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It was just as Eleanor was about to get up. Lucas urgently grabbed Eleanor’s sleeve.




She whispered, and Lucas shook his head slowly. He meant to tell her not to do that. Eleanor pondered for a moment, then she sat down next to Lucas.


“Should we continue to stay like this?”


He slowly nodded his head. Eleanor covered Lucas’ ears again. Lucas rested his forehead on her shoulder. The two of them passed for a while until the men disappeared into the distance.


“They’re all gone now.”


Eleanor said as she lowered her hands from Lucas’ ears.


“Do you know who those people were?”


Lucas nodded his head.


“I know. Those guys don’t like me very much.”




“I’m okay. There are many people like that.”


Lucas shrugged his shoulders once, as if he was used to it. Eleanor stroked Lucas’s hair.


“They’re fools. If they had known you, they couldn’t have helped but to like you.”


Lucas stared at Eleanor for a moment before resting his cheek on her shoulder. The strength drained from his shoulders.


“I know it too. That I’m not very helpful to Brother.”


Eleanor was startled and squeezed his hand.


“What are you talking about? Even though His Highness cares for you so much?”


“Because Brother is kind.”


Lucas muttered helplessly.


“Smart, cool… That’s why everyone likes him.”


“Luke is also nice, smart, and cool, though?”


Lucas laughed lightly at Eleanor’s words. She pondered for a moment before she cautiously opened her mouth.


“I don’t know if that’s comforting, but there are a lot of people who don’t like me.”


“You’re lying. Everyone around me likes you.”


“For real. I’ve been through it too.”


A wry smile appeared on Eleanor’s lips as she recalled her previous life. It was a very different life from now, when she was receiving only love beyond her means.


Her pathetic boyfriend had an affair with her friend, and the owner of a part-time shop she worked at closed the door and ran away.


Even when she came out into society, it wasn’t particularly different. She was also plagued by malicious gossip, and was even hurt by words that were intentionally thrown to hurt her.


Lucas, who was wiggling his fingers, asked in a tearful voice.


“What did Teacher do at that time?”


“I covered myself with a blanket and cried.”


“I thought crying was only for the weak.”


“No. It’s okay to just cry when you want to cry. That’s not weak. Just a natural thing.”


Eleanor put her hand on top of Lucas’ head. Tears welled up in Lucas’ eyes in an instant. She took a moment to catch her breath before continuing.


“The important thing is what comes next. After crying so hard and grieving enough, at some point, I must get out of bed. I need to make the bed, wash my face, and sit down at the table to fill my stomach. That gives me strength.”


“Is that so?”


“I’m going to live hard again. With people who love and care about me.”


At Eleanor’s words, Lucas sniffed and asked. Beads of tears rolled down his chubby cheeks.


“Is that all?”


“Mm, that’s all. I did so.”


Eleanor gently wiped Lucas’ wet cheek.


“You may not understand all of what I’m talking about right now. It’s okay though. But one day, Luke, you will understand.”


A cool breeze brushed the two of them, and the sound of the shiny green leaves hitting each other could be heard overhead. Eleanor and Lucas made eye contact in a serene and beautiful landscape that seemed to be far from the world.


“That’s why, just remember one thing for now. Luke, you’re such a precious, special and lovely person.”


Eleanor looked Lucas straight in the eyes and continued her words. Her voice grew a little stronger.


“Don’t believe what others say about you is real. There is nothing sadder than being deceived by such pathetic words and forgetting how precious you are.”


“What should I do to avoid that?”


“You have to constantly tell yourself. That you’re a precious, special and lovely person.”


Eleanor added, pinching Lucas’ cheek lightly and then releasing it.


“I will also tell you that. Luke, you’re really cute, kind, and smart, a child whom I can’t help but to love. Teacher is very happy and grateful to have met you.”


A bashish smile spread across Lucas’ lips. Lucas, who had returned to his innocent and pure face as usual, hugged Eleanor tightly once and let go.


“Let’s go back.”


“Are you ready to go back?”


Eleanor stood up and brushed off the hem of her skirt before reaching out her hand to Lucas. He reached out and took her hand.


“Alright. Let’s go back to your friends. Everyone will be waiting for you.”




[Dear my good friend, Eleanor.


It’s a spring day when petals fly through the wide open window. To think that the first thing I do when I open my eyes is write a letter to you, somehow I feel good today.


I couldn’t say it properly that day because I was in a hurry, but the book you were looking at was the one Lucas borrowed in my name. I don’t know what you’ll say, but it’s pretty important to me. I don’t want to get even the slightest misunderstanding from you.


With friendship and resentment,


Izmel Biden Pontius de Bellium.] 




[Dear Your Highness, who feels unfair.


My goodness, how could you blame your younger brother! No matter how ashamed you are. Luke is still 9 years old. He’s a naive and unspoiled child even for a nine-year-old. Shame on you!!!


