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Hildegard frowned at the familiar figure.




[It’s been a while, Your Highness the Princess.]


Kaidel held out his hand politely.


However, Hildegard ignored his hand and jumped off the jumping horse. Her auburn hair, tied up in a tight ponytail, swayed like the tail of a horse.


[Huh, what ‘highness’. Just call me Hilde.]


[No, Your Highness.]


[Only your body has grown, you really haven’t changed at all. There are still no cute corners.]


Hildegard raised her chin provocatively.


[His Highness the Crown Prince is waiting inside.]


Either that or not, Kaidel just kept quiet about what he had to do.


Hildegarde turned around and met his eyes.


[Are you going to keep following me around?]




[Are you going to keep being boring like that?]


[Am I?]


Kaidel’s eyebrows twitched as he stood with his hands behind his back. Seeing the sincere expression on his face, Hildegard let out a deep sigh.


[I shouldn’t stay long.]


Kaidel shrugged his eyebrows. It was a good thing to hear.


“Thank you for coming a long way.”


Izmel, neatly dressed in formal attire, stood up and greeted the Princess. He was smiling softly, but his eyes were subtly hardened.


“If you had contacted me in advance, I would have prepared and greeted you. Anyway, since you’re here, please rest in peace.”


Kaidel, who was standing next to her, translated Izmel’s words.


[He told you to stay comfortably because you had a hard time coming a long way.]


[Don’t leave out a single word and convey it properly. I know how to speak the Imperial language as well. I really like how he looks, you know… His personality doesn’t seem to be zero.]


Kaidel said to Izmel, cutting off the Princess’ words.


“She said it’s nice to meet you.”


“I don’t think so. I don’t like the way she looks at me.”


“She also complimented Your Highness on your appearance.”




She has good eyesight.


Izmel escorted the Princess to the banquet with a more relaxed expression.


To sum it up in a word, Hildegard and Izmel didn’t get along terribly.


Izmel hated Hildegard’s rudeness, and Hildegard despised Izmel’s arrogance.


Even so, on the outside, it seemed that the days were going to be quite peaceful. It was because Kaidel, who acted as the interpreter, cut the words out of their lines on the day they passed between them.


‘Is he really conveying it properly?’


The two of them had no choice but to let go of it while constantly doubting. It was because Kaidel’s expressionless face never wavered at any moment.


The problem was that Kaidel couldn’t always be with the two of them.


“You never come on time. How selfish.”


[Someone who flips his hair like that while eating breakfast. Very pretentious…]


The two of them sat across from each other at the table and glanced at each other. When their eyes met, Hildegard raised the corners of her lips.


Although it was a bewitchingly beautiful smile that might even seduce a fox, in Izmel’s eyes it only looked like that of a wildcat.


“What did that woman just say?”


“That is…”


“Be honest, Dwight.”


As the gap between the two deepened, so did the grievances of those caught between them.


Among them, the most suffering was Dwight, who was hastily recruited for being fluent in Mözen.


“That… She seems to think that Your Highness’ hairstyle isn’t suitable for a breakfast table.”


Dwight sweated and relayed the Princess’ words to Ismel. It popped a vein on Izmel’s forehead.


“Tell her that these things are commonly called courtesy and formality.”


It’s a virtue that you can’t find in yourself, so is there a way for you to know?


Izmel sneered at her as he gracefully reached for a glass of water.


[Dwight, what did that human just say?]


[This is courtesy and formality…]


[How funny.]


[Excuse me, do I have to translate that just now?]


[Oh, of course. Don’t leave out every word I say.]


Somehow, Kaidel wasn’t trustworthy. He just doesn’t seem to be communicating it properly.


Hildegard muttered as she popped the egg yolk on the plate with a fork.


The yolk splattered here and there on the pure white plate. Seeing that, Izmel furrowed his brow as if he was offended.


“My goodness. You don’t even have table etiquette. Lucas will eat more elegantly than that.”


Izmel murmured softly as he touched his forehead.


Hildegard deliberately stirred the salad with a fork, watching Izmel’s face contort.


[I like you quite a bit, Dwight.]


When Hildegard saw Dwight sitting next to her, she grinned. Turning his big eyes here and there, sweating, he looked somewhat foolish and naive.


Cute. I like cute things.


[T-Thank you.]


[So by the way, while I’m here, I want you to assist me. To interpret for me and give me tours here and there.]


[You’re referring to me?]


Dwight widened his eyes in bewilderment.


[You can’t?]


Hildegard smiled, narrowing her eyes. Dwight’s face turned red.


“Why are you looking like that?”


Ismel asked, looking at Dwight.


“Her Highness asked me if I could assist her while she was staying.”


“You must assist me. Tell her no.”


Izmel replied firmly.


[His Highness says no.]


[Really? Then it will be tiring.]


