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“D-Don’t we have to stop them?”


The closer they got to the training ground, the louder the noise got.


Sellonia ran without stopping.


She could already see people gathering around the training ground in the distance.


It was impossible to see what was going on due to the knights and servants crowded together.


‘I asked for that, but no way!’


As soon as Sellonia reached the training ground with her teeth gritting, she made her way through the crowd of people gathered.


“Who…! M-Miss!”


When the pushed servant caught sight of Sellonia losing her temper, he suddenly bent over and pushed his body backwards.


When all the servants who heard the sound were startled and left their spots, the two sides parted like the Red Sea, creating a gap.


The hidden training ground was revealed.


The Demon King and Rubeus were standing in the middle of a large training ground made of compacted dirt.


No, the only one standing was the Demon King.


Rubeus was slumped on the floor, holding a sword cut in two with a pale face.


In fact, the two people faced each other not with wooden swords but with real swords.


“Hey! What are you doing now?”


Sellonia was shocked and ran to the two people.


She stood in front of Rubeus, who was sitting down, and spread her arms. As if she was trying to protect Rubeus from the Demon King.




His face was strangely distorted when he saw that, yet Sellonia saw nothing in her eyes.


“Put down that sword right now! Right now!”


“P-Princess. I’m fine, ugh.”


“Sir Sid! Are you okay?”


She was screaming angrily at him, but quickly turned back when she heard him groaning.




Then Rubeus clutched his left shoulder in exaggerated pain.


Surprised, Sellonia quickly lowered her posture and looked at Rubeus. Although she couldn’t see any cuts or blood, it was clear that something was wrong, so she immediately screamed.


“Quickly take Sir Sid to the doctor! Hurry!”


The knights, who had been dumbfounded by her thunderous roar, came to their senses and rushed over.


“C-Captain, are you able to walk?”


“I’m okay. Just help me.”


The knights quickly left the training ground, supporting Rubeus.


The servants also noticed and quickly dispersed.


The training ground, which was crowded with people, became quiet for a moment.


Sellonia stood up and turned around with cold eyes.


“Did I ask you such a difficult favor?”




“Was it such a difficult request to ask you not to mess with the people around me because I would help you?”


An angry Sellonia clenched her fists.


She shouldn’t have agreed to this in the first place.


It was a huge mistake for her to keep this dangerous man by her side, thinking that she could get away with it if she just lasted a month.


“It’s only been a while since I said that…!”


“He was the one who asked for a fight first.”




At his unconvincing excuse, Sellonia brushed her bangs away roughly.


She accepted the conditions he offered, so he shouldn’t even have to face a duel like this.


Complacently, she thought things would be a little better while she was with him.


Although it was annoying for him to ask for food or anything every day, she also felt sorry for him.


Even though she knew he wasn’t someone she should feel sorry for, she couldn’t help but feel sympathy for him as he lost her memory and didn’t even know who he was.


It was pitiful to see him desperately clinging to her hand, breathing heavily and breaking out in a cold sweat every night.


“I’m the crazy one.”


Sellonia blamed herself for the emotions she was experiencing.


Along with the despondency, regret washed over her.


It was disgusting. She was acting like a fool who knew everything and was helping him.


But even so, she was so annoyed that she couldn’t get rid of this person.


“I want to tell you to leave now, but I know you won’t. You’ll threaten me again.”




“I’m scared. I’m afraid you’ll hurt my people. So you’re the one who broke your promise, but I have no choice but to help. So, at least keep your word that you will leave in a month. Until then, I will keep my promise.”


Her blue eyes, colder than ice, looked away from him.


Sellonia walked past him and left the training ground, swallowing her fear and regret.


The training ground where she disappeared.


The Demon King, who was standing tall like a stone, threw the sword he was holding on the ground.




The sword fell helplessly to the floor with a sharp friction sound.


At the same time, the blood flowed down his arm, past her long fingers, and dripped down.


Drop, drop.


Drops of blood fell where he was standing.


“…Are you okay?”


Ella, who was watching, unable to do this or that, carefully approached him.


“Just go.”


But he left the place without saying just one word.


His back looked a little lonely, so Ella had a hard time taking her steps.




That evening.


Naturally, Sellonia didn’t go down to the dining room.


