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Which of the three does she like the most, they’re asking.


Eleanor put on a puzzled expression at the question she had never received before.


“Everyone seems to be misunderstanding something, but it’s not like that.”


Eleanor shook her hands, taking it off blindly. Then the maid named Chloe answered with a meaningful smile.


“It’s not like that. Miss, you know. We knew this day would come from the day the young masters first came to the mansion.”


Emily, who was sitting next to her, shrugged her shoulders as well.


“I don’t know much, but I must be a much more expert than the Miss when it comes to love stories between men and women like this, right? No matter how much you hide it, I know everything.”


“Right, Miss. Did you know that Emily and the stable keeper, Johen, have a relationship like that?”




As I watched the trio arguing about each other’s love history, the tension was relieved. Eleanor, hesitant, opened her mouth.


“…Is it obvious?”


The maids burst into laughter at Eleanor’s words.


“Miss, of course.”


“You know that I always bring the letters to the lady’s desk, right? I just got a feeling. Ah, this is a love letter!”


“I saw the carriage coming in every time from the front door. The Duke seems to be a completely different person in front of the Miss.”


“What more can I say about Master Adrian. That’s not how you look at your childhood friend. Obviously, no.”


Eleanor let out a deep sigh. The more she thought about it, the more complicated it was. It was easier for her to solve math problems.


Emily asked, her eyes shining.


“So, which of the three do you like best?”


“I don’t know. All three of them are so different.”


“How are they different?”


After pondering for a while, Eleanor cautiously opened her mouth.


“First of all, I’m definitely comfortable with Rian. He knows me better than I do, and we communicate with each other even without speaking… The words he throws at me from time to time make my heart flutter.”


Eleanor spoke slowly.


“And he’s a very important person to me. so much that words can’t explain it all. I feel like I can do anything for Rian.”


“How about the Crown Prince? What kind of person is His Highness?”


“His Highness… is very playful and fun. He’s such a fun talker that time goes really fast when we are together.”


“He’s romantic.”


“That too. There are many times when I get swayed here and there by His Highness’ pun, but I don’t hate it. Rather…”


Eleanor, who was talking softly, stopped her words. Then the maids opened their eyes and pressed on to the next words.




“It feels nice.”


Eleanor whispered in an inaudible voice. The maids smiled mischievously at Eleanor’s shyness.


“Then what about the Duke?”


“Kaidel? Kaidel is…”


Eleanor stroked her chin, deep in thought.


From their first meeting, to the ball, luncheon at the Imperial Palace, the day Demian fell into the pond, the day they met by chance on the road, and even her birthday card.


“…I don’t know.”


“You don’t know? You don’t have any feelings for His Grace?”


“It’s not like that. I have a slightly different feeling than when I see His Highness or Rian. very strange… It’s because I don’t know what to name it.”


Eleanor, who cheered the atmosphere by clapping her hands, asked for advice.


“What do you think I should do?”


Marie, the eldest of the maids, opened her mouth.


“The Miss’ heart is the most important thing. You just need to meet the person your heart is headed for.”


“What if I don’t know how I feel?”


Eleanor whispered softly as the tips of her eyebrows drooped.


“Then you should find out.”




“The way people get to know each other is the same. Spend time together. Let’s talk, drink tea…”


“With all three?”


Even though Adrian also said so.


Eleanor asked in a slightly uneasy voice. Emily replied graciously.


“What can’t you do? When you buy an apple, you evaluate everything before buying it, so you need to be more careful when looking for a mate!”


“That’s true. Still, all three of them are great people. It’s a little bit like I’m asking like that…”


Chloe cut off Eleanor’s words firmly.


“What’s wrong with the Miss? In our eyes, the Miss is much more precious. Whoever it is, the person who will be your mate is the luckiest person in the world.”


“Yes, Miss. You don’t have to choose between the three. If you don’t like it, that’s it.”


Emily held Eleanor’s hand tightly.


“Think only of yourself. Just your heart. That’s the correct answer.”




[Is it delicious?]


Hildegard, resting her chin with her elbow on the table, looked at Dwight and asked. Dwight nodded, unable to open his mouth as his mouth was full of cake.


Hildegard took Dwight to the most famous dessert cafe in the capital. She then ordered every single item on the menu, and invited Dwight to try each one. Actually, she was eating and drinking while doing it.


[That’s right. It’s good to eat well.]


[Aren’t you eating, Your Highness?]


[Me? Just eat comfortably. While drinking tea.]


Hildegard smiled and pushed the teacup away. Dwight quickly took it and drank it down with a puzzled face.


[I’ve been thinking about it. Since I’ll be staying here for a few months anyway, I thought it would be nice if I could speak the Imperial language. I learned it a while back when I was in the Academy, but it was so long ago that I forgot everything.]


