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Eleanor shrugged to Izmel’s suggestion.


“It won’t be fun to play with me.”


I’m a human who is famous for being no-fun at work. Eleanor replied in a blunt voice.


“What are you talking about? The Lady is the funniest these days. Just watching you makes me laugh.”


Does that mean she looks ridiculous?


“…I don’t know what the reason is, but I’m very happy that my existence makes Your Highness laugh. ”


“Yeah, I’m also very happy with the Lady’s existence.”


Izmel nodded and replied clearly like a puppy. Even though he was the Crown Prince, she felt comfortable with him. It seemed to be because he didn’t press someone with authority or look down on people.


Izmel, who put down the teacup elegantly, twisted his long legs and brought up the subject.


“Alright. Shall we hear why the Lady, who is a great joy for me, asked for today’s meeting?”


“I don’t know if you’ve heard this from Lucas, but he had a diagnostic evaluation for the first time. Imperial language, mathematics, foreign language, history. Only written subjects.”


“That brat, he didn’t even say a word… Was it a lot of mess?”


No matter how comfortable she was with Izmel, it was always difficult for her to honestly tell the guardian that the student lacked talent in studying. Eleanor quickly pulled out a complimentary card.


“He got excellent grades in history.”


“As that brat should.”


If the Imperial Family is ignorant of history, isn’t it a big problem? Izmel added small and smiled.


“For you to put aside Imperial language, mathematics, foreign language, and take history out, it means that everything else is a mess.”


Your Highness is really quick-witted.


Eleanor, who was passionate, turned her eyes.


“Rather than a mess… I’ll say he needs a! Very! Little! Additional efforts.”


“I assume you don’t want to offend me, but you don’t have to speak like that. There is no one in the palace who doesn’t know that Lucas isn’t interested in studying.”


Izmel smiled and picked up the teacup.


If you say so. Eleanor, shrugged, opened her mouth.


“Yes. Actually, it’s not so good. It’s unclear whether it’s possible for him to enter the Academy. It’s my job to make it possible, so I will do my best…”


“Ask me for anything you need.”


“I think Lucas needs an additional basic concept lecture. As I have to consider Sienna and Demian as well, I need to make the curriculum.”


Eleanor carefully asked.


“So, in any case, will it be difficult to get him another teacher on the days without my class?”


“Not that it’s difficult. If necessary, as many as he needs. But why not do you do it? Additional allowances will be paid. ”


Izmel shrugged and replied.


“Because I have a business that I’m thinking about these days…”


“Business? What business? ”


Izmel’s curiosity was with the word ‘business’ that she was separately thinking about.


To think that it’s a business. The Lady in front of him caught him off guard every time.


“Let’s keep it a secret between the two of us. We’ve met three times this month, so aren’t we pretty close?”


Eleanor shook her head firmly, rejected Izmel’s offer.


“It’s a business secret. No matter how you are Your Highness, I can’t tell you. ”


“You think I would steal your ideas?”


“Prudence is an essential virtue of modern people.”


When Eleanor firmly shut up, Izmel’s curiosity was on fire.


“Don’t do that, just tell me. Aren’t connections important when you do business? I think I’m going to be a very strong back up.”


“As a loyal Imperial citizen, I can’t let Your Highness use his power for such private matters.”


“You have already been favored by Her Imperial Majesty the Empress, that is. So you don’t need someone like me?”


Izmel opened his eyes narrow, grumbled playfully.


“That can’t be. It’s because there’s not much to say, it’s still an initiative.”


“If so, I won’t make it more difficult. Instead…”




“How about lending me the rest of your day? If you have no other schedule.”


“There is no special schedule today, but… What is it?”




Izmel sprinkled money on all kinds of useless things with a smiling face. From Eleanor’s point of view, all of them seemed to be twice as expensive as the regular prices, but he seemed to just be excited.


“If you just spend money like that, you’ll be held tight, Your Highness.”




“Not that, I mean… Izmel. ”


She was calling Izmel’s name at his strong demand, yet she felt reluctant as if she was committing something profanity.


“Isn’t it necessary for people like us to spend money properly?”


“Of course, that’s true, but… I don’t have any more hands now. ”


Before she knew it, her hands were full of various things. Eleanor grumbled softly.


“You were planning to call me to be a porter from the beginning.”


“That can’t be. It’s not fun to walk around alone. I’ll give all of them to you as a gift. So enjoy it. ”


“You should have told me in advance! I would have chosen it carefully. ”


“Gifts are the most pleasant when you receive them at unexpected times.”


When her eyebrows wriggled, Izmel burst into laughter.


“By the way, you bought too much. You really need to stop. How much are all of these…?”


“You know what? The Lady is the first to worry about my pockets.”


“It’s the honor of my family. I don’t know how to do this. In any case, please stop buying things.”


“I will receive your order.”


The two were exchanging silly jokes and crossed the lively plaza. The conversation’s atmosphere was very friendly thanks to Izmel, who showed enthusiastic responses to even the smallest expression.