He also didn’t come to ask her to have dinner together.


But he will come by midnight without fail.




With a deep sigh, Sellonia leaned back in her chair.


How long does she have to do this?


There are still three more weeks left before the month ends.


‘This can’t go on.’


He has no intention of keeping his promise. She didn’t know when he would commit such a dangerous act again.


Fortunately, contrary to concerns that she might have arrived quickly, Rubeus’ injuries were minor.


There were no cuts on him, his shoulder was dislocated but fit well, and the bruises and swelling would heal quickly with a compress, she heard.


Her father said that he wouldn’t make an issue of what happened today because it was a formal contest and duel, not a fight.


Rather, her father seemed disappointed in Rubeus.


Rubeus, the commander of the Duke’s knights with one of the greatest skills in the Empire, was defeated by the Beast of the Night roaming the back alleys.


He even talked about the qualities of a knight-errant, so she didn’t know that the Duke’s knight-errant would change soon.


But no matter who the duel was, he was bound to lose. The power they had wasn’t the same in the first place.


It didn’t look like he was using magic, as there were a lot of people there to watch.


If he had lost his senses and unleashed his magic like before, all the people there would have been swept away and killed.


It was terrible just to think about it.


Even if he had no memories, she couldn’t help but be afraid because she had experienced him firsthand.


Sellonia put the lid on the dinner that was on the table without even touching it. She had a complicated mind and no appetite.


Due to the fast approaching winter, the sun set quickly and it was already dark outside.


It will be midnight soon.


The reality of having to see him when she really didn’t want to was so frustrating.




At that time, Ella, who had served hot tea at her request, hesitantly spoke to her.


“Ella, later.”


Her head was pounding and she had no energy left to talk to Ella.


“Miss, can you please wait a moment? This is something you need to hear.”


Sellonia looked at Ella, who rarely showed this kind of attitude, countless times.


Ella hesitated, twitching her lips, then opened her mouth as if she had made up her mind.


“I mean, Sir Beast. He got hurt in a duel earlier.”


“You must have seen it wrong.”


Sellonia snorted as if that couldn’t have happened.


She wondered if he could have been hurt. If that were the case, Rubeus’ body would have been full of sword wounds here and there.


“No! I saw it clearly. His arm was bleeding from a cut.”


Ella hastily countered. There wasn’t a single lie in her brown eyes, as if she was sincere.


‘He got hurt?’


Sellonia felt something  that confused her, but she didn’t think much about it. In any case, the fact that he attacked someone from her family despite his promise to her didn’t change.


“And the reason why Sir Beast had a duel with Sir Rubeus was because Sir Rubeus was the first to fight.”


“I know.”


“Then do you know that too? Rubeus said Sir Beast was shameless, and that he was a beggar and a bug.”




“Of course, Sir Beast doesn’t seem to understand what that means, but…”


Ella was sure.


When Rubeus uttered the words ‘beggar’ and ‘bug’, Sir Bast’s face was the same as when he heard the word ‘shame’.


He obviously didn’t understand so he just passed on.


“Ella, wait, wait a minute.”


“And he told him to stop messing around with the Miss and get the hell away… When the Beast said he didn’t want to, he told Sir Beast to have a formal duel and if he won, Sir Beast had to leave the Duke’s residence.”




“He’s so cruel! Sir Rubeus is the knight commander! Sir Beast is not even a knight!”


Despite Sellonia’s dissuasion, Ella continued to spit out her feelings and inner words, as if she were venting her anger as someone who had watched everything.


In the end, he won, but Rubeus’ challenge to a duel was truly indescribable.


Does it make sense to ask someone who isn’t a knight to fight with a sword, which is his main skill?


It was a ridiculous proposal in which victory or defeat was decided from the beginning.


Since it was Sir Beast who overthrew it, Ella had no choice but to be on his side.




Sellonia’s mind was dizzy from the sudden outpouring of truth. But she came to her senses right away because she had one thing to figure out.






“Bring in the knights and servants who were in the training hall from the beginning.”




Ella quickly left the room, her face blooming brightly.


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  1. I hope she apologises, it was bad enough to kill him while he was just at his home, living, as soon as she got into this world but she keeps being cruel to a man who has done nothing and tolerant towards the awful people who continue doing bad things.