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“I was so nervous about it earlier that I didn’t even know where to look, so…”


Eleanor was gibberish and sprang up a bunch of excuses. Her whole body turned red like an apple.


“Anyway, in short, it’s fine now.”


“That’s a pity.”


Kaidel smiled faintly and let go of Eleanor’s hand. Eleanor wriggled his fingers, feeling the warmth of his hands disappear.




Hildegard, who was waiting for their order to enter, spoke to Dwight.


[Can you tell your boss to relax his expression?]


“Your Highness, the Princess asked you how about making your expression a little softer…”


Izmel answered without even looking at Hildegard.


“Tell her to please shut up.”


[Your Highness wants you to be a little quieter…]


Dwight delivered his words in a calm voice.


[Can you ask him how long you will be mad? I, too, in good conscience, intended to be quiet today.]


[I think it would be best if you just don’t say anything for now.]


[Why. Is it obvious?]


As Dwight turned his meek eyes here and there, Hildegard let out a deep sigh.


Yeah, what’s wrong with that cute and nice guy?


[Alright.. Do whatever you feel like.]


The two of them stood stiffly in silence. At that time, the attendant announced that it was time to enter. Izmel, who nodded his head as a sign of understanding, held out his gloved hand to Hildegard.


“We need to go.”


Hildegard, who casually placed her hand on him, straightened her shoulders and walked away. At the perfectly elegant and dignified appearance, Izmel frowned for a moment. Both him and her were familiar with that play to the point it disgusted him.


Halfway down the steps, Izmel raised his head and looks down at the people gathered below. His eyes immediately found the one he had been waiting for. He didn’t even have to look around. As if she was holding the light of the banquet hall alone, she was scattering the light brightly.




Izmel’s pupils dilate, and he inhales rapidly.


She, in a dazzling beauty, was looking at him. From head to toe, there wasn’t the slightest flaw in sight.


Eleanor’s eyes widened a little as their eyes met. Izmel was choked as her gaze slid to the Princess. It felt like his mouth was drying up.




And Izmel noticed that Eleanor wasn’t standing alone. Contrary to his usual assortment of moderate range of colors, Caidel, dressed perfectly in a tailcoat, was looking down at Eleanor standing next to him.


Then, Kaidel and Izmel’s eyes met. Kaidel, who greeted him politely, took Eleanor’s hand proudly the next moment.


Right, like a very boastful one.


Sparks flew from Izmel’s eyes.


There was another gaze watching over the two, so it was Hildegard. Hildegard glanced Eleanor up and down lightly.


‘Ah, look at that woman. If it’s a style that a guy like Izmel would like, it’s obvious. Modest and classy socialite flower style.’


Seeing Kaidel standing next to him, Hildegard grinned.


‘Is this why he woke up so quickly? How fun.’


The music started, and Izmel and Hildegard began the first dance of the ball. Izmel treated her politely and courteously, and Hildegard responded with a beautiful smile.


People smiled heartily at the pair of man and woman who looked very good together. Yet the reality was different.


‘Petty guy.’




‘Do you think you’re the only one making it obvious that you don’t like it? I don’t like it either, you little jerk.’


‘How long are you planning on staying there? Whether to your own country or to the other world, please disappear before my eyes.’


They were two people who laughed and cursed at each other. As the second song started, Kaidel and Eleanor walked out onto the floor.


Izmel’s gaze was naturally drawn to the two of them. Seeing this, Hildegard’s eyes widened.


She handed a word in the Imperial language that she had memorized.


“You’re even worse today.”


Izmel raised his eyebrows disapprovingly at Hildegard. Then Hildegard shrugged her shoulders.


See. If you learn it, everything will be useful.




The dance song reached its climax, and Eleanor, who spun round and round in Kaidel’s arms, suddenly grinned. Kaidel laughed as she laughed, even though he didn’t know what she meant.


“Why all of a sudden?”


Kaidel asked.


“It’s amazing that I’ve never stepped on your toe until now.”


However, as soon as she finished her words, Eleanor stepped on Kaidel’s foot.




“I shouldn’t have talked. Even though I was doing fine…!”


Eleanor glanced in the direction of Izmel and the Princess. Although she had stepped on him once, it was the first time she had finished a song without such a mistake.


Kaidel smiled softly, as if soothing Eleanor.


“Sorry for making a mistake. I shouldn’t have asked.”


The music died down, and Eleanor and Kaidel walked slowly to the edge of the hall. He escorted her perfectly without the slightest error.




Eleanor turned around. Adrian was making strides towards her.




“I thought you would attend with His Highness.”


“Somehow it happened that way.”


Eleanor shrugged her shoulders once. While Kaidel was busy receiving greetings from those around him in an instant, Eleanor was exchanging conversations with Adrian.


“You look really pretty today.”


Adrian said with full sincerity. Eleanor answered, squinting her eyes.


“You say that at every ball.”


