him of the act of eating that he doesn’t have to do, and fills his empty plate without hesitation, even though no one has encouraged him to do so.


It was the first time.


From the moment he opened his eyes, no one in this world knew of his existence. No one recognized him.


A life entirely alone.


Living without knowing his own name felt like his existence was being denied.


He felt so bad that he helped someone who needed it. To find the meaning of his existence, even in this way.


Yet he couldn’t find it.


Even though he struggled in pain all night long, the boring morning came, and his meaningless life continued to prolong.


Like a curse.


But today, for the first time, he felt very little significance.


He also thought that if he filled the days he had wasted with experiences like today, he might someday be able to find the meaning of his existence and his lost memories.


At a meal with this very woman.


He was sure. If this woman were to take away his pain, she might end his life, which was like a curse and a bondage to her.


“Help me. If you say you will cooperate, I will leave without doing anything.”




Sellonia was very taken aback by the completely unexpected proposal.


She was wondering how to kick him out, but he said that if she cooperated, he would get out on his own terms?


“What is it? “What are you asking me to help you with?”


If he just went on his own, it would be like a tooth that made her suffer falling out.


She could do anything as long as it wasn’t a crime, an inhumane act, or a threat to tell him who he was.




But the answer she heard was enough to make her dumbfounded.




Sellonia confirmed the incomprehensible words by pointing to herself with her finger.


“Yes. You.”


With red eyes tinged with deep desire, he slowly stretched out his hand.


For he wanted to hold that hand again.


A large hand grabbed her fingers floating in the air.


While she flinched in surprise, his long fingers dug between her fingers as if they were intertwined.


When it was perfectly clasped, he smiled with satisfaction.


It wasn’t painful yet, but as expected, the moment they held each other, warmth spread out.


“You heal my pain. So…”




Sellonia couldn’t believe her ears. What is this man saying now?


She was so confused that she couldn’t hear properly.


After he grabbed her hand, he kept talking about something, but she was so bewildered that his voice sounded muffled.


What she understood correctly was that she was calming his pain.


“So help me.”


“Wait, wait a minute.”


As he pulled her by the hand he was holding, Sellonia came to her senses and hurriedly raised her voice.


She first tried to pull her hand away from him, but like in the bathroom, he held on to her hand and wouldn’t let go.


Here they go again.


She had no choice but to put her hand aside and ask what she was fundamentally curious about.


“I take your pain away?”


“Yes. You want me to whisper in your ear once again?”


She noticed his eyebrows cocked in displeasure.


“No way…”


Sellonia couldn’t believe it.


She didn’t even use her healing abilities. She just gave him her hand because he wouldn’t let go.


But he said his pain went away just by holding it.


“You know why. You know me.”


“I don’t.”


She responded with a natural lie to his conclusion that she had heard so much that it was like a scab in her ear.


So, to sum up what he said, the wound had existed since he lost his memory and opened his eyes three months ago, and the wound became painful every night and she tormented him.


However, when morning dawned, the pain disappeared as if it had been washed away.


Now she understands a little bit. The surprised look on his face as he held her hand in the bathroom.


It was surprising that the pain disappeared just by holding her hand, even though morning hadn’t yet come.


“You want to send me out?”


He looked down at her in distress, driving her wedges.


He decided to take advantage of her desire to let him go and put himself out of this pain.


If he does that, he might be able to find out something.


Anything that woman is hiding, her unknown feelings, and the way to end it all.


“That’s true, but you said we need to hold hands to ease the pain?”


Suddenly coming out of her thoughts, she asked sharply.


To hold his hand, they have to be together. And every dark night, at that.


It was an unwilling proposal. There was nothing to gain from it.


“If you help me, I’ll leave you without a word in a month.”




A month was a long period, but if she thinks about it the other way around, she didn’t have to think about how to get him kicked out, she would just let him out after a month.


However, because it was a period of time, there were risk factors.


It would be a big deal if he even regained his memories within a month.


