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When sunlight filtered through the sunny window and the birds began to chirp, he opened his closed eyes.


He was lying on the bed with his arms as pillows and woke up feeling refreshed.


He didn’t sleep.


So, he didn’t sleep. He was just waiting for morning to come.


Although it took a while for his legs to lengthen, he opened the door as if he had been waiting and walked out into the hallway.


There was no hesitation in walking through the hallways of the Duke’s residence, which he was now quite accustomed to.


He liked the morning that came after dawn, when the pain had disappeared.


Because he can see her.


It was fun When had he last felt like this?


No, he had no memory, so it must have been the first time in his life that he felt this happy.


His life began to change after she held his hand every midnight.


If he had her alone, his hellish nights would no longer be a big deal.


The excruciating pain that had tormented him for three months and was so incapacitating disappeared as if it was melting snow the moment he held her hand.


After a few times of his chest tightening, he ended up making her run away. Like a rat in front of a wild beast.


The exhilaration he felt at that time was indescribable.


Even though he wanted to shake it off, it was such an excruciating pain that he couldn’t force it until dawn.


It wasn’t a coincidence either. She was the correct answer.


For him, who lost his memory and wandered for over three months, the week he spent with Sellonia was his first ordinary and perfect days.


Because it was the first time he felt that a pain-free life could be so colorful and enriching.

Is that why? The boring life that felt like punishment now felt like he could live a little more.


“E-Excuse me, sir guest!”


At that time, a sound came from ahead.


It was an unfamiliar voice, so he indifferently raised his head and saw two women standing a few steps in front of him.


Women wore the clothes of people working here.


One of them was fidgeting with her hand with blushing cheeks.


Although he clearly knew that they were calling him, he didn’t answer, nor did he pay any attention to them, but just kept his pace and passed the women.


“G-Good morning…! Ah… He didn’t accept my greeting…”


“He probably didn’t hear. He will accept it next time.”


He heard disappointed voices and comforting voices behind.


There were people who often greeted him like this as he had spent a week at the Duke’s residence. They were busy running around at first.


Yet he didn’t care. He wasn’t interested.


For there was only one object of interest to him.


He grinned as he remembered her face, which clearly showed that she thought she only had to endure it for a month as she naturally held his hand every night.


“No way.”


He scoffed as if it was nonsense.


It’s become a bit easier to live with now, there’s no way he’ll ever let her go.


Even if he can’t find his memories, even if she keeps quiet about him.


As she was the one I needed the most.


“Hmm, hmm.”


Humming his tune happily, he arrived in front of Sellonia’s room and knocked on the large door.


Bang, bang, bang!


“Hey. Wake up.”


Someone shouted, pounding on the door angrily.


Sellonia’s eyes widened at the sound echoed throughout her room, which would remain even if she was asleep.


She immediately recognized the identity of that voice.


Because there was only one person in the Duke’s residence who could knock on her door without permission.


“Come out quickly.”


“Ah, come on!”


She frowned her pretty face and lifted the blanket around her waist all the way to her head.


“Come out.”


“Go eat alone!”


“Come out before I break down the door.”




Hearing the persistent voice, Sellonia lost her temper and kicked the blanket.


Sellonia seemed really annoyed by this situation, which was repeating itself every day, and writhed on the sheet before quickly getting up. To eat with him again today without fail.


Nothing much happened in the past week after negotiating with the Demon King.


He took off the bandage and his wound healed well.


And at night, he teleported and came to his room, then she held his hand as he was in pain.


That was the routine that ended the day.


Contrary to concerns, he didn’t ask for anything else other than holding his hand.


Except out of the blue he threatens me to reveal what she knows about him.


Of course, the more she held his hand, the more complicated her feelings became, but she only had to hold on for a month.


If she lasts just one month, he will move out of this house on his own.


“Please, can’t you eat breakfast alone?”


Sellonia, who had just finished washing up, spat out a loud voice at him, who was sitting in the dining room first.


“All you have to do is wake up early.”


He said only the right things and cut the fresh croissant in half and put golden butter on it.


She realized that he was quite used to eating food by now, so he did it quickly.


‘Who causes me to sleep late every day, though.’


Sellonia sat down, barely suppressing the urge to punch the man she hated so much.


Nowadays she eats with him every day.


It was because of his obsession with eating. To be more precise, his obsession with eating with her.


As if these weren’t empty words, he always came to him out of the blue asking for a meal.


Like today, he often woke up someone sleeping in the morning to eat.


Even if he was told to eat alone, he wouldn’t listen.


He said that their contract included a condition of having a meal together from the beginning, and threatened that she would be punished if she didn’t keep it.


They had no choice but to eat together.


She never knew why he was so obsessed with eating with her when he said he didn’t have to eat.


Still, she doesn’t know whether she should be grateful or not that he knocked steadily without teleporting.


He was faithful to her advice not to teleport away from the Duke’s residence except at midnight.


“Tsk. Your mouth is torn apart.”


He clicked his tongue as he watched her yawn with sleepy eyes.


This woman he watched for a week was really lazy.


Every day she stayed in her room, and other than hourly tea time in the garden, she did nothing.


The only thing she was active about was taking walks in the garden. And that was only a few tens of minutes.


This is his first time seeing a person like this.


Well, even that was fun for him to watch from the sidelines.


“That’s because I slept late. Because of someone.”


Wiping away the tears in her eyes from yawning, Sellonia glared at the Demon King with her thin eyes.


As she lived with him, she noticed one thing: he didn’t sleep. That’s why he doesn’t understand her fatigue.


He’s free from appetite and sleep. Once again, she realized that the Demon King wasn’t a human being like her.


“You’ve been sleeping all day.”




When he snapped at her as if telling her not to talk nonsense, Sellonia let out a shocked laugh.


But he had hit the nail on the head, so she pretended not to notice and took a sip of tea.


Perhaps because it was morning, the food didn’t go down. The plate containing the breakfast prepared by the chef was in the same condition as when it was first served.


In comparison, the plate in front of him was almost empty.


Today was a morning just like yesterday.




Do people know?


How annoying it is to deal with the Demon King who has lost his memory.


It was like teaching a baby chick that had just hatched from an egg.


“What is that?”


“Knights. They’re being trained.”


Sellonia answered the question that lasted for tens of minutes with a tired face.


She calls people ‘that’, by the way.


Even though he had no memory, he clearly hadn’t gotten over his habit.


“Knights? Something like that? Ha. Look at them holding swords. They suck.”


He snorted in exasperation as he looked at the knights wielding wooden swords.


Oh… It’s strangely annoying, though?


They were the duchy’s knights. She was just passing by the knights’ training grounds.


However, she couldn’t help but feel annoyed when he harshly criticized the skills of the duchy’s knights.


“I think they’re better than you.”


“Shall I show you?”


He accepted her angry words without hesitation.


His eyes, glimpsed through the fluttering black hair, were shining with confidence.


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  1. He is planning to hold her hand forever, haha.
    I mean, it’s the least she could do after killing him once.