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The maids, who had heard about the rough affair from Dwight, kept an eye on Eleanor the whole time. The more Eleanor maintained her poise, the more her mood grew damp.

“Is there still some time left?”


“Yes, about two hours left.”


“Then I will work for a while. Can you call me when Dwayne arrives?”


The maids backed away and Eleanor sat down at the desk. There was nothing she could do to get rid of her thoughts.


‘But why isn’t there anything urgent today?’


Eleanor sighed as she rummaged through the papers piled on the desk. She couldn’t find anything to do because she expected a hectic day and had taken care of everything in advance.


I need to research the textbook.


Eleanor pulled out a thick foreign language textbook and picked it up. The book, which had been stiff, had become mushy before she knew it, and her hands were smeared with it.


‘The princess of Mözen, he said.’


Eleanor opened a chapter about the Mözen language. A few lines of the explanation of the Mözen language were missing.


-It is a language spoken only in Mözen. The rules for verbs are very tricky, but at the same time very logical.


As for Eleanor, she spoke Mosen. Because while Adrian and Dwight were away at the Academy, Eleanor also learned things she didn’t know in the house. Mözen was one of them.


She thought that at that time she should have just studied something else.


“I don’t think it helps much to change the mood.”


She doesn’t want to be jealous alone.


Eleanor let out a deep sigh and approached the window. The red geraniums were still in full bloom, showing off their vitality.


Her gaze suddenly turned to the window. Eleanor found an unusual spot in the scenery outside the window. There was a white cloud of dust in the distance.




Looking closely, she saw that someone was riding a horse. Eleanor pressed close to the window and, puzzled, she tried to figure out his identity.




His face was still invisible, but there was only one person of that size in Eleanor’s world. As he reached the front door of the Count’s residence and slowed down his horse, his black hair was clearly visible.


Eleanor stormed out of the room. Eleanor, who came down the stairs as swiftly as a flying squirrel, ran and opened the front door.




Kaidel, who was reaching for the door knocker, withdrew his hand in surprise when the door suddenly opened. Eleanor was standing right in front of him.


It’s a bit far to be intimate, but a bit closer to be polite.


Eleanor’s breathing was heavy, as if she had come running. Her chest rose and fell sharply, and uneven breath escaped from her slightly parted lips.


The gazes of the two people who were wandering around each other met in the air. At that moment, Kaidel’s neck moved up and down.


Eleanor, with her elegantly upturned hairdo and gorgeous banquet dress, was breathtaking in her beauty.


He knew it was an obvious statement, but it was. Kaidel forgot to breathe, looked at her at the right time, or even said what he was about to say, staring blankly at the woman in front of his eyes.


Eleanor was equally embarrassed. Unknowingly, she ran and opened the door vigorously, yet the moment she saw him in front of her, it was as if her mind was blank.


‘Why did I do that?’


The two stood there silently for a long time. Without noticing the passing of time or the maids peeking at the two of them in the house.


Behind Kaidel, the sky turned red.


At least it was Eleanor who came to her senses first.




Eleanor called his name cautiously.


“What’s going on here…?”


When Eleanor asked, Kaidel remembered the reason he had run all the way to this point.


“Just passing by after stopping by the Imperial Palace.”




“There is something I really want to ask you.”


Eleanor nodded her head as if telling him to say something.


After catching his breath, Kaidel respectfully extended his hand to Eleanor.


“Eleanor, will you give me a chance to escort you today?”


Her eyes widened.


“I know I’m very late. It’s also not that romantic to make a sudden request like this without a single flower. But, Eleanor, I really want to be with you.”


He always does. And he will continue to do so.


“I won’t make that mistake twice.”


The corners of Eleanor’s mouth, which had been staring at him with an ambiguous expression, slowly formed an arc. The smile that seemed to be invisible suddenly spread into a bright smile that filled her face, shining brightly.


A lukewarm air filled Eleanor’s lungs. Her heart, which had been a little chilly the whole time, warmed up.


Eleanor’s small, cold hand rested on Kaidel’s large, warm hand.


“Don’t be late to pick me up.”


It was consent.


Kaidel took a deep breath. Relaxing, he grabbed Eleanor’s hand with a slight squeeze.


“I promise.”


Kaidel, who lightly kissed the back of Eleanor’s hand, jumped onto his horse’s back. Eleanor took a step closer to Kaidel and asked.


“Why are you in such a hurry?”


“I left what I was doing. I have to prepare.”


Kaidel, who was accustomed to holding the reins, grinned.


“See you later.”




At the gorgeous banquet hall.


They were busy laughing and asking each other’s well-being. After asking how they weren’t curious and being properly polite, all sorts of rumors took up the void in the conversation as if it were a natural course.


Some say one made a lot of money, some said one was caught cheating with a maid by his wife, some said one saw them close together in the garden.


Usually, there are various types of rumors, and the main characters are also different. But today was an exception.


“Did you hear that? The Princess of Mözen came to visit. I heard that she’s attending today as His Highness’ partner.”