“If you don’t help, I plan to crush you. Your father was prepared to give me at least a job so I could stay here if I told him to.”


He must have sensed that she was worried and threatened with a very relaxed expression.


“Or is it because you want to continue living with me? Then it’s good for me.”


“No? Say something that makes sense!”


“Why? Aren’t I better than the millet-sized guy I saw back then?”


Seeing himself jumping up and down in bewilderment, he rolled his eyes playfully and chuckled.


The guy with the size of millet he was referring to was Ian.


No matter how big Ian was, standing in front of him made him look small.


“I will, I will do it.”


Sellonia had no choice but to agree.


She was sure that if he did as he said, her father would give him a place in the Duke’s residence.


That was easier than breathing for her powerful father.


Since he wants to use the Beast of the Night to further solidify the duchy’s positive image, there is no way he would refuse.


Although she didn’t feel like it, she would rather hold his hand for a month than see him become an employee of the family.


“Instead, there is a condition. Promise that from now on, you won’t touch me or the people around me. The same goes for the mansion. Then I will cooperate.”


Honestly, there was no reason to refuse if it could solve her problem.




“Keep your promise, really.”




“Then where are we going to meet? We can’t go in and out of each other’s rooms every night. It’s perfect for misunderstandings.”


Taking advantage of his loosened grip, she snatched her hand from his grasp and spoke bluntly.


Anyone who saw a grown man and woman meeting every night seemed like a secret love affair.


Even if he was in this mansion as a benefactor who saved her.


This was her home, but with wide eyes and uncontrollable mouths, it was easy for rumors to spread about her.


“I’ll come visit you at night.”


“I told you we can’t do it in my room.”


“Don’t worry. There is a way.”


He smiled sarcastically as if he had a plan.




‘Is this the way?’


Sellonia saw him standing before her with her mouth agape.


“Ugh… Hold it.”


He fell into her room like a lightning bolt from the dry sky and immediately held out his hand to her as the pain surged through him.


“Are you okay?”


It was absurd for a moment. She quickly took his hand.


Cold sweat was already forming on his forehead. He looked just like she had seen yesterday.


His sight engulfing in pain.




He swallowed his moans and held her hand tightly as if it were a rope.


The pain that had engulfed his body like a tidal wave disappeared in an instant.


Is this what it feels like to live? He felt like he could live by holding her hand again.


“Sit here.”


Sellonia pulled the chair behind her.


She felt a little sorry for him, who was relying only on her hand with a face that looked like he was going to collapse at any moment.


‘Is this really okay?’


Anyway, is it right to help the Demon King?


She agreed, wanting to get rid of him as soon as possible, but she felt uncomfortable.




Sellonia stared in silence as his trembling hand desperately clung to her.


Midnight, when all light has disappeared.


As the moonlight coming through the window illuminated him, she could see his pale face, swallowing the pain, chewing his lip so hard that blood burst out.


To make an excuse, it was an unavoidable fate.


Cutting down the Demon King and killing him were the goals of the main characters and the original story.


Of course they had to kill him, and he had to be killed by them.


She didn’t feel any guilt when she cut him down.


After going through all sorts of hardships for six months, she met him, and all she did was defeat the evil that caused her all that hardship, the sin of this world.


One person’s death makes them heroes and saviors.


There was no feeling of guilt. Because she just did what she had to do.


But when she sees him living like this and suffering…


“You look okay now.”


Free from her thoughts, she soon regained her composure and opened her mouth to him, who was looking at her.




“There is no bleeding.”


The bandage wrapped around his chest was intact.


At least she felt reassured. If he had shed blood, perhaps she would have felt really guilty.


“But you can also teleport?”


“So what I did is called teleportation?”


“You didn’t even know that when you did it?”


Sellonia shook her head, her heart shook, and took her hand out of his grasp.


Her mind was agitated.


The more she knew, the more she could no longer see him as evil and someone who deserved to die.


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