“Because I feel that way every time.”


“Ugh, cringy.”


Eleanor wrinkled her nose.


“You will have to get used to it. I have a lot of things I want to say to you, but most of them are things that will freak you out.”


“For example?”


“Do you want to dance with me?”


Adrian tilted his head and shamelessly held out his hand. Eleanor let out a small laugh of hers.


“You don’t even like to dance.”


“That’s right. I hate it.”




Adrian smiled and folded the corners of his eyes.


“Because it’s better to do what I hate with you than to do what I like alone.”


Eleanor was speechless. Adrian casually took her hand and strode toward her empty seat.


“Everyone is looking at us.”


Eleanor looked around, looking a little uncomfortable. She had only expected to do so when she entered, but it was strange that their eyes were still focused on her while the banquet was in full swing.


“Because you’re pretty.”


“They keep whispering, though?”


“Looks like they’re envious of you.”


Adrian smiled as he took Eleanor’s hand and twirled it around.


Arriving early, exchanging greetings with various people, he heard people talking about Eleanor. Most of them were trivial words related to the Crown Prince.


It was just a joke to Adrian, who knew the truth, but he didn’t want Eleanor to hear it. Adrian tried to distract Eleanor.


Dwight also came up to Eleanor in the middle to talk. Kaidel, Adrian, and Dwight alternately stayed by Eleanor’s side.


“Can I bring you something to drink?”


“That’s great.”


It was then.


“Hello, Lady Everett.”


Eleanor turned around. An unexpected figure stood.


“Princess Izent.”


“Just call me Anais. Is it okay if I call you Eleanor?”


“Of course.”


A flustered Eleanor nodded her head, and Anais smiled. The coldness she had felt earlier was a friendly smile, as if it were Eleanor’s own illusion.


“I think this is the first time I’ve been greeted like this. I don’t think I’ve seen you at social gatherings either.”


“I apologize.”


“Oh my, no need to apologize. I know how busy Eleanor is, well.”


Anais stretched out her arm and placed it around Eleanor’s shoulder in a friendly embrace. Eleanor suddenly turned around the banquet hall as if walking with her.


“But if I send you an invitation, will you come?”


“Of course.”


“Thank you. I have heard the story from Your Highness several times, and I’m always curious. What kind of person you are that His Highness praises you so much.”


Eleanor asked, looking at Anais.


“His Highness?”


“His Highness and I have been interacting often since we were young. Until this time he asked Eleanor to be his partner, every time I attended the banquet with His Highness.”




Eleanor’s eyes shook slightly. She started to get confused about what expression to make or how to react.


So, is this a warning now?


His Highness is mine, so get away, or something like that?


Anais smiled as Eleanor awkwardly raised the corners of her lips.


“Relax your expression. I know what people say, but His Highness and I are not like that. Rather, I’m someone who sincerely wishes for His Highness and Eleanor to be married.”


“Are you like childhood friends?”


“It would be more like a business partner than that. Since we have no feelings for each other, we can be perfectly neat.”


Eleanor nodded her head slowly.


“Your Highness wants a clean and public partner, and I can get closer to what I want by being with him, so it’s a good deal for both of us.”


Anais, who gave a cool explanation, took a champagne glass from the attendant and handed it to Eleanor. She gulped it down awkwardly.


“You’re tired today, aren’t you? Everyone talks about Eleanor…”


“They’re talking about me?”


There was a slight gap between Eleanor’s eyebrows.


“It’s just words mixed with jealousy. Rumors spread everywhere that His Highness asked a young lady for a partner. Yet suddenly he appeared with the Princess, so they like to talk about this and that. It will pass soon, so don’t mind it.”


Eleanor listened with a dazed face as Anais explained a little more about the gossip. The smile disappeared from Eleanor’s face.


She now knew why people kept glancing at her.


‘So from before…’


It was just a bunch of wild fantasies. As expected, it wasn’t even a terribly bad rumor.


But Eleanor’s mood subsided to no end. She didn’t even do anything, yet she was being ridiculed and talked about. Anger welled up in her, not knowing who it was directed at.


“Eleanor, His Highness is coming this way.”


Eleanor looked in the direction Anais pointed, expressionless. Izmel, with a slightly nervous expression, was walking this way.


It wasn’t a nice time. At this moment, Eleanor didn’t want to be with Izmel.




“Your Highness.”


Eleanor greeted them firmly.


“I guess you didn’t even see me because you were looking at the beautiful Eleanor. Let’s just say I’ve been greeted.”


Anais smirked and gently pushed Eleanor on the back.


“Ask her for a dance, Your Highness. Don’t be so frozen.”


Izmel looked at Eleanor longingly. His usual playfulness wasn’t felt today.


Izmel politely held out his hand.


“An honor to dance with you.”


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  1. I honestly just feel bad for Izmel, this mightve really ruined his chances. The visiting princess is kind of annoying and Anais is most likely one of our villains as well