Hildegard said, reaching her hand toward the wine-red cranberry juice.


[Let’s see who wins.]




“Didn’t I tell you beforehand that she’s an important guest? How can you treat the Princess of Mözen so badly! What on earth is that spirit!”


“When did I treat her badly again…”


To the injustice, Izmel was at a loss for words.


He admitted that he didn’t look at her with a very kind gaze. But what kind of bad treatment! It was unbelievable.


At every meal he prepared a full dinner, gave her the best room, though the harshest words were kept to himself.


“I was saddened by how sadly she cried. If the King of Mözen had seen it, he would have been furious that he would cut off their diplomatic ties with Bellium.”


The Emperor scolded him for a long time. It was the first time Izmel had heard a voice so loud since he came of age.


Hildegard’s nasty face appeared in Izmel’s mind. Just thinking about it made his teeth clench.


“She’s planning to stay for three months.”


“Three months?”


Izmel’s face crumpled.


“Anyway, don’t let this happen again. If there’s anything she wants, just match it. It’s not difficult, is it?”


“I understand.”


“She was more beautiful and cultured than I heard. Get along with her. She might be a good match for you.”


Beautiful and cultured? Good match?


Izmel’s mouth, which had been suppressing his emotions forcibly, fell open. Whatever the case, it was clear that the Emperor had goodwill toward Hildegard.


“You understand?”


It was Izmel, who met his match.




Eleanor was sitting at the desk, going through the children’s homework. Demian and Sienna’s homework, as always, was flawless.


Sienna was particularly notable.


“Sienna has really improved a lot. She must now be pretty much like Demian except for math, though?”


Sienna had a very strong fighting spirit. She has a character who couldn’t stand being left behind. To Sienna, Demian’s existence certainly seemed to stimulate her.


‘Although at times I’m a bit concerned… Actually, studying requires that kind of grit. I was like that in my previous life too.’


– Sienna, who always does her best. I don’t know how wonderful you are. You did well today too 🙂


Eleanor left a small note in blue ink in the corner of Sienna’s notebook.


She flipped through Demian’s notebook. As she looked at the solution neatly arranged like an answer sheet with straight letters, she was impressed.


“Demian should start preparing for the oral interview early. He’s already past the Academy freshman level.”


– Demian seems to be able to write better than Teacher. Just like now!


Then it was Lucas’ turn. Eleanor took a deep breath as if to prepare her heart.


“Miiissㅡ! Are you inside?”


“May we come in for a minute?”


Just then, the voices of the maids came from outside the door.


What’s going on?


The maids didn’t even come near Eleanor’s room when she was working. They knew how much she hated being interrupted while Eleanor was working.


Eleanor answered in a loud voice, tilting her head.


“Come in.”


As soon as Eleanor’s permission was given, the door burst open.


“Look at this. It was sent to the Miss from the Imperial Palace!”


Eleanor blinked in bewilderment at the sudden embrace of a bunch of pink roses.


“A very nicely dressed man came and asked me to deliver this letter to the Miss.”


“I heard the Crown Prince asked for it himself!”


Kyaa. The maids joined hands with flushed faces and started running around.


Eleanor carefully opened the gold-leafed envelope engraved with the Imperial emblem.


“Miss, can’t you read it? I want to hear it too.”


“Me too.”


“I’m curious too!”


To the sanctification of the maids, Eleanor began to read the letter aloud.


“Dear Lady Eleanor of Count Everett.”


As soon as Eleanor read a line, the maids’ clowns rose in glee.


“Dear! It’s a wonderful expression.”


“Shh. Miss, please read on.”


Eleanor read the next line, her face flushing slightly.


“I formally ask you to be my partner at the upcoming Imperial banquet. It would be a great honor if you gave me the opportunity to enter with the Miss. I want to hold your hand and do your first dance together.”


The maids pursed their lips to keep from screaming.


“…Even if I have bruises all over my feet.”


Eleanor’s face was dyed a pinker than the roses. Embarrassed, she slammed the letter down on the desk.


Then the maids burst into cheers that they had been patient with. It was loud enough to deafen Eleanor’s ears.


“Of course you would agree, right?”


“It should be. Because you promised.”


Eleanor gave a short nod of her head, feigning resoluteness.


“You don’t know how much I regret not being able to follow and see you. I’m sure it would suit you just like a picture!”


“It seems that His Highness the Crown Prince really likes the Miss.”


“Then, is our Miss going to become the crown princess in the future…?”




Eleanor was taken aback by the mischievous words of the maid.


“Nonsense. You can’t talk like that.”


Eleanor shook her head vigorously in denial. But the mischievous smiles on the maids’ faces only grew thicker.


“Indeed, she might become the Duchess.”


“She might become the Marquis.”


Eleanor’s face was now as red as the potted geranium.


“So, Miss. Which one do you want to be the most?”


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