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“I want to make custom textbooks, but it’s difficult because there isn’t a computer.”


Hmm, Eleanor scratched her chin as she was flipping through the thick books. Existing books were written only for academic purposes, so there was a limit for children to read and understand.


This was a world where reference books and workbooks didn’t exist. In a society where it was normal for only the sons of nobles to take one-on-one lessons with a private tutor, there was no reason for such a thing to be made and distributed.


It was virtually meaningless to discuss other education when the illiteracy rate was sky-high.


“Even if I work on a computer, making textbooks is a labor-intensive task. No, would it be possible to create textbooks for four subjects in the first place?”


However, these books are too inefficient. Like a textbook, you need a well-organized book for learning, but… Does it have to be me who makes it? Eleanor’s mind was complicated.


No matter how much she thought about it, the answer was yes. There was no one who felt the need for it, so sadly, there was no way the person who wanted to make it would appear.


After pondering for a long time, Eleanor made up her mind.


“Alright, if you’re going to do something, do it right.”


Eleanor’s theory was that if she had pulled out a knife, she had to cut the radish too, and if she was going to cut the radish, she had to cut it beautifully in an efficient way.


It’s hard to make a rough draft. The work after that would be done by a publishing house or a printing shop, that’s why it wasn’t impossible if she tried to do it.


“But the problem is, it takes a long time to write. I’m barely organizing the textbooks for next week’s class, but when am I going to write all four books?”


It was questionable whether a place would appear offering to print it. It wasn’t a completed manuscript, so she couldn’t entrust it to a publisher, but it didn’t make sense to just entrust it with printing.


Bellium was still using the method of printing after people woven the printing plates in type one by one. Since the cost isn’t too high, people have to endure the trouble of copying by hand unless they were printed in large quantities.


Eleanor shook her head and let out a deep sigh.


‘Can I film about 300 copies, I wonder. I wish someone would film only three copies.”


A new idea flashed in Eleanor’s mind as she thought about printing.


‘Then, 300 copies, I can just film it right?’


The sound of abacus rolling resonated in Eleanor’s head. It’s not a place where the passion for education is as fierce as Korea, but considering the letters piled up like a mountain at that time, it didn’t seem like that was the case.


‘Most of the cases are private lessons, and since all of them are children of noble families, it’s unreasonable to bring the Korean academy system as it is.’


Managing three students is also burdensome. She can’t increase the number of seats anymore.


Eleanor shook her head. It’s not a bad business, but it took a lot of work and there were too many things to pay attention to. Since she was in charge of the Prince, Lucas, there was a high possibility that she wouldn’t even get permission in the first place.


“But… What if I only sell textbooks?”


It was just a matter of printing out a little more of the textbooks she had decided to make anyway, so Eleanor’s job wasn’t going to grow exponentially.


“I print enough textbooks every week to study for a week. And deliver it door to door like newspapers.”


A business model was drawn in Eleanor’s mind. It’s completely new here, but it was all too familiar in Korea. Sending textbooks in a range that fits the set curriculum on a weekly or monthly basis.


To put it simply, it was a ‘study paper’.


“If I deliver a curriculum that teachers can refer to, they can also use it for class.”


Eleanor’s eyes twinkled as she rolled around the ideas that came to her mind.


As for distribution, since Adrian’s father, Marquis Blake, owns the merchant, he could help her.


“I need to ask the Marquis for some business advice.”


Eleanor, who had even arbitrarily appointed a business advisor, took out a blank sheet of paper and began writing down her business plan. It was a little confusing at first because it was something she had never done before, yet she soon got the hang of it.


‘When can I visit the Marquis’ residence? Is it a little early this week?’


It was the moment when Eleanor’s schedule became a little tighter.




Upon Eleanor’s request to visit the Marquis, he immediately replied that she was welcomed. It was along with the words that he was sorry that she had to express her intention to visit politely between them, and that he wanted to see her as soon as possible.


‘The Marquis really doesn’t change.’


Eleanor also had a desire to meet the Marquis as soon as possible and ask questions. However, today, there was someone whom she promised to meet first.


“I’m looking for Cafe Amikidia.”


“Amikidia… Ah, is it there? You’ll see a wooden door right around the corner. If I guessed right, that would be it.”


She was in charge of Lucas’ education.


‘Is her name Angela? She’s a master at writing letters…’


Such a neatly written letter with elegant handwriting made the short scrawled note embarrassing. It just looked like a work of art in itself, Eleanor even put the reply on her bedside for a few days.


The cafe they were supposed to meet was in the city center, yet it was strangely difficult to find. As if it was hidden on purpose.


“It must be here.”


Eleanor, who checked the small writing on the doorknob, creaked open the door and entered.




Eleanor’s eyes widened as she opened the door and entered the building. Contrary to the shabby and crude exterior, the interior of the building was very sophisticated and colorful.


