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“Miss, did you call me?”


A shadow appeared without any pretense of trance, standing in front of the curtain and bending down.


“Gale, you have heard nothing?”




“Ha, really!”


Grace suddenly stood up and swept away the teacup and tea holder on the table.

The white tablecloth turned bright pink from the spilled tea.




Grace, who was struggling with a surge of frustration, suddenly looked at the man with glazed eyes.


“How long will I have to look at that cocky cowardice! Tell them I can’t wait any longer! Right now!”


At her urging, Gale tore up the scroll he was carrying without even having time to catch his breath.


Then a magic circle was drawn beneath his feet, and he disappeared along with a flash of blue light.


The spot where Gale was standing was cleared. Only the curtains were blowing and swaying due to the wind coming in through the open window.


As if no one had ever visited this room in the first place.


“Is there no one outside!”


Grace, who was left alone, wheezed and screamed at the door. As if she had never distanced herself from Gale before calling out.


Anyway, these things are slow.


From one to ten, there isn’t a single thing she doesn’t like. Not one.


“Y-Yes! Miss! Did you call me?”


At the thunderous call, one of the servants opened the door and rushed in in a huff.


“Do you carry snow as decoration? Can’t you see this? Put it away now!”


Grace looked down at the servant as if looking at a bug and gestured with her chin.


The servant with a youthful face crouched down as much as possible and moved quickly, in case the Miss caught her.


It may have been her first time experiencing this, yet her attitude and handling of the task were good.


“Ha, how dare you…”


Grace chewed her lips as she remembered Sellonia, whom she met yesterday.


If everything is taken away and you only talk about having nothing.


“Who is that guy, anyway?”


Her wheezing brought to mind the face of the man next to her.


A huge man with black hair and red eyes.


She had never met a man with a more handsome appearance than Ian.


Did he say his name was Tan? Also, he dealt with McLion easily, right?

She guesses she’ll have to find out.


Her green eyes sparkled with interest.


“Miss, Duke Cherville has come to visit.”




Grace, who was watching the servant with her arms crossed, looked surprised at the news that came through the door.


It was a sudden visit without any prior notice.


Grace quickly gathered the servants and sat down in front of the dressing table.


“Faster. More!”


At the Miss’ urging, they helped decorate with careful but quick movements.


Grace was anxious. Ian is a man who doesn’t know what it means to wait, so she had to finish it as quickly as possible.




It was then.


Without any patience, Ian suddenly opened the door and came in.


“Duke, if you are in the drawing room, I will go to you.”


Even if he was her fiancé, it was rude to enter a woman’s room without permission.


In response to that arrogant and rude attitude, Grace corrected her furrowed eyebrows and smiled sweetly.


“I can’t wait to see you.”


A month later, Ian walked up to Grace and wrapped his arms around her waist.


Her light body was thrown into his arms by the skinship without warning.


Grace hugged Ian and winked at the employees.


As everyone rushed out at the order, they were alone in the room.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t pay attention to you because I had a lot of work to do.”


Ian looked at Grace with a sad expression.


Her fiancée’s face seemed a little thin when she saw him after two days because he was busy with the knights’ work.


“These days, endless reports of disappearances have been coming from the patrol station, so it has been difficult to find time to find out the actual situation. Did you have a good time going out with McLion yesterday?”


“Yes. Sure. I had a good time.”


Grace arched the corner of her eyes and smiled.


“I heard you ran into Lady Basin?”


“Ah… Nothing much happened. Really.”


Grace lowered her gaze with a pitiful expression that aroused pity.


Then Ian strongly hugged Grace’s waist and spoke firmly.


“Grace, don’t worry. Even if she’s Princess Basin, she can’t treat my fiancée carelessly.”


“Of course. No matter what anyone says, I’m the savior of the Empire and the Duke’s fiancée.”


For a moment, Grace’s eyes distorted as if they weren’t the same, yet it was only for a moment.


She still had a smile as beautiful as a flower, and Ian only saw that smile.


“Right. You just have to trust me.”


Ian liked this fragile body that seemed to be broken in his arms.


This body silently follows his own gestures and actions.