“Oh my, is that so? So it must have been a vain rumor that he asked Lady Everett to be his partner?”


“I’m sure we’ll find out when His Highness comes, but it’s a pretty reliable source.”


“I knew it. Who would reject such a beautiful Princess Izent and choose Lady Everett. I was a little puzzled. Ah, of course, Lady Everett is pretty too. No malice.”


Laughter came from everywhere at the words someone threw.


“Lady Everett must feel that way too. It’s been rumored to be so noisy, but if she comes alone, she’s going to stand out.”


“If it were me, I wouldn’t have attended. I’m sorry to hear that. I should greet her kindly later.”


“I think it’s time to come by now, yet she’s late.”


Now that most of them had entered, Eleanor Everett was nowhere to be seen. There were only a few marquesses and dukes who hadn’t entered yet.


“Here come the Young Duke, Prince Elliot Marc Izent, and the daughter of the duke, Anais Robert Izent.”


At that time, an attendant announced that the carriage of the Duke of Izent had arrived. People were admiring the appearance of the princess with her mysterious silver hair twisted here and there, exchanging glances with each other.


At that time, the door opened wide once again, and the last family except the Imperial Family entered.


“Here come His Grace the Duke, Kaidel Idris Valentine, and the daughter of the count, Eleanor Everett.”


All eyes in the banquet hall were immediately directed toward the door. There wasn’t a single exception.


Adrian, who was standing in the corner talking to his business partner, and Princess Izent, who was standing in the place where the light from the chandelier was the brightest and showing off her beauty, quickly turned their heads.


The brief chatter ceased the moment Eleanor entered, holding Kaidel’s hand.


‘That person is the daughter of Count Everett?’


‘Was she originally that pretty?’


Kaidel, who had grown splendidly several times his usual size, was also dazzling, yet people’s eyes were only directed to Eleanor, who stood next to him.


Her neck stretched out under her elegantly upturned hair, her transparent white skin, and even the hem of the skirt that danced gently whenever she moved. Standing next to Kaidel, she was like a fairy from a fairy tale.


Eleanor wasn’t shabby at all. She was shining bright like the only main character in this space. Enough of her to shut up all those who talked about her.


Kaidel slightly lowered his head to say something in her ear, and Eleanor smiled broadly and nodded her head. Her cheeks blushed here and there at her most lovely appearance.


“Kaidel, I want to go home.”


Eleanor, meanwhile, entered the ballroom with Kaidel, her hands shaking nervously. He held her hand a little tighter.


“My goodness. All of them are staring in this direction. Not even turning their heads. Why doesn’t anyone say something?”


“No need to be nervous. It’s because you’re so beautiful that they can’t take their eyes off you.”


Kaidel answered in a low voice. Although he meant it, Eleanor took it as a joke and let out a small laugh.


“I don’t know where to look.”


“Then just look at me.”


Eleanor lifted her head and met Kaidel’s eyes. His beautiful blue eyes were looking down at her unwaveringly.


“I will be looking at you too.”


Eleanor’s cheeks turned red as she nodded. Her shyness had overcome the tension, and the trembling in Eleanor’s hands had completely disappeared.


Eleanor turned her head away from Kaidel. Then, she made direct eye contact with Princess Izent, who was looking at me in the crowd. A cool, piercing gaze pierced Eleanor’s face.


She read in the animosity toward her.


‘Did I do something wrong to him…?’


Kaidel, feeling Eleanor’s hesitation, looked down at her.




Eleanor shook her head in surprise.


“it’s nothing.”


Then a long, loud whistle was heard. It was the sound of announcing the position of the imperial family. Kaidel and Eleanor immediately turned toward the stairs.


“Here come His Highness the Crown Prince and the Princess of Mözen, Hildegard Callier Arr de Mözen.”


A grand yet soft song began to play.


Izmel and Hildegard appeared on the glittering marble steps.


All the people gathered at the table bowed in unison. CKidel’s hand was carefully released and she grabbed the hem of her skirt.


Cautiously standing up, Eleanor watched Izmel and the Princess walk down the stairs side by side.


‘Wow, she’s a beautiful person.’


The Princess was a very beautiful woman. Her luxuriant auburn hair was shiny, and her large, catlike eyes sparkled with ease. She was unstoppable in her actions, yet she was graceful and full of confidence.


Eleanor’s gaze turned to Izmel next to him. Unlike usual, he combed his hair neatly and gave off a very urban atmosphere. Even her slightly stiff face was impeccably beautiful.


‘They look good together…’


The two seemed like a pair that would suit each other well. Eleanor somehow felt that Izmel was a little distant.


Then Eleanor and Izmel’s eyes met. He found her at once without any hesitation. Her eyes widened slightly.


Izmel’s gaze turned to Kaidel, who was standing beside Eleanor. His spirits sank even colder.




At that moment, Kaidel held Eleanor’s hand. She looked up at him in surprise. Kaidel raised the corner of his lips slightly.


“Where are you looking at, like that.”


Kaidel whispered in a low voice that only Eleanor could hear.


“You should be looking at me.”


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