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“These are gifts which are sent from now on from the Duke of Valentine family for the Miss.”


Eleanor looked at the endless stream of gifts with fed-up eyes. What the hell is all of this about?


[I apologize for such a sudden visit. I’ll properly compensate you for today’s disrespect later.]


Out of a sudden, the words of the Duke flashed through her mind. If it was compensation for an unannounced visit, this was far beyond the scope of ‘appropriateness’. If his intention was to convince her, then that’s even more inappropriate…


However, honestly, it was very effective. Since, for a moment, she thought that it would be okay to suffer a few more months.


Eleanor opened the gift boxes one by one with a puzzled look on her face.


“Oh my gosh. I’ve never seen such a large and delicate pearl, Miss!”


“And this dress as well. It’s from Roden Boutique, which is hard for anyone to buy even if you make a reservation 6 months in advance!”


The maids who were arranging the gifts that came in exclaimed in admiration. They were the highest quality products that couldn’t be obtained even if everyone tried to pay for it.


“But can I really accept this? I did nothing, though?”


“Ah, the Duke will never receive it back. It’s his message that if you don’t like it, he will leave the disposition entirely to you.”


Albert intervened quickly and answered firmly. He added another package of presents.


“Then, this flower and cookie box came from the Marquis Blake family.”


Eleanor suddenly took the bouquet and the cookie box. They were considerably heavier than they looked.


‘What the hell are these men doing from the morning?’


Eleanor, who muttered to herself, unfolded a small note from her bouquet.


[To Ellen.


Well noted. It’s a pity, but because that’s what you want, there’s nothing I can do.


We can see each other soon as the Imperial Ball is held next week. Let’s see each other then.


Oh, I thought of you after I passed by the present, so I bought it. I hope you like it.


With friendship and love,


Adrian Blake]


Eleanor who had finished reading the letter sighed in relief. Adrian accepted her rejection without saying a word.


It was a fortunate thing. If Adrian had asked her a few more times, she would have had no choice but to lose as the weak-to-him-only Eleanor.


“A ball… Turns out, the boring social season has returned.”


There were a lot of things that she received as gifts from the Duke, so there seemed to be nothing to prepare. And about the escort, as always, Dwight will do it.


“To think I’m going to a ball while holding my brother’s hand when I’m 24 years old.”


No, am I that unattractive?


Eleanor, who grew sullen, stood in front of the mirror and scrutinized herself.


With slightly curly golden hair, pale white skin, and bright green eyes even in the dark. She had a pretty face, even if she wasn’t a thrifty beauty.


“Come to think of it, until now, neither Adrian nor I have ever had that common single lover… Even if he’s my friend, do we need to be alike like this?”


Obviously, he ‘does not’ date, and she ‘can not’ date.


Adrian was the most popular young lord in the social world. It’s because he’s literally an impeccable groom material, with his handsome looks, wealthy family, and even his sweet and kind personality.


There was always a flood of people around him. Even the gorgeous beauties that could break Eleanor’s spirit would allude to him.


Seeing that he wasn’t interested in them either, Eleanor thought that Adrian’s eyes were like hanging from the top of the sky.


“What kind of great person is he trying to meet… If it’s like this, then it looks like there are really only the two of us left.”


Eleanor shook her head as she muttered. She was very worried, either about Adrian or herself.




The day of the ball was approaching quickly.


Eleanor was dazzling with a cream-colored satin dress, shoes, and jewels gifted by the Duke. As if picked by someone who knew Eleanor very well, everything he gave was a perfect fit for Eleanor.


“Let’s go, Ellen.”


Dwight escorted Eleanor with his arms outstretched quite proudly.


He was also dressed in a much more powerful outfit today than usual. His face shimmered twice as much as usual.


Not surprisingly, Dwight was one of the most prominent figures in the Empire these days.


As they entered the banquet hall, people’s eyes focused on Dwight and Eleanor. No matter how she sees it, his cheeks reddened slightly, probably embarrassed.


“Ellen, should we dance to a song?”


“Forget it. I’ve seen a lot of eyes staring at you since before, though, so have a good time. Since I’ll enjoy a lot of expensive drinks.”


She patted Dwight on the back and replied playfully.


Eleanor, sipping a glass of champagne, watched with delight as Dwight asked a beautiful young lady to dance with him. Although he was her twin older brother, he felt like a son she had raised herself.




Then a familiar voice came from behind. Adrian, who had looked around her as usual, was slowly approaching her.


“Hello, Rian.”


“What about Dwight?”


Eleanor chinked at Dwight, who was leading the dance stiffly without saying a word. Adrian, who burst into laughter, suggested in a soft voice.


“Then I want to have your first dance with me.”


Dressed neatly in a blue evening dress, Adrian looked like a prince in a fairy tale. He reached out his hand politely to Eleanor.




Eleanor gladly joined him in his role play. Her hand was gently placed over Adrian’s. The two naturally walked to the center of the hall and lightly wrapped their arms around each other’s shoulders.


“Ah, thank you for the gifts. The flowers are really pretty.”


“I’m glad.”


“Is Sienna doing well?”