“But your room seems to change every time I come.”


“Oh my. As the season soon changed, I tried changing the curtains. I guess that’s why the atmosphere looks different.”




Ian looked around the room with suspicious eyes.


As Grace said, the curtains had changed, but more than just the curtains had changed.


There was no way he, with his good memory, wouldn’t know that.


Even the chandelier hanging from the ceiling was different from last time.


Even the changed chandelier was produced as a limited edition in the second half of the year by Clash Workshop, which is famous for its supplies to the Imperial Palace.


Somehow, Grace’s spending seemed to be increasing day by day.


Ian, well aware that Baron Bennet’s financial situation was not very good, wasn’t pleased, but refrained from saying anything.


As for her spending habit, it can be cracked down after they get married, and she  can learn about the household budget from the duchy.


“Rather than that, Grace, wouldn’t it be better to set a date soon?”


“A date?”


Grace raised her slightly shaking eyes in uncertainty.


“Marriage. You should become my wife as soon as possible.”


They would have officially announced our engagement, so there was absolutely no reason to delay.


“First of all, once you move into the duke’s residence, we will have to visit Father and Mother more often. You will abdicate the duchy, so if you accompany me and talk to them, my parents will definitely like you.”


There was no way Grace didn’t know what that meant.


The former Duke and Duchess of Cherville didn’t like Grace from the beginning.


There was only one reason. That she was the daughter of an unremarkable baron family.


So Ian was telling her to work hard to please his parents after the marriage.


“Don’t do that, let’s have a cup of tea and talk. Duke, you like our family’s Darjeeling tea.”


Grace skilfully passed Ian’s words and led him to the window.


Then she ordered a servant to bring them the Darjeeling tea that he always drinks here.




The duchy was in an uproar.


For the first time, Sellonia realized how many people worked at the duke’s residence.


“Oh my. Look this way!”


The servants made a fuss with red faces, like students laughing even at the falling leaves.


“How very popular…”


Sellonia sarcastically looked at the man before her.


Tan was reading a book, without paying attention to whether he knew that people were so crowded because of him.


‘Why on earth did Ella give him that book?’


That book was the one Ella lent him.


Ella and Tan had been talking since yesterday, and she suddenly lent him that book.


Looking at that book, she couldn’t possibly guess what the conversation was about.


On the cover of the book in Tan’s hand, it was written in large letters: “The Grand Duke Loves That Maid So Much.”


Watching a lanky man sitting at a tea table reading a novel, she couldn’t help but think it was a very strange and fascinating sight.


Even though the selection of the book was puzzling, he was reading the book with his legs crossed, wearing the clothes he had received as a gift from Verondi and his neatly organized hair. It even created an optical illusion, making him look like a gentleman reading a current affairs magazine.


“Do you understand?”




As Tan said that, he didn’t take his eyes off the book.


Even though he lost his memory, he seemed to be able to read and had been seriously reading the book for dozens of minutes.


At this point, Sellonia began to suspect that Tan might be enjoying the attention of people.


The outdoor garden where he was currently sitting was surrounded by servants.


Although they stayed far away and hid themselves behind trees or bushes, they were all visible.


They were all looking at Tan.


Two days ago, she heard, there was an uproar among the servants. Because of Tan, who came in transformed without really transforming.


As he threw away his old clothes and dressed up neatly, and his appearance, which had been hidden by his bushy hair, was clearly revealed, his popularity suddenly soared.


In addition, rumors spread that he had great power, enough to defeat Rubeus, the leader of the knights, and the knights were curious about him.


To be honest, she didn’t know if living like this would be more beneficial to both of us if he didn’t get his memories back.


If he were an ordinary man, with his handsome face and outstanding swordsmanship skills, he would have been able to make a living.


“What is this?”


At that time, Tan pointed to the page he was looking at and asked.


“Which one?”


Sellonia, coming out of her imagination and back to reality, read the page his finger was pointing at, wondering if there was a word he didn’t know.


[As his hard body penetrates, Siella’s eyes fill with tears due to the dizzying sensation that her vision is far away…!]




Sellonia, surprised, closed the book.


Why on earth did Ella give him this book!


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