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It was so unpleasant that Sellonia refused.


She was angry that she had no choice but to give in, but given his temperament, if he didn’t get his way while swinging his sword, he might blow up the entire training ground.


Just like back then.




The Demon King, who was taking his time by blocking all of their attacks, was unable to block Ian’s attack, which broke through, and cut his arm.




When Ian, who had finally cut down the Demon King for the first time, let out a short sigh saying that he had done it, the Demon King’s eyes flashed like a flash and burned fiercely. It was as if he had lost his senses and his eyes were rolled back.


Feeling the horror so scary that it gave them goosebumps, they fled without even thinking about it first.


As soon as the Demon King swung his hand, the earth shook violently. Soon, Magi rose up from all over the floor.


Magi that rose like a gush of water formed one gigantic shape and chased after them.


The Magi tenaciously pursued them, destroying all obstacles in its way.


“Damn it, Reyev!”


McLion, who felt that he would be caught up some time if he continued to run away like this, called Reyev. Reyev, who understood McLion’s meaning right away, stopped in his tracks.


The two threw their power at the demonic energy that was rushing in like a wave without anyone knowing who would be first.


The sword energy containing Reyev’s divine power and the power of the dragon directly struck the Magi.




There was a huge explosion accompanied by a loud noise, and white smoke enveloped the entire area.


As the smoke dispersed, a huge sinkhole-like hole was seen in the floor where the explosion occurred.




Sellonia was so shaken by that memory that her body trembled.


Suddenly, her eyes flashed, then she saw how hard she had suffered as the Demon King took out Magi, and she never wanted to go through that again.


“I can clean that up just by swinging my finger.”


“Yes. I see.”


Sellonia knew all too well.


But he didn’t even know it was a foul on her and as she looked at him giggling triumphantly, she had no idea where to start explaining so she just gave up.


The Demon King had been hovering by her side for a week as if he had nothing to do.


It was a relief for him to just follow along, but the problem was that he asked a lot of questions to the extent she wondered what he was so curious about.


He had no memory and was a question mark killer.


He didn’t know anything about the world as he didn’t really do anything when he was wandering for three months.


“Aren’t you going to the cafe today?”


Sellonia looked up at his face, which was so high up that it made her neck feel stiff, and she asked bluntly.


The cafe was her only hope of getting rid of him.


Because every single day, he was receiving food from the cafe and distributing it to people, just like she saw him back then.


“I’ve been there.”


“When did you! I didn’t see it.”


“While you sleep until daylight.”


“…What daylight.”


His hopes were dashed. Since he had gone to the cafe, he’ll follow her around all day today… She was desperate.


“What is that?”




“This? “What about that?”




“What are they doing over there, pressing their lips together and smack-smack-ing?”


“Just stop…! Yes? What smack-smack?”


She raised her voice to answer the barrage of questions that followed, but when asked a different question than before, she turned her head in the direction he was looking at.


Then she saw a knight and a maid kissing under the shade of a tree in the corner.


“Don’t kiss there! Do it out of sight. Out of sight!”


Finally, Sellonia couldn’t stand it anymore and shouted at them.


Do it secretly. Even though it was under the shade, it was a street where people passed by. After discovering it, he asked another question.


“So what is that?”


“Something they do just because they like it.”


“Because they like it?”




Sellonia gave up and answered roughly.


Now she no longer had the energy left to answer his questions.


He was looking at the man and woman running away in shock with bright red faces.


What the two did was stuck in his mind.




Thanks to Gillian, who appeared like a savior, Sellonia was free from the Demon King and was sitting in the drawing room.


“Have you found out anything?”


“I looked into the Beast of the Night, yet I never found out his real name or where he originally lived. I apologize.”


It wasn’t something he should be sorry about. Because it was a problem that no one could figure out. He doesn’t even know, but by what means.


“It’s fine. Have you found out anything else?”


“It was three months ago that he first appeared in the system, and we confirmed that he was temporarily living in a shantytown after wandering around without a home.”


Gillian handed over a document containing the information he had learned along with a short explanation.