“Yeah. She’s been bothering me for a few days, but she seems to have given up after I scolded her once.”


“…It made me feel sorry for no reason.”


The two comfortably enjoyed music and chatted. It was a friendly atmosphere, as if it hadn’t been awkward.


“You seem to be a little different today.”


Adrian, who was staring at Eleanor, muttered a little. Eleanor’s ears turned slightly red as his gaze descended one after the other on the eyelids covered with glittering powder, the red-painted cheeks, and her white shoulders.


“I guess it’s because they’re gifts. It’s awkward because it’s a little different from what I usually wear, right?”


“You’re pretty.”


Adrian shook his head and whispered low.


As his breath brushed the nape of her neck, a strange sensation spread throughout her body. He smelled fresh like a morning forest.


“You’re so pretty, Ellen.”


Adrian’s eyes widened softly and sweetly. Eleanor, a little embarrassed by the unhesitating praise, lowered her eyelashes to avoid his gaze.




She answered in a hoarse voice, resting her forehead on his shoulder. Above her head came the sound of Adrian’s breathless laughter.


“Would you like to dance to one more song?”


“No, it’s already enough.”


As the song slowly ended, Eleanor stood a little away from Adrian. After lightly showing courtesy towards each other, the two left the center of the hall side by side.


“Another champagne?”


Adrian frowned as Eleanor quickly picked up a glass of champagne from a passing attendant’s tray. She shrugged her shoulders as if she didn’t know what the problem was.


“It’s only my second drink.”


“Should I bring up last year’s party story again? You were drunk…”


“I remember it! So stop!”


At the dark history that Adrian had brought out, Eleanor quickly shut his mouth.


“You’re lying. You don’t remember it, though.”


One of Adrian’s lips corners rose sharply.


It was true. All she remembered was a terrible hangover the next day.


“That’s why, you can’t.”


Adrian took the glass of champagne from Eleanor with a firm tone unlike his usual self.


“I’ll bring you some juice. Wait here.”


Eleanor took a deep breath while she was looking at Adrian’s back as he moved away.


She thought she’d enjoy a bit of a prickly mood after a long time, but she didn’t expect to fail in vain.


Eleanor, pouting dissatisfied, quickly turned back at the sound of popularity coming from behind her. Her eyes widened as she saw someone striding toward her.


It was the Duke of Valentine.




“Lady Everett.”


Kaidel stood tall. His gaze slowly turned to Eleanor’s necklace and dress.


She felt as if she was naked when people’s eyes were gathering on the two of them in an instant. It was a time when Eleanor was squirming at a loss, not knowing what to do. A large hand suddenly reached out in front of Eleanor’s eyes.


“It’s my honor to be able to be with the Lady.”


There was a rush of breath from all around. No, maybe Eleanor wouldn’t even realize if she did it.


‘That’ Duke of Valentine asked for a dance!


He was a duke who drove all kinds of scandals because he didn’t even give a glance to women. It was to the extent where women who wanted to be his mistress would line up, but he never once asked someone to dance at a party first.


He’s gay, he took an oath of chastity to the temple, he killed the women he slept with so that no information would leak out…


Eleanor was also familiar with such rumors. And to think that such Kaidel asks someone to dance! Isn’t it a situation where you want to find popcorn with coke?


If only the subject wasn’t Eleanor herself, she definitely would have done it.


“O-Of course…”


Eleanor took hold of his hand, which had reached out in front of her. In a brief moment, the Duke’s sharp eyes softened.


It felt like her head was spinning at the sudden development. Before she could come to her senses, a new song began to play, and the Duke’s hand lightly wrapped around her back.


“Did you like the gifts?”


Kaidel asked.


Eleanor, who had been paying attention not to step on his foot, lifted her head and met his eyes.


“Yes, they were very beautiful. The dress I wore today was also a gift from the Duke.”


“I know.”


A seemingly invisible smile crept across Kaidel’s lips, but Eleanor, who had all her attention under her feet, didn’t see it.


“It looks good on you.”


“T-Thank you.”


Unlike Eleanor, who moved as stiff as a piece of wood, Kaidel led the dance smoothly. It was an unexpected one.


Although she struggled with sweat, Eleanor was trampling on Kaidel’s feet countless times. She wanted to cry right away.


She glanced up at the Duke’s face with terrified eyes. Kaidel had no expression, nor did he spare a single breath on his face.


‘He won’t come back for revenge because I stepped on his feet, right…?’


Little by little, as she got in sync with him, her strength gradually drained from her frozen body. He was a man like a piece of ice, and his hands felt a little warm through his gloves.


“I had requested, asking you to send me a convenient date, though.”


At Kaidel’s words, Eleanor flinched her shoulders.


“I was going to send a reply soon. For real. I’ll send it to you as soon as the ball is over.”


“Is there anything you need to convey in a troublesome letter? I’m right in front of you, though.”


As the song was about to end, the sound of the performance gradually subsided. The hand that had wrapped Eleanor’s back slowly fell.


His thick, low voice echoed clearly in the banquet hall.


“Lady Everett, when will you make time for me?”


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