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“Yes. That’s right.”


Gillian nodded his head with a determined expression, as if there was no lie.


“Is this really all?”


Sellonia checked the white paper in her hand from front to back, wondering if she had seen it wrong.


However, on the paper, only Grace’s personal information and her actions so far were written, without anything special.


So were the people around Grace. There was nothing suspicious, overshadowing her doubts.


There was none.


“The only special thing is that she interacted frequently with the three men for three months after the victory ceremony.”




“But all of those meetings were first recommended to Lady Grace by the male side.”


The victory ceremony that was held while she was down.


According to sources, Grace and the three men first met at the victory ceremony.


“I also looked into the victory ceremony held three months ago, just in case, yet nothing special happened. But.”




Just in case, Sellonia waited for Gillian’s lips to open with very pale hopeful eyes.


“Unlike the first day of the victory ceremony, the three of them only stayed with Lady Grace on the last day.”


However, the answer she heard was in vain.


After all, that also meant that they fell for Grace more and more during the victory ceremony that lasted all week.


“This is a list of the people who attended the victory ceremony prepared just in case.”


The additional paper Gillian held out had the names of numerous nobles written on it.


From the Emperors and Empress, to the Crown Prince, high-ranking officials, and her father.


But even looking at the list, she couldn’t find anything suspicious. Because she didn’t know who was who.


Her arm holding the paper fell helplessly down.


“I’ll look into the male side, too, if you want to.”




Sellonia rose from her seat.


The paper was crumpled in her hand.


If nothing came out of Grace, there was a good chance they wouldn’t find anything out of the ordinary in the three men either.


Before returning to the regime, in the first place, she stayed with them for half a year.


It was useless to investigate them.


“Thank you, Gillian. Thanks for your work.”


She left the drawing room without looking back.




Ella, who was waiting at the door, cried the moment she saw Sellonia’s expression. It was because she looked like she was hurt.


“Let’s go back to the room.”


“Miss… Why don’t you go out instead? Going to Roblanc after a long time! Miss, you like the cakes there!”


Ella tried to cheer her up somehow.


Sellonia’s stride stopped gently.


“Eat something sweet and you’ll feel a little better!”


Ella begged.


She, of course, couldn’t grasp everything just by looking at the information provided by the guild.


Still, all of this was uncomfortable, suspicious, and Grace was questionable.


Yet the more she thought about it, the more she couldn’t shake the feeling that it was getting worse.


Thus she had to do something to wash this feeling away.


“Yeah. Let’s go.”




“Why are you here…”


Sellonia, who got off in front of Roblanc, encountered an unexpected figure.


Reyev Hetzel.


For some reason, he was standing guard in front of the Roblanc building.


Dressed in white robes embroidered with the temple’s patterns, he had a noble and elegant appearance befitting the nickname of the Knight of Pure White.


He has blue hair and mysterious purple eyes that always remind her of the blue sky.


Unlike many men with thick lines, his face line itself was soft and gentle.


Sellonia liked that kind of Reyev.


Contrary to his soft appearance, he was strong and straightforward, like a straight pine tree.


A priest and Paladin who served God, he had a conservative side like the other priests, yet he was always kind to her and showed unlimited generosity.


“…Miss Sellonia.”


The moment Reyev saw Sellonia, his surprised eyes widened.


There was no way she couldn’t read his waver.


‘Why is he surprised? No, more than that, why is he here?’


He doesn’t like sweets.


He usually doesn’t even enjoy dessert. Besides, he was even surprised to see her.


As if he saw someone who shouldn’t be here.


“Looks like you’re here to buy a cake.”


“Yes. What about Reyev?”


“Ah, I…”


Reyev glanced at the Roblanc building with a puzzled expression. His behavior was suspicious to anyone.


He seemed to be restless as if he had hidden a valuable jewel in Roblanc, fearing that the location of the jewel would be discovered.




“Miss Sellonia, you’d better not go in. According to the owner, all the items for sale today are sold out.”


“You’re still bad at lying.”


Sellonia laughed weakly.


He’s clumsy at lying. He always couldn’t meet her eyes when he said something that wasn’t even on his mind.


She knew instinctively that Reyev was lying because of his inability to meet her eyes.


In addition, she could see a showcase full of desserts through the glass in the building.


“Miss Sellonia…”


Bewildered, Reyev hurriedly opened his mouth, yet he had no choice but to shut up at her sharp voice.


“Looks like Lady Grace is inside.”


Sellonia was convinced, recalling what Reyev had said to her.


[But I can’t stop my feelings for Miss Grace. Just looking at her from behind is fine. I just want to protect Miss Grace.]


He just wanted to do something to protect Grace.


She couldn’t see the inside of the store from here, but she was sure Grace was in there.


That’s why Reyev was standing guard as if he were guarding a building, and he probably didn’t welcome her to enter.


“Miss… Shall we do a take-away?”


Ella, who was watching Sellonia by her side, cautiously opened her mouth.


However, her words ended up offending Sellonia, who had been quiet.


“No. I’m going to eat. Good work, Reyev.”


Sellonia, who greeted him with a cold attitude to the extent the cold wind blew through, headed to the door of the Roblanc building without hesitation.


“Miss Sellonia…!”


Reyev hurriedly stretched out his hand to grab her, yet he couldn’t.


His complexion turned gray. He didn’t know what to do and bit his lip nervously.


“A-Are you okay?”


Sellonia didn’t answer whether she knew Ella’s anxious feelings or not. The only thing that could be heard was a grunting sound coming from between her lips that had been bitten by her straight teeth.


She had no reason to run away.


Why should she avoid it?


If someone should avoid anyone, it’s that woman, not her.


In addition, Sellonia wanted to see Grace with her own eyes.


Not the flat information written on paper, but the lively image of her.


It was at that moment that she reached out her hand without hesitation and yanked at the doorknob. The door that had been closed by someone swung open.


“Oh, my.”


The woman who opened the door first let out her admiration and widened her eyes when she saw Sellonia in front of her.


Sellonia looked at the woman standing in front of the open door.


She was a beautiful woman in a light yellow dress, with bright blonde hair and green eyes that reminded her of a lush forest.


“Hello, Miss Sellonia.”


The woman greeted her, folded her eyes in a half-moon shape.


Sellonia knew it intuitively.


It’s that woman.


The extra chosen by the male leads.


Grace Bennett.


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