Eleanor walked along the white marble floor, staring at the framed paintings on the walls. Even to Eleanor, an outsider in art, the paintings looked expensive.


“Welcome. Wasn’t it difficult to find?”


Then a familiar voice came from behind. Familiar, but not supposed to be here, was Izmel.


“Your Highness the Crown Prince? How did Your Highness…?”


It took some time to figure out the situation. After paying her belated courtesy, Eleanor cautiously sat down in front of Izmel.


“It seems that Lucas delivered the note to Your Highness.”


“That’s right. By the way, can you just call me Izmel too? It’ll be nice to hear it.”


Eleanor, who was pondering the situation, continued as if she couldn’t hear Izmel’s words.


“I thought someone named Angela would come.”


“The maid? Originally, it would have been correct for the note to go to her. But the letter referring to me isn’t a mistake either. Since I’m his older brother, I can be Lucas’ guardian, in charge of his education.”


“Of course. I didn’t mean that Your Highness wasn’t supposed to be here. I was just a little surprised. I never imagined that I would see Your Highness here.”


As Eleanor kept looking around, Izmel asked with a smile.


“Isn’t it a strange place?”


“Yes. I wouldn’t have guessed that there would be a space like this from the outside.”


“It’s a place that the Imperial Family often uses. We come when we want to get away from other people’s eyes and relax, or when we want to meet someone secretly. For example…”


Izmel covered his mouth with one hand, whispered softly.


“When we’re dating.”


Eleanor, watching Izmel smile with her eyes wide open, involuntarily opened her mouth a little. His face was more suited to being beautiful than to being handsome. The combination of his blonde hair and red eyes was dangerously perfect.


“It’s a secret. Understand?”


Izmel grinned, placing his index finger on his lips.


“Why would you tell me such a secret? What if I talk all over the place?”


“Ah, are you really going to do that? Then I should just hold you in the office and not let you go.”


“Of course not!”


When Eleanor shook her head and responded loudly, Izmel burst into laughter.


“I meant I wanted to see the Lady here often. Do you know what that means?”


“I don’t know.”


“Think more, then.”


You’re smart, so you’ll figure out the answer in no time.


Izmel rested his chin on his palm and tilted his head lazily. His red eyes were full of mischief. Eleanor began to ponder over what he had said.


‘When we’re dating.’


Suddenly, the words he had uttered in a meaningful voice came to her mind. Izmel asked again, curling up the corners of his lips a little more as Eleanor’s face grew subtle.


“Do you think you know now?”


“Your Highness plays a lot of mischievous pranks. It’s bad to make fun of an innocent lady.”


Eleanor blushed and lightly battered Izmel. He laughed once more and admitted it coolly.


“I do have a bit of a mischievous side. His Imperial Majesty was also very worried.”


That doesn’t mean it’s all a joke, anyway.


“I saw that you seemed to like sweet things last time, so I prepared sweet desserts. Is it okay with you?”


“Yes, I like it.”


When Izmel glanced at the servants who had been waiting quietly. sweet desserts and fragrant tea were set down on the table.


“I hope it suits your taste.”


“Thank you for taking good care of me.”


After a brief gratitude, Eleanor scooped some of the cake and put it in her mouth. Soft. Her eyes widened at the luxurious sweetness spreading from the tip of her tongue.


“It’s very delicious.”


“I’m glad. Eat comfortably.”


Izmel pushed the plate forward little by little, encouraging her to eat more. He watched her eat, barely touching his, while Eleanor eagerly tasted each one of hers. When that gaze started to feel a bit burdensome, he opened his mouth again.


“The reason I called the Lady here is because the Lady is also a person who deserves to use this place.”


“Thank, you?”


…Is it time to be grateful?


The smile on Izmel’s face grew even thicker as Eleanor answered with uncertainty.


“It means that you don’t need to be grateful for the truth. Didn’t you get a wooden plaque as a gift from Mother? Engraved with albatross.”


“Ah, I got it.”


“That card means more than you think. The ways you can use it are endless. Those who hang themselves to receive the plaque don’t do so only for honor.”


“Is that so?”


Izmel nodded his head lightly.


“You can spend some time here too, if you want to. The principle is a reservation system, but it’s not a place that’s used often, so it’s fine for you to just come. How do you like it?”


“How incredible.”


It feels like a lounge that only VIPs can use. Eleanor’s ears perked up. She thought it was annoying and burdensome, yet it was quite tempting.


Izmel quietly asked as if he had noticed what Eleanor was thinking.


“Would you like to know more?”


“Yes, I want to know.”


Eleanor nodded her head, her eyes shining. She was very fond of the place, which was private, quiet, and luxurious. Not to mention the tea and desserts are great.


However, Izmel, instead of telling her right away, crossed his arms and laid out a condition.


“Then you should meet with me often. I’ll teach you one a day. How is it?”


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