Eleanor never thought of herself as a fun and pleasant person. However, because of Izmel, who burst into a big laughter every time she spat out a word, Eleanor thought that there was a sense of humor she didn’t know in her.


“You two look like lovers, why don’t you see your compatibility once? I’m pretty good at this. I’ll read you your copper coin. You can’t see this price wherever you go. ”


At that time, the old voice of the old woman sitting on the street caught the ankle of two people.


Her dark skin and white hair in the strong sunlight were somehow giving a creepy impression. She looked more like a nomad or beggar than a fortune teller. There were no cards that were usually used or beads.


Even though it sounded like an absurd remark to anyone, Izmel looked tempted.


‘Wow, Your Highness is such a born pushover.’


Eleanor clicked her tongue inward. She was also a kind of pushover, but it was the first time she saw someone even worse than her.


“You heard so, aren’t you curious?”


“Isn’t saying we looked like lovers clearly proves it isn’t useful?”


“You never know what’s going to happen to people, how would you assume that?”


Izmel, who rebutted his eyebrows at Eleanor’s words, approached and squatted in front of the old woman. He seemed to be protesting.


‘I’m trying to save you from being scammed, yet you’re so stubborn…’


As Eleanor stood awkwardly apart, Izmel beckoned to her to come and see.


What could she do when the Crown Prince told her so? If he told her to come and sit down, she should do as he said. Eleanor squatted next to Izmel with a trembling face.


The black eyes of the old woman who looked closely at Izmel’s face shone.


“No, you are a precious son of a family that is hard to see.”


Ha, Eleanor snorted quietly inside. Anyone could see that Izmel’s status wasn’t unusual. She didn’t know, but she was sure that even his organs would look elegant.


However, Izmel opened his eyes as if he was impressed.


See that? It’s cool, right?


He didn’t forget to nudge Eleanor’s arm with his elbow. What should I do with this innocent young master? Eleanor smiled bitterly.


“On the outside, you look like a person who enjoys a luxurious life of pleasure with no worries, but you have a lot of thoughts and are complicated. There aren’t many days when you can stretch your legs and sleep comfortably, are there? You’re more cold-hearted than you look. You’re good at judging yourself, and you won’t do anything that will cause you any loss.”


“That’s right.”


Izmel nodded violently at the ‘person who enjoys a luxurious life of pleasure with no worries’ part, which Eleanor didn’t know which part of that remark was so good.


To think that she said he was good at judging himself and wouldn’t do anything that would cause him any loss. No matter how he takes it, she takes it like such. As Eleanor thought that as expected, it was only a waste of money, she shut her mouth.


“The doubtful Miss, let us see. You don’t have ambitions on your face, but your destiny to work all the time isn’t normal. There will be no days when things break until you die. I can see a lot of good luck. It’s fun, it’s fun.”


Eleanor’s face was distorted. Is she striking back because Eleanor thought she was a fraud? To think that things wouldn’t break until she died, there wasn’t even a devil this evil.


“Oops, two unique people came and talked about it for a while. When it comes to dating, you get along pretty well. You can continue your relationship for a long time without a big conflict.”


“Is that so?”


Izmel smiled gently, asking.


“Yeah. But the bachelor will have a hard time. The Miss isn’t very good at dating. You can’t do anything with any effort. ”


“No, though… I’m quite quick-witted, Granny.”


“Maybe it’s just the Miss’ own illusion. You may be smart in other problems, but you’re basically poor in emotions. You’re a coward.”


The old woman firmly shook her head at Eleanor’s rebuttal. What do you mean it’s my own illusion? She felt like crying when she was listening to the granny, who didn’t know what she heard from Adrian.


“There’s a deep flower fragrance from Miss. In other words, the bees are twisted in you. ”


Suddenly, Eleanor, who was quite focused and listened to the old woman, raised her arm and smelled. Izmel also took a big breath for no reason.


‘It just smells like my usual skin.’


“I don’t mean a real fragrance, there’s something that attracts people. Whether you want it or not, those who need the Miss will continue to appear. ”


“That’s ridiculous.”


“The young Miss has a lot of doubts.”


The old woman burst into laughter.


“You’re not lovers, are you? But you don’t seem to have no connection at all…”


“Yes, that’s right.”


Izmel nodded coldly and Eleanor immediately asked.


“What do you keep referring to as ‘right’ since earlier?”


“Are we really people who have no connection? If you think so, it’s very sad, Eleanor.”


Izmel drooped the ends of his eyebrows if it were regrettable.


Ugh, it’s not fair to say such with that face.


Eleanor closed her lips again.


The old woman, who looked at them with a strange look, opened her mouth while looking at Izmel.


“Friendly bachelor. Let me give you a piece of advice. If you worry too much, it’ll be too late. Sometimes prudence is poisonous. ”


“That is.”


“Sometimes you have to leave it to your feelings. Please don’t forget that.”


The old woman who squeezed the copper coin from Izmel in her pocket smiled significantly.


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  1. it’s funny how she says ‘i’m quick witted’ when she’s not