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The time when everyone is asleep. It was midnight.


Sellonia, who had been sitting on the sofa waiting for him as always, slowly stood up.


Is he late or not coming? He didn’t show up.


She recalled what the knights had said earlier.


[It was just an ordinary duel.]


The knights all answered her questions in this way.


She asked the servants who were there just in case, and the answers she got were different.


[I overheard the vice-captain and the knights talking, that even though he held a sword, he didn’t use it. It’s as if he doesn’t want to hurt him. If he had dealt with him sincerely, I think he would have been cut here and there.]

[I saw it from the beginning, and the captain suddenly threw dirt on him, probably because he was angry at being pushed around. I think he got a little cut in the wind…]


The moment she heard those words, Sellonia realized that she was so buried in the past that she couldn’t see reality.


“Why isn’t he coming.”


So she wanted to make sure, yet he wasn’t coming.


She chewed her lip in nervousness, stamped her feet, and eventually jumped up from the seat.


She doesn’t know if it was because she felt sorry, but she was a little worried that something had happened.


She thinks she has to go to his room and tries to open the door.


“Ugh, hold it…”


His voice came from behind her along with a whisper.


Sellonia quickly turned around and walked towards him.


“Are you okay?”


As soon as she held out her hand, his long, trembling fingers stuck to her hand like a magnet.


He desperately intertwined his fingers with hers and held on tightly.


As if he can’t let go of her under any circumstances.


Sellonia took a seat next to him.


He was leaning limply on the velvet sofa in the middle of her room, which was now his reserved seat.


The pain must have taken a toll on him before he came, he looked the most distressed she had seen him in days.


The red swollen lips, which had been bitten so tightly over the greatly stiff neck, were on the verge of bursting with blood.


The pain-filled gaze in the moist, wet corners of his eyes were shaking roughly like a ship hit by a storm.


Could it be that he was worried about something earlier and couldn’t bear the pain and came to see her belatedly?


Feeling somewhat sorry, Sellonia lowered her head and saw that his right arm sleeve was torn.


“…Did you really get hurt?”


She had no answer to the question.


When Sellonia raised her head, she saw the dark glow in his eyes that had left behind the pain looking sharply at her.


Along with the return of color to his face, his breathing became more regular.


“Why do you ask that, though.”


He raised the left corner of his lips and sneered.


With his back turned to the moonlight, his shadowed face looked fiercer than usual.


Those eyes were so fierce that Sellonia gulped without realizing it and slowly opened her mouth.


“You didn’t use a sword?”




“Did you really not use the sword because you were afraid Sir Rubeus would get hurt?”


“Ha, right.”


When she persistently asked again, as if she would hear an answer unconditionally, he let out a sigh as if he was annoyed.


His heart was colder than ever. If she asked about it now, he would obviously be misunderstood.


This was quite familiar.


Maybe it was because of his looks and physique, but he was often misunderstood just because he was holding something.


Although she couldn’t say a word because she was scared, there was suspicion in the eyes that glanced at her.


Even if he doesn’t have any memories or know anything, it doesn’t mean he can’t feel those negative emotions.


However, he just didn’t care because he was extremely uninterested in others and the world.


But is it because he has become a little more livable now?


He wonders why he gets so annoyed the moment this girl misunderstands.




“Are you kidding? What does that guy say, though.”


The reason he didn’t use his sword and only pushed with his body was because Rubeus was a little brat, but also because of his promise to Sellonia.


For he had promised not to lay a single finger on anyone around her.


As she promised, she held his hand every night, so she deserved that much protection herself.


“…I’m sorry.”




It was then. The words he heard were so unexpected that his red eyes opened a little wider than usual.


His depressed voice was trembling very much.




He held her hand tightly and looked into her dark blue eyes.


It was different from before.


It wasn’t the thorn-like blue eyes that drove and shot at will.


For a moment, he felt agitated.


What does this feel like? Will he understand when he hears it again?


“Say it again.”