Regards, ‘the Lady of the Count’ Eleanor Everett.]




[Dear the doubtful ‘Lady of the Count’ Eleanor Everett.


Really. It’s a truth without a single lie.


Jumping as it’s unfair,


Izmel Biden Pontius de Bellium.]




[Dear the relentless Your Highness.


Yes, let us do as you say. And I really don’t care. We’re all grown adults. Just laugh and pass it on now. It wasn’t that terribly stimulating, well.


By the way, what about Luke? The other day we went to a concert together, and he liked it. He still doesn’t like studying, but it’s much better. Please compliment me a lot.


Spending time with friends is good, but spending time with family is essential. You know that Luke likes you a lot, right? Even if you’re busy, please pay attention to Luke. These days are nice, and the flowers are blooming everywhere, so it would be nice to go on a picnic.


Who really doesn’t care,


Eleanor Everett.]




[Dear the generous Eleanor,


Lucas us just like usual. He comes to my office once every few days and steals all my share of sweets. Originally, he would leave one or two, yet these days, he literally steals ‘all’. Perhaps he has grown taller.


Anyway, as you said, I will pay more attention to Lucas. I think a picnic would be a good idea too. The forest where the Imperial Palace is located is perfect for a picnic. There are little streams running through it, and endless fields of wildflowers.


So, I suggest, why don’t we all enjoy a picnic together? I think it will be a good memory for the children too.


By the way, to think that you say it’s not too stimulating. It was a part that made me curious about what kind of work you usually enjoyed. You said you like Tirke’s collection of poems… But I don’t care either. We’re all grown up adults.


With an irresistible curiosity,


Izmel Biden Pontius de Bellium.]




[Dear Your Highness, who has a lot of useless curiosity.


I told you to laugh it off. We’re done talking about this.


And a picnic would be nice. I asked Kaidel and Adrian, and they said they had the same opinion. I will leave the date and place to Your Highness.


Eleanor Everett.]




[Dear Eleanor, who is unfair.


The Duke of Valentine is Kaidel and Young Marquis Blake is Adrian, so why am I still ‘Your Highness’? I think we have sent and received forty more letters. It’s not like you don’t know my name, is it?


I think next Monday will be good. I’ll send a carriage.


With immense dissatisfaction,


Izmel Biden Pontius de Bellium.]




[Dear Your Highness the Crown Prince, Izmel Biden Pontius de Bellium.


Ah, sure. I know very well what Your Highness’ birth name is. See you then.


Eleanor Everett.]




“Ellen, you need to pack your hat!”


The Countess ran across the living room with a wide-brimmed hat and a basket of all sorts of food.


“I hope there won’t be any shortage.”


“Probably not enough to eat for three days.”


Eleanor slipped her hat on, picked up the basket, and strode to the carriage. Kaidel was loading the back of the carriage. Wearing a light shirt and slacks with straps, he looked very comfortable unlike usual.


“Hello, Eleanor.”


As Eleanor approached, Kaidel quickly took the basket from her.


“It’s pretty heavy.”


“My mother is very passionate about these preparations. Even if we just go to the forest near my house, she will send us enough food to eat all day.”


“She seems like a friendly person.”


“Yes, she’s a good person.”


Eleanor let out a small laugh.


“What about Sienna and Demian?”


“The kids are riding inside.”


“Thank you for helping me with this. There was a lot more to prepare than I thought… Of course, my mother suffered more than me.”


Eleanor murmured softly and followed Kaidel around the carriage.


“Is Young Marquis unable to come today?”


“No. He said he would be a little late because of work. We decided to meet there.”


“What a pity.”


Kaidel muttered quietly, furrowing his brow. He genuinely felt it was pitiful. Of course, not the part of him being a little late, but the part of him attending.


Fortunately, Eleanor didn’t notice such Kaidel, so she grabbed his hand and climbed into the carriage. Excitement was evident on the faces of Demian and Sienna, who were sitting across from each other.


“Hello. Are you all ready to go on a picnic?”


“Teacher! Please sit here.”


Sienna patted the seat next to her and smiled. It was a cute attempt to stop Kaidel and Eleanor from sitting next to each other. When Eleanor sat next to Sienna, Kaidel naturally took his place next to Demian.


“I’m excited!”


As the carriage departed, Sienna clung to the window and watched the scenery outside. Demian said.


“It would have been more fun if Luke had gone with us.”


“I know. He’s a bit noisy, but he’s funny.”


Sienna and Demian chattered and played with each other throughout the ride. Demian, who usually smiled brightly, also matched the rhythm with Sienna’s words, as if he was excited today.


It was rare to see a chatty Demian. Eleanor stared at the conversation between the two children for a long time, and they were so adorable that a smile spread on her lips just by looking at them.


‘But why do my cheeks keep tickling?’


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