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[Dwight Everett passed as the top applicant of the Imperial Open Recruitment!]


It was the headline of an article that was given a banner headline on the front page of the Imperial Newspaper.


Eleanor lay on her stomach on the soft bed and carried on reading the interview that followed.


[- Congratulations on passing. What kind of job did you get in the Imperial Household?


: Thank you. I’ve started working as the Crown Prince’s aide. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of, so I’m very excited and happy. I will do my best to take care of His Highness.]


To think that he was trembling while practicing. As expected, he’s good at real games.


A happy smile appeared on Eleanor’s lips.


[- You passed the exam with excellent grades that stood out even among those who passed. You also got the title of the Youngest Applicant to Pass at the age of 24! What’s the secret?


: There was a lot of help from my twin little sister, Eleanor. Eleanor is really smart, you know.


– Is it the Miss Eleanor who was the topic of discussion for giving up admission even after taking the top spot on the Academy Entrance Exam?


: Yes, that’s right. Although she’s my younger sister, there’s no one who can follow her brain when studying. She’s also very good at teaching, and she points only the key points…]


The newspaper crumpled up in Eleanor’s hand.


Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor!


The entire page was written all over with stories about her. Eleanor’s face was as red as an apple.


What is she going to do with that dimwit?


Eleanor hopped up the stairs with a heavy breath and slammed the door open.




Dwight, who was half lying on the sofa eating cookies, got up. There was little embarrassment on his gentle, good-looking face.




“Explain it now.”


Dwight had an expression like he wanted to say, “Oh shoot,” when she threw a crumpled newspaper in front of him.


“No, uh… Even so, all of it is the truth, isn’t it? I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.”


“The problem is that it’s different from what we promised. Through preparation and review centered on basic books! Analysis of previous questions! You promised to answer it like that, you know. You don’t remember?”


“Come to think of it, Ellen, you promised to not see my interview either.”


“Even if I do that, you surely are not supposed to do that!”


Eleanor took the cookie from Dwight’s hand, took a large bite, and flopped down on the sofa. Dwight, making sure that his twin’s expression wasn’t too bad, sneakily sat down next to her.


“Ellen, why do you hate drawing attention like that? If I were smart like you, I would’ve gone around bragging about it here and there, though.”


“I hate getting attention. I just want to live comfortably like this for the rest of my life. While spending all the money you, Dwight, have earned.”


At Eleanor’s words, Dwight shook his head and smiled as if he couldn’t stop her. He seemed to take her words as a joke. However, Eleanor’s words were 100% sincere.


“A rich jobless person is my life motto. Remember that.”




Eleanor was born with the memories of her previous life intact just like that.


In her previous life, she was an ordinary Korean woman named Go Yeo-Jin.


Her appearance was normal, and her personality was also normal. If she were normal, it would’ve been nice if she had a normal family, but Yeo-Jin was born with a so-called ‘soil spoon’.


Yeo-Jin clenched her teeth and worked hard to escape from her cramped, damp house, from that damn poverty, and from life just like her parents’.


During her school days, she studied harder than anyone else, so she got into a good university, and from the age of 20, she worked several part-time jobs to save her tuition and living expenses.


In the end, it was the money that led her to choose a fierce instructor job.


She started from the bottom, but as Yeo-Jin built her career step by step, she made her name known.


As she went all night, the class materials she created were stolen by her fellow instructor, the niece of the director, and even while she was pestered by phone calls from the student’s parents until dawn, Yeo-Jin persistently endured it.


It was because she had debts to pay, and a family to take care of.


[Teacher Yeo-Jin, she’s a really determined person. Sometimes, it’s scary to see her, you know?]


[She seems to know nothing but work. Then what. She just lost everything to Teacher Yoon every time, though.]


[It surely is stupid to put up with everything like a pushover. Teacher Yoon, who acts shamelessly, is Teacher Yoon, but Miss Yeo-Jin is a real problem. Does she want to pretend to be kind alone…]


[Even if you give me a million dollars, I don’t want to live like that. I can never live like that.]


In the end of working hard persistently, no matter what the others said, Yeo-Jin paid off all her debts and signed a contract for a high-class apartment near the academy.


Tears welled up in her eyes when she stamped the seal at the real estate.


‘Now I’m really going to live for myself. Only for me.’


And two months later, Yeo-Jin, who collapsed on her way to work, couldn’t open her eyes again.


She was only 33, and her cause of death was death from overwork.


To think that overwork is the price of living this hard and fierce life!


Yeo-Jin burst into tears as she looked down at her body collapsed in the cold apartment corridor.


If she had known this, she would have just lived roughly in moderation. While doing what she wants to do, and resting when she wants to rest.


It was already too late for her to regret it.




Did God also think that it was a little too much?


“Your name is Eleanor. Eleanor Everett.”


When Yeo-Jin opened her eyes, she was in the arms of a gentle blond gentleman with a soft impression, crying heavily.


It was obviously a foreign language she heard for the first time, but strangely, she could understand everything.


‘Is this what you call reincarnation…?’

Eleanor blinked slowly as she looked up at the splendid and old-fashioned ceiling that she had seen in a museum.


After several weeks of observing the people around her, she seemed to have been reborn as a daughter of a count. The crying baby boy lying next to her must be her twin brother.


