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“Demian, you’re a lovely one.”


Demian’s eyes widened at Eleanor’s words.


“You’re also someone kinder, smarter, and more precious than anyone else.”


Eleanor continued, gently wiping Demian’s eyes with the soft sleeve.


“So you don’t have to try to be like your brother. You and your brother are different people. You don’t compare roses and tulips. They’re just flowers with different colors and scents.”


Demian gave a small nod.




Eleanor said as she lifted Demian and placed him on the bed. It was one of the biggest learnings from her past life.


“You just have to live as yourself.”




Breakfast spot.


Demian rubbed his swollen eyes and chewed and swallowed the white bread. His nose was half stuck in his plate, as if he was hungry.


Eleanor asked Count Tafman if it would be okay for Demian to stay at the Count’s residence for a few days.




A firm refusal came immediately.


“Yes? But…”


“If something happens to Demian, how will you take responsibility for it? Are you going to say it’s fine even then because you’re His Grace’s ‘friend’?”


The Count sarcastically raised the corners of his lips. He seemed very upset about yesterday’s events.


He spoke again in a stern voice.


“I can’t allow it.”


But Eleanor had no intention of backing down easily. She was trying to resist the urge to pour gravy all over his face.


Eleanor answered, drooping the tips of her eyebrows.


“It can’t be helped that you can’t allow it… He needs a guardian’s permission to leave the house.”


The Count seemed satisfied with Eleanor’s obedient attitude and nodded his head. He reached for a glass of water.


“Then there is only one way. I have no choice but to stay here until the Duke returns.”




The Count, shocked by Eleanor’s bombshell, coughed for a long time. After barely drinking water, he raised one of his eyebrows and asked.




“I made a firm promise to Demian. I will stay with him until the Duke comes.”


Hearing Eleanor’s words, he tightened his grip on the glass and growled.


“It’s just a promise you made with a nine-year-old child.”


“A promise is a promise. As a teacher, I cannot break the promise I made to my students.”


Because that’s not good for education.


The Count decided that he couldn’t communicate with Eleanor and turned his head towards Demian.


“How old are you that you can’t even be alone for a few days?”


Demian froze, shrugging his shoulders.


‘How dare you?’


Eleanor quickly intervened, clenching her fists.


“Oh, my, Count, you too. You just said he was a nine-year-old child.”


When she smiled brightly and pointed out what he had said, the Count’s face crumpled like a sheet of paper.




“Wouldn’t it be confusing for Demian? He was at an age where he didn’t know anything, and then I was at an age where I could do anything on my own…”


Eleanor shrugged her shoulders and continued. As if that had touched the Count’s patience, he clicked his tongue and scolded.


“Tsk. That’s why the kid is like that, since you’re teaching him. As soon as His Grace returns…”


She spoke, interrupting the Count.


“Thank you for the compliment.”




The Count’s expression scrunched up as if she was saying something stupid. Eleanor said as she continued eating with a calm expression on her face.


“As a teacher, I’m truly fortunate to have a student like Demian. It’s a dream to meet a child who is exceptionally smart and has character.”


Eleanor grinned as she looked at Demian, who was watching the two of them. Demian’s cheeks turned red.


“Besides, how cute is our Demi? There’s not a corner of him that doesn’t sparkle from head to toe. This is exactly like the Duke. Isn’t it?”


The Count, who was very upset, gritted his teeth. He now made no attempt to hide his hostility toward Eleanor.


For heaven’s sake, Eleanor was a pacifist. She’s a person who gives in a little when fighting with someone and walks away when making a loud noise.


But strangely enough, she felt a strange sense of pleasure as she looked at the Count’s flushed face. What can she say, it was thrilling.


Eleanor, who gained confidence, clapped her hands and said.


“Ah! This is something the Duke has given permission to do in the past, but I’ll tell you in advance. I think you like giving permission to things.”


She said as she cut the chicken on the plate with a knife.


“I plan to take classes here as well. Prince Lucas and Sienna of the Marquis of Blake will also be here. Is that fine with you?”


“The Prince?”


Hearing that Prince Lucas was coming, the Count lowered his tail. No matter how much he didn’t like Eleanor, it seemed like he couldn’t do it in front of the Imperial Family.


“Because it’s a class, I can’t help it…”


“It’s fine since you gave permission.”


Eleanor didn’t even give him a chance to finish his sentence.


“Finish your meal, Count. The chicken dish is really delicious.”


When Eleanor and Demian’s eyes met, the corners of Demian’s mouth quirked up. That laughter recharged Eleanor’s fighting power once again.


‘For Demian’s sake, I can be even more shameless.’




The day of class arrived, and when Sienna and Lucas arrived, the Duke’s house became more noisy than ever.