Sellonia went down to read the paper she had received.


There was so little information that only one page of paper was all about it.


Still, it contained information about why he received food from the cafe and distributed it to people.


He was just taking care of a criminal who had started an argument, and the person who was harmed by the criminal he dealt with was the cafe owner.


To express his gratitude, the owner promised to give him free food every day, but since he didn’t eat food, he only gave it to the starving children in front of him.


“It’s said that his connection with the Lashudanc Cafe continued at that time and that he’s distributing food to the people of the shantytown every day.”


“I see.”


“He dealt with quite a few criminals, but the one thing they had in common was that they put up a fight first.”


The Beast of the Night merely dealt with those who had started a fight, but it turned out that they were all criminals.


This was the inside story of why he was known as a righteous man.


In fact, most people wouldn’t even dare to argue with him.


Maybe he’s a bully who wants to show off his power.


‘That’s right.’


She expected it. Even if he lost his memory, there was no way he would truly do good deeds for others.


That was the end of the information. This was helpful in understanding the true nature of the Beast of the Night, but it was far from enough.


Clearly, if she dug any further, she wouldn’t find anything.


“Lady Grace doesn’t make any movements. No strange incidents have been discovered yet.”


The other documents handed over by Gillian also contained no useful information.


There wasn’t even a small clue. She felt like she had lost my bearings in a vast, foggy sea.


It doesn’t seem like a series of events just happened, so what did she miss? She was at a loss.


“Princess, is there anything else you would like to ask?”


“No. Thank you for today. This is enough for the Beast of the Night, so I’ll ask you to continue working on Grace for now.”


“Yes. I understand.”


Sellonia, coming out of her thoughts, got up to see Gillian off.


“Then. I’ll be going.”


“Yes. Take care.”


Gillian nodded and got off the sofa.


Sellonia, who had planned to stay in the drawing room a little longer to collect her thoughts, was about to sit down again.




She saw a folded piece of parchment lying on the sofa across from her.


This was where Gillian sat the entire time. It probably fell out of his pocket.


Sellonia picked up the parchment lying on the soft sofa.


Then she said to Gillian, who was about to open the door.


“Gillian, you dropped this.”


Gillian naturally turned around. It was that moment.


His pupils widened when he saw what was in her hand, and then he ran over to her and snatched the parchment away.


“A-Ah. Thank you.”


He looked taken aback, stuttering as if he himself was surprised by his own actions.


“But what is that? It looks like pretty old paper. A letter from an old lover, by any chance?”


Sellonia grinned, taking her gaze away from the parchment that disappeared into his pocket in an instant.


“Ah, yes… Well, it’s similar…”


Gillian hesitated and answered as if he was looking at Sellonia’s thoughts.


Sellonia turned to face him and nodded her head obediently.


“I see. Be careful not to lose it. Please go quickly.”


“Ah, yes…”


Gillian, who had been studying her expression intently, left the living room with cold eyes flashing.




The door closed and Sellonia was left alone in the drawing room.




She slowly lowered her posture and sat down on the sofa, leaning her body against it.


‘It was clearly written.’


The parchment that had been folded once had a gap as if it hadn’t been folded.


The moment she picked it up, Sellonia saw it clearly.


Grace’s name written on the bottom of the parchment.


In addition, there was a picture of what appeared to be a magic circle drawn in the middle of the parchment.


‘Magic circle?’


Feeling strange, she deliberately pretended not to see it. She pretended not to notice and asked if it was a letter from his lover.


Then Gillian looked at her and checked her reaction. As if he was trying to figure out if she had seen something written on the parchment.


This is probably not a piece of paper that was simply created while researching Grace.


If that were the case, there would be no way there would have been a magic circle drawn on paper.


Plus, Gillian’s attitude.


No matter how many times she saw him, he always had the same expression.


It couldn’t even be called an expression. For he was always so expressionless that it was hard to read what he was thinking.


He was so bewildered as he stuttered. It was very suspicious.


‘Something is wrong.’


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  1. Ahhhhh Gillian please don’t betray our Lady!! Hopefully this is just something her father is having him look into…