At first, she had a hard time adjusting to the change she was flustered by, but Eleanor, after judging her situation, soon rejoiced.


‘I can fix my fate and live in this life!’


Unlike her previous life, where she only walked the hard road all her life, what unfolded to Eleanor in this life was a beautiful flower road.


The Count was wealthy, and her parents were gentle and intelligent people. Her twin brother, Dwight, also followed her well with a gentle personality.


“Ellen! Let’s go out to play in the garden.”


“The sunlight is strong, you know. My skin will get burned. Don’t wanna.”


“Hmph. You said you didn’t like it because it was cloudy yesterday. Ellen is a liar!”


It was tiring to match with a child’s eye level every time, but it was worth the hassle as she thought when she became an adult later, she would let Dwight take over all the family affairs.


However, Eleanor’s ambitious plans to play and eat without doing anything have come to a slight setback. She had gotten overly good grades on the Academy Entrance Exam, which she has secretly done out of curiosity.


The Academy of Deln was a difficult place to pass, let alone a top applicant. Just like South Korea’s S University.


[I’ve been a professor for 10 years, and this is the first time I have seen such a student! Miss Eleanor is definitely a genius. I want to raise her properly.]


Her clinging, crying that she didn’t want to be separated from her parents, only prevented her from entering the school, but couldn’t prevent the Count’s attention from turning to her. The Count furtively called her into his office and made her watch him work.


‘After like this, I’ll be taking over the family. It can’t happen!’


Eleanor was determined to properly educate her twin brother.


Dwight wasn’t particularly gifted with studying, but he was an outstanding student of integrity.


Eleanor began pouring all of her know-how from her previous life experiences into Dwight.


Although Dwight grunted on a tight schedule, he readily followed Eleanor’s words. As the results slowly began to show, the Count again turned his attention to his eldest son, Dwight.


“Ellen, I’ve passed!”


“That’s really great! Have you told Father too?”


Everything was perfect after Dwight brought the news of his top applicant acceptance. Now all that was left was to relax and enjoy the rest of her life.


No more labor in her dictionary!


…She had thought like that, however, things started to go in a different direction than expected.



“This… What is all of this?”


“These are letters for the Miss.”


“All of them? They’re not for Father or Dwight?”


Albert, the butler, nodded his head with a slightly bewildered face. Eleanor lost her words as she stared at the mountain of letters before her.


What is this uneasy feeling?


After a moment’s hesitation, Eleanor opened one of the letters.


[Dear Lady Eleanor Everett.


Hello. I’m Count Edmund Jenkins. I read Lord Everett’s interview in a newspaper article a while ago and was very impressed. My son is preparing to enter the Academy soon…]


Thud. Eleanor put her letter down in haste.


‘Is there such a terrible letter in this world?’


Eleanor shook her shoulders as she shuddered. She threw the letter away without reading it all, and with her trembling hands, she ripped open the next envelope of the letter.


[If you can take care of my son and teach him, the pay is…]


[I want you to be my daughter’s teacher…]


[If my child just passes the academy entrance exam…]


The next one, the next one, and the next one.


Eleanor’s hand gradually became rough as she opened her letter. The contents were similar as if all of them made the contents together.

‘Please become my child’s teacher.’


Eleanor slumped to her seat, as if she was worn out from half-opening the mountain of letters.


Dwight’s interview published in the newspaper literally boasted a tremendous impact.


How happy would she be if she had received these letters in her previous life? There would have been no offer as sweet as this, giving you whatever money you want.


But now Eleanor was a wealthy miss who didn’t have to do anything.


In other words, it’s enough for her to lie on a soft bed, enjoy a nap, and enjoy a leisurely life while visiting places with beautiful scenery.


Eleanor looked at the pile of letters with a fed-up face.


“Are you all right, Miss?”


Albert, who was watching Eleanor like that, asked kindly. Eleanor replied as she shook her head slowly.


“No, I’m not okay.”


“Then would you like a cup of hot tea…?”


“No. Bring Dwight rather than tea… No, will you bring him here?”



“Ellen, my hands are cramping. Can’t I do it after a break?”


“Think about it. Can you?”


Eleanor responded gracefully as she took a sip of tea. Dwight rubbed one of his numb hands, preoccupied with writing refusal replies again.


After leaving the reply to Dwight, Eleanor regained her peace of mind.


It was a matter that would be finished when she refused everything, no matter what anyone says. Dwight, the culprit behind this case, will solve this problem, and she will be able to enjoy her comfortable life as a jobless person according to her original plan. Nothing has changed.


‘How many days should I go on a trip? Now that it has become like this, to a place that was free from the capital…’


At that moment when she was dreaming of sweet dreams, Albert knocked on the door and said.


“Miss, you have a guest.”




Who is it?


Eleanor raised her eyebrows and opened the door. As soon as the door opened, someone’s chest obstructed her view.


“It’s the Young Marquis Adrian Blake.”


Even before the butler opened his mouth, Eleanor immediately recognized the identity of the guest. For she had caught a glimpse of a familiar scent from him.


She raised her chin and made eye contact with the man in front of her. Adrian raised the corners of his lips slightly and greeted her calmly.


“Long time no see, Ellen.”

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