“I’m sorry. I misunderstood.”




“I sincerely apologize.”


Sellonia apologized again and again for his demands. Each time she answered, her sincerity became stronger.


Even though she clearly knows that he’s the Demon King, and that he’s the ultimate evil that tried to destroy the world, she feels this way… This may be because her apology wasn’t directed to the Demon King, but to a person called ‘him’ whom she experienced a few days ago.


Not the arrogant and merciless Demon King who pushed the saviors to death, but the ‘him’ with whom she ate every day.


He was truly different from the Demon King she knew in the past.


And to keep his promise to her, he didn’t cut Rubeus even though he was cut with his sword.




He slowly raised the corner of his lips as he looked at the blue eyes that contained him, as if he were being sucked into them.


Unlike other people’s apologies, which are intimidating and meaningless even if he just passes by, he liked her apology so much that he felt like he could listen to it all day long.


He had clearly been feeling stuffy all evening, his throat feeling as if it had been filled with stones.


It was enough to make him hesitate to visit her at midnight.


Yet suddenly, that frustration disappeared like melting snow.


He didn’t know why either.


“Why didn’t you tell me?”


“Did you even listen to me?”


“…I’m sorry about that too.”


It was true, so Sellonia immediately agreed and apologized.


Since she was the one who pushed him one way, she had nothing to say.


It was so obvious that she just looked at people and misunderstood them. Because he was a dangerous person and had dangerous powers.


Of course, she was completely confident that promises he made to her would be treated as insignificant as if they were stones on the side of the road.


She was the one who didn’t believe that the promise would be kept.


“I’ll treat your arm.”


Sellonia bent down and took out a first aid kit from under the table.


Now that he was feeling better, he let go of her hand and his torn sleeve was cut with medical scissors.


Then a thin, long wound was revealed. If left untreated, the blood had already clotted and stuck to the skin.


First, she cleaned the wound with a cotton pad soaked in disinfectant.


“You said you’re sorry.”


“Yes. Sincerely.”


“If you’re truly sorry…”


“The apology is sincere, but I really don’t know?”


She also expected that he would tell her to confess about him, so Sellonia answered first.


He always told her to tell him what she knew about him.


However, what he said was completely unexpected.


“From now on, don’t call me hey, you, that, that one, call me by my name.”


“Your name?”




Remembering what happened at the training ground, his expression twisted.


Although he didn’t like her misunderstanding, he was also very upset when she called that jerk his name and said ‘hey’ to him.


At that moment, it occurred to him that he, too, should have a name.


People often asked him what his name was, and he never felt the need or desire to have one.


“…What is your name, though?”


Sellonia, who was treating the wound, stopped in bewilderment.


A name. Did his memories come back?


Her heart began to beat violently due to fear.


However, despite her concerns, his answer was absurd.


“How would I know.”


“Yes? You told me to call you by your name.”


“Yeah. Make one.”




“Right. You.”


Sellonia was dumbfounded by his sudden request for a name.


She didn’t know this man’s real name.


In the original story, he’s mostly referred to as the Demon King and isn’t called by any specific name. Even to the moment of his death…


Right. Now that she thinks about it, it might be a little sad to only be called the Demon King, or as he said, by pronouns.


She felt sorry too, so she racked her brain to come up with a name.


But since earlier, only one name kept coming to mind and she couldn’t think of any other names.


Finally, after much deliberation, Sellonia quietly opened her mouth.


“…How about Tan?”




He repeated the name that flowed from her red lips.


“Yes. It’s simple and easy to call. It suits you too.”


Sellonia added her own long-winded reason. Because that was the only thing that came to mind right now.


“Does it suit me?”


When he heard that it suited him, he asked with an eager look on his face.


“Right. It suits you.”


Nod, nod. She nodded her head.


Because ‘Tan’ is taken from ‘Satan’…


She guesses she has no choice but to hang out with him.


“Alright. Then call me that from now on.”


Tan really liked that name.


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