Hildegard tapped the table with her polished fingernails.


[Then you can find a teacher who can teach you the Imperial language…]


[What’s wrong with that? Dwight, you’re here.]


Dwight, who was nervous, spat out a cough. His fair face flushed red.


[H-How can I…]


[I’m not going to learn a lot, I just want to know how to say a few words.]


Only that, well.


Dwight nodded his head.


[Which words are you curious about?]


[You’re even worse today.]




Dwight’s eyes widened. Hildegard reached out and urged her, holding Dwight’s sleeve and shaking it around.


[Hurry up.]


[Are you serious?]


[Yeah. Teach me quickly. Quickly!]


Dwight let out a deep sigh. When he was with Hildegard, he never had a day to be quiet.


Unlike his boss, who gnashed his teeth in sleep, Dwight didn’t hate his time with her. In fact, it was quite fun for him to visit all the tourist spots. But that’s it, hard was hard.


[I understand. Instead, Your Highness must promise that you won’t use it.]


[Sure, of course. I’m also a person with common sense.]




Dwight looked at Hildegard for a moment with suspicious eyes. Then Hildegard closed her pretty eyes and smiled, putting on an innocent expression.


“You’re even… worse today.”


Hildegard eagerly followed Dwight’s words. When she mastered one, she insisted on teaching another sentence, but nothing she said that didn’t embarrass Dwight.


Although it’s a bit clumsy, when the meaning was conveyed accurately, a proud smile spread across Hildegard’s face.


[You really shouldn’t use it on His Highness. I’d rather you use it to me.]


[Why would I say something like that to you? How cute you are.]




[By the way, how do you say cute?]


Hildegard asked, leaning her body toward Dwight. His ears burned bright red, bewildered by her suddenly snapping emerald eyes.




“Cu, te. Cute…”


Hildegard, who had muttered a few times following Dwight, said with a broad smile.


“Dwight, you’re cute.”


There wasn’t a single spot on the now innocent Dwight’s body that retained his original white skin.


How is he so transparent?


A satisfied smile formed on Hildegard’s lips. When she sees the unlucky prince, she wants to go back immediately, but the youngest aide was perfect for her taste.


‘He’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. It’s a pity that I have to go back.’


I won’t let you go while I’m here.




“Did you enjoy your day yesterday?”


At breakfast, Izmel asked softly. Since being scolded by the Emperor, he has tried to remain as moderate and friendly as possible. It wasn’t that difficult considering it was a play.


Hildegard also tuned in to Izmel’s play, and she sat down and continued her meal, pretending to be rather noble.


[I studied the Imperial language a little.]


Dwight interpreted the Princess. Izmel gave a slightly surprised look.


“Is that so?”


She thought of something useful.


[Do you want to hear it?]


Hildegard said with a grin. Dwight relayed her words, feeling a chill run down his spine.




Izmel nodded his head happily and reached his hand for a glass of water. Hildegard opened her mouth gracefully.


“You’re even worse today.”


Cough. Izmel vomited back the water that he had gulped. Either that or not, Hildegard lined up the sentences she had memorized one by one.


“You’re really unfunny. Ah, it’s sad that I have to see you today. I’m sorry but that color doesn’t suit you. I don’t like you.”


Hildegard finished her speech with a proud face.


[This much.]


Izmel’s stomach began to boil. He had a vein popping out on his forehead. He tried to keep his composure, but his hands gripping the cutlery couldn’t be helped.


“Where are you going to use that word?”


When Dwight relayed Izmel’s words, Hildegard shrugged her shoulders.


The peaceful play ended in vain like that. The two looked at each other again and started growling.


[If you learn anything, there will be a place where you can use it appropriately someday.]


Hildegard asked with a grin.


[What are you going to do today?]


“I have to work. What about you?”


[I’m thinking of watching you work.]


Izmel’s face contorted. As if she knew that, Hildegard burst into laughter. She was the one who realized that the thing that bothered him the most was to not stay away from her.


“I’m really just going to work. There’s no such thing as fun. Go out and do something. Sightseeing or luxuries, I’ll let you do as you please.”


Izmel said soothingly. But Hildegard was tough.


[I want to tour the office today. Don’t worry. I will stay calm.]


Just you being in the room is a hindrance. No, your existence itself harms me.


[Can’t I? His Imperial Majesty seems to want us to become friends.]


Hildegard mentioned the Emperor and her big eyes twinkled. The soft emerald eyes shone softly. Her eyes seemed to warn him that she could burst into tear bombs at any moment.


Damn it. Izmel wept and nodded his head. His defeat deepened.


“Yes, do as you please.”


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