The residents, who were accustomed to the silence where they could almost hear the sound of ants crawling, opened their eyes wide as they saw the scenery of the mansion for the first time. But their confusion was short-lived, and they hummed in satisfaction at the changed atmosphere.


“Whoa… Your house is really nice, Demi.”


Sienna looked up at the honeysuckle on her ceiling and opened her mouth. Lucas snorted as he looked at the training ground outside the window.


“Can’t we go outside to play?”


Eleanor shrugged her eyebrows at Lucas’ suggestion.


“If we all concentrate and finish class early, it will be okay to go out and play.”




Snacks were neatly placed on plates, and Jonathan, who was looking at them with a happy face, closed the door.


“I hope we can continue to study here even after Demi’s brother returns.”


Eleanor, who heard Lucas muttering something inadvertently, asked playfully.


“What’s wrong with Teacher’s house?”




Lucas racked his brain for a suitable answer. Eleanor felt like steam would come out of his ears if she left it a little longer, so she quickly smiled and settled the situation.


“It’s a joke. Teacher also wants to change houses with Demi, well.”


Perhaps because there was a reward, the children participated in class much more actively than usual. Demian, who had been drooping for weeks, smiled and nodded, just like before.


“Can’t I just not take the vocabulary test today?”


“You hit it all the time!”


“Mmhm, no can do.”


To Eleanor, Sienna and Lucas’ grumbles now just sounded like birds chirping. Only after completing the vocabulary test and incorrect answer notes did Eleanor release the children.


“It’s over now! Let’s go out.”




Lucas, who was shaking in boredom, was the first to run out of the room. Demian and Sienna followed suit and started running.


Lucas ran towards the parade ground he saw through the window. In the spacious parade ground, knights were gathering and training their bodies.


“Guys, be careful not to fall!”


Eleanor, who hurriedly ran to catch up with the children, put her hand around her mouth and shouted loudly to warn them. At that moment, the parade ground became quiet and countless eyes turned to Eleanor as if it were a lie.


‘W-What is it.’


Eleanor felt a little creeped out and approached the children hesitantly. The eyes moved slowly, following Eleanor’s movements.


‘Did I do something wrong…? Wasn’t I supposed to come this way?’


Eleanor’s mind became confused.


But in fact, it was because a pretty woman suddenly appeared in a space that always smelled of dirt and sweat. The knights sniffed the faint scent of flowers wafting from Eleanor.




Eleanor greeted carefully. As if that was the signal, the knights rushed to tell her what they wanted to say.


“Miss, what are you here for?”


“You came too, Young Master. Are you here to look around the parade ground?”


“I’m the guide for this area.”


“I really like children. Children also like me because I resemble a teddy bear…”


“Is there anything we can help you with?”


Eleanor, taken aback by the sudden crowd of knights with shining eyes, widened her eyes.


Which question should I answer first? It was at a time when Eleanor was floundering.




“Don’t bother our teacher!”


Sienna and Lucas widened their eyes and separated Eleanor and themselves from the knights. Although she doesn’t know why, Demian was also standing next to her, his arms stretched out to the sides.


The expressions were quite solemn, but to adults, it just seemed cute. The knights bit their lips, suppressed laughter, and took a step back.


“I’m sorry.”


Eleanor said as she looked at those articles.


“I was looking for a place for the kids to run around.”


“There is no other place like this.”


The knights gave the children a shady place without hesitation. One person even searched the warehouse and brought back a slightly deflated ball.


Eleanor sat under the awning that the youngest knight had set up and watched the children running around like puppies.


‘Kaidel was right. It’s great for kids to run around and play.’


How much time has passed? Perhaps because of the hot weather, the children became more tired than usual and walked towards Eleanor.


“Teacher, I’m thirsty.”


“Look at how sweaty you are. Let’s go in.”


Eleanor said, fanning her hands to cool the children’s necks. The children waved to the knights they had just become acquainted with.


“Huh? I think the carriage is waiting. Let’s hurry.”


The silhouette of a carriage was vaguely visible in the distance. Eleanor tapped Lucas and Sienna on the shoulders.


“Isn’t Teacher going home?”


“Hm? Of course I am…”


When Kaidel returns sometime.


Eleanor awkwardly avoided looking at the two children.


“Oh, I just brought the ball.”


At that time, Lucas noticed the rubber ball in his hand and his eyes widened. Eleanor spoke quietly.


“Just leave it alone. Teacher will take care of it later.”


“I think if I throw it hard enough, it will reach the other side…”




Eleanor tried to hold him back, but it seemed like Lucas was already firmly attached to the idea. From experience, it was nearly impossible to stop Lucas at a moment like this.




Lucas threw the ball as hard as he could with both hands. The ball flies quickly in a parabola…




It landed squarely in the back of someone’s head. It was truly a hit.


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