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Midnight, that day.




Tan was holding Sellonia’s hand tightly, leaning his forehead against her delicate arm as he breathed heavily.


“Are you okay?”


His pain was offset by a soft voice that penetrated his ears amidst the excruciating pain. Very quickly.


Has it been over a week since he held her hand?


As each day passed, the level of pain was decreasing.


At midnight, the pain haunted him like a ghost, yet it was much lighter than before he met her.


Before, it felt as if all the blood flowing inside his body turned into a blade and cut his body into pieces, but now it felt like the pain of being stabbed in the chest a few times by a blade.


“Have you read all the books Ella gave you?”


Sellonia asked, looking at his face as he relaxed.


Since they were doing this every midnight, it became familiar to her as a routine.


So much so that she spends this time talking back and forth.




He swallowed down her remaining pain as he answered.


Eventually, his pain completely disappeared. It’s only been a few seconds since he held Sellonia’s hand.


But if he pretends like everything is better, she will mercilessly let go of his hand and tell him to go back.




Tan didn’t like that, so he deliberately moaned and leaned his stretched body even more against her.


Because her white and soft hands felt so good that he wanted to hold them 24 hours a day.


“I have to go out tomorrow morning. Eat alone.”


Sellonia gave Tan a hint in advance.


This evening, her father asked if she could attend the birthday party of Marquis Denroha’s daughter tomorrow.


From what she heard, Marquis Denroha was her father’s closest friend, and his daughter was very fond of Sellonia.


Since there was no reason for her not to go, Sellonia readily agreed.


“I’m going too.”


“No! I’ll be back soon, so just mind your business. And anyone who isn’t invited can’t attend.”


Sellonia naturally refused.


She knew something would happen if she took him to a crowded place. Absolutely not.


“You still lack common sense.”




Tan’s eyebrows twitched, dissatisfied with Sellonia’s blunt refusal.


Yawn. I heard Ella lent you books of knowledge too? I know because I’ve seen it, you shouldn’t talk to other people so easily.”


She said as she yawned and rubbed her watery eyes with her hands.


It was late though. But she didn’t think that was all. Why does she get so tired after holding his hand these days?


Her body became drowsy and sleep came upon her.


It wasn’t like that on the first day, but as each day passed, it became more and more like that.


Is it because she no longer feels nervous when she’s with him? That’s probably true.


After Sellonia named him Tan, she sometimes forgot that he was the Demon King.


It was only a week ago that she really didn’t want to be with him even for a moment and she was considering kicking him out… It was only half a year ago that she passed through the monster forest and climbed the Demon King’s Castle to kill him.


Is it because she feels like they’re the same person as they spend time together?


Or is it because Tan is unintentionally filling the loneliness and void created by the sudden departure of the male leads?


There was no time to be lonely when she was with him.


They have three meals a day together, and even in the hours of the night when she feels the most lonely, she holds his hand thus she doesn’t have time to be alone.


Whatever it was, it wasn’t a good thing. For she didn’t know how things would change once he regained his memories.


“Do you know my age?”


“I don’t know.”


“But why do you speak so politely to me?”


Through the book, Tan learned the order of human society that regardless of age, if one is of high status, you’re expected to be polite to that person.


But why did Sellonia speak so politely in the first place?


“It’s a habit. I don’t really talk to people who look older than me.”


Sellonia recited her excuse, which she had come up with in a split second.


Since she originally came from a Confucian country, she found it difficult to talk to people who looked older.


Of course, she knew from the beginning that Tan’s identity was the Demon King, so she just didn’t say anything informal to him.


“You said you don’t know my age. I’m older than you?”


“Look at your face. I’m sure I’m younger than you.”


“Do you want to die.”


“That can’t be.”


Even with the bright red eyes in his raised eyes as if he was annoyed, Selonia remained calm.


If that threat had really come true, she would no longer be in this world.


“How old are you?”


“Me? I’m twenty fouuur… gasp, one.”




“Twenty one years old.”


Oops. Sellonia quickly corrected herself.


At that moment she almost told him her real age. This body of hers is 21 years old.


“Twenty one.”


Tan reflected on Sellonia’s answer and thought about her age.


How old is she compared to him?


However, since he never knew his own age, he had no idea. He just hopes he isn’t that different from her.


“You’re fine now, right? Stop it and go. I’m tired.”


“…Ugh, not yet.”


Taking advantage of the well-timed command to catch her off guard, Tan quickly pretended to be in pain and buried her head further into Sellonia’s shoulder.


As each day passed, it became more and more difficult for her to turn away.


Yawn. Don’t lie. We were just having a normal conversation…”


“What you see isn’t everything. If you feel sleepy, sleep first. I’ll go on my own.”


Tan grinned at her, who was muttering with her eyes almost closed.


On the first day, she watched him with a tense face and eagle-eyed eyes, but as the days went by, she became more and more relaxed.


He liked that look.


Rather than the image of her that was very guarded, this defenseless image that naturally relaxed in front of me.


“How can I sleep like this? It’s uncomfortable.”


Sellonia blinked her eyes slowly, her face filled with drowsiness, and shook the hand he was holding. How can she sleep like this when he’s holding on to it so tightly like shackles and not letting go?


That’s what she said, yet the drowsiness took over.


“Just sleep.”


Tan was watching her eyelids keep falling like heavy weights.




As someone who never sleeps, it was very surprising that someone could be this sleepy and sleep.


It seemed like a completely different sensation than just having one’s eyes closed. What does it feel like to sleep?


“I think you can go now…”


In the end, she began to doze off, unable to get out all the words she muttered in her sleep.


She was holding his hand and fell asleep, even though she said it was uncomfortable because he was leaning against her.


Nod, nod. Her head fell and rose over and over.


Tan reached out to turn her body and make her lean against the sofa, without letting go of his hand that was holding her in case her head would fall off.


It was that moment.


Her head, completely asleep, fell down and rested on Tan’s chest.




Tan remained rigid.


He just froze, unable to put her body back to normal, let go of her hand, or make her lean back on the sofa.


She must have thought she was in bed now, as she burrowed deeper and deeper into his arms.




Her breath hitched in his chest as an electric tingle ran up his spine.


To make matters worse, every time she snuggled into his arms, the faint smell of perfume instantly irritated the tip of his nose.


It was a scent so powerful that it made him dizzy and clouded.


The scent was like a breeze coming through a window, like the scent of flowers from a bee that flew in from time to time, or like the sweet smell of honey.


Where does it come from?


Tan just lowered his gaze, stiff as if someone had put a splint on his neck.


Then he could see the white nape of her neck through the flowing light purple hair.


At that moment, he had a strong urge to burrow his nose into that neck.


He even thought about leaving his mark by chewing on the pure white neck.




Again, like in the boutique, his blood began to flow rapidly downward.


With that strange feeling, his heart started pounding and beat violently. A feeling of heat, unknown where it came from, envelopes his entire body.




At that time, Tan, who realized something, looked at Sellonia, who was still in his arms, and covered his flushed face with his hand.


For the impulses and symptoms he was feeling right now were the same as those of the crazy people in the book he read today.


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