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Kaidel stood in front of Demian’s door for a while. He had to open the door and go in, yet he strangely couldn’t move his body. He didn’t have the courage to look at Demian.


The conversation they had in front of the carriage before Eleanor returned to the Count’s residence came to mind.


[Eleanor, will Demian forgive me?]


[That’s stupid. There will be no need for him to forgive you. Because Demi never resented you in the first place.]


Eleanor grinned and patted his arm. As if he didn’t have to worry.


As he thought of her, a little courage rose within him. Kaidel knocked on Demian’s door.


“Demian, I’m going in for a moment.”


When he opened the door and entered the room, he saw Demian sitting on the edge of the bed with a surprised face.


“Perhaps, did I woke you up…”


Demian quickly shook his head at Kaidel’s words.


Demian’s room, decorated in light sky blue, was clean and tidy. When Kaidel realized that I had never personally inspected Demian’s room, he became somewhat devastated.


“What about Teacher…?”


Demian began speaking cautiously.


“Eleanor just got back to her house.”




“I heard about it. Things that have happened so far. I didn’t allow anyone to come near you.”


The end of Kaidel’s voice trembled slightly. The next moment, Demian’s eyes widened to the limit. Kaidel slowly knelt down in front ofhim.


“I’m sorry, Demian.”


Demian spoke in a thin voice.


“But Brother… You’re nice to me.”


“No, it’s my fault you had to go through all that alone. You’re still young, and I’m the one who has to take care of you.”


Tears began to well up in Demian’s big eyes. Demian bit his lip and clenched his small fists. He tried to somehow stop crying, yet it was no use in the presence of Kaidel’s soft voice.


“I’m sorry for not noticing it first, Demian.”


“I didn’t tell you…”


“I also couldn’t protect you as an adult.”


Kaidel reached out and wiped Demian’s cheek. His soft and soft skin still felt like that of a baby.


“I’m sorry that, as your older brother, I couldn’t be a place for you to lean on comfortably, Demian.”


Kaidel carefully wiped the area around Demian’s eyes and carefully removed his hand. He asked, making eye contact with Demian.


“Can you forgive me?”


Demian nodded his head without hesitation.


He stretched out his arms and hugged Demian tightly. Demian, who was standing stiffly at first as if it was awkward, soon wrapped his arms around Kaidel’s neck.


Demian buried his face in Kaidel’s shoulder for a while and sniffed his nose. Demian asked in a cautious voice.


“Then you don’t hate me?”


It was an incomprehensible question. Kaidel raised his eyebrows.


“Why would I hate you?”




He was startled by Demian’s words and pulled away from him.


“That’s ridiculous, Demian. Never again, really never think like that again. It’s not your fault. It’s no one’s fault.”






“I promise.”


Kaidel hugged Demian tightly again. His small, thin body relaxed and leaned back comfortably. Kaidel said, carefully stroking the back of Demian’s head.


“How could I not love you? You’re my only family in this world.”




“Yes, really.”


Demian sniffed his nose and rested his cheek on Kaidel’s shoulder. It was warm and reassuring.


Kaidel said, patting Demian on the back soothingly.


“I promise. I won’t let anyone hurt you with that kind of words. I will do my best to make you feel comfortable with me.”




[Dear Ellen.


Hi, Ellen. It’s Hilde. How have you been?


I’m stuck in the palace all day, helping with boring things. How can you sit for so long and not get sick?


The items I brought from Bellium are getting quite a good response. I think that this opportunity will probably increase exchanges between the two countries. At the same time, I hope that the road can be paved. When I came back here, I suffered for a week.


For the time being, Kaidel will be traveling back and forth between Mözen and Bellium frequently. So please hand him the reply.


I wonder if the problem that annoying woman made was resolved. Don’t forget to write it in your reply.


Bellium is still vivid. I miss your mom’s pumpkin pie, and I miss the fish dishes we ate outside.


I miss you all. Except for the unlucky Crown Prince. I also see Kaidel a lot, so I left him out.


Live a moderately leisurely life so as not to get sick. I hope someday I will see you again.


Hilde, who is tired.]




[Dear Hilde.


I’m doing well. I’m glad Hilde is doing well too. I think you will quickly get used to the boring daily life.


Ah, the problem is being resolved.


It can’t be said to be a perfect solution. We’re still losing customers.


But my biggest worry was alleviated. I don’t know what’s going on… Could it be that heaven helped?


And everyone is doing well here. Adrian’s work has made it difficult for me to see his face, and His Highness is busy as always. (Even though you said you weren’t curious.)


For some reason, the children are burning with a passion for learning these days, and I’m very happy because of this. Dwight has been working overtime a bit more often, but he’s still healthy.


I hope that someday I, too, will have the opportunity to visit Mözen. Until that day, I hope you are doing well.


By Eleanor Everett.]




After sealing the reply, Eleanor was deep in thought.


“It’s Mözen…”


The Princess’ words that exchanges with the Mözen Kingdom would increase couldn’t be erased from her mind. Eleanor took out a blank piece of paper.


“If Mözen’s share of Bellium’s diplomacy increases, the number of people who want to learn about its language and culture will also increase.”


Eleanor took her quill and began to write down whatever thoughts came to her.


A crunching sound echoed across the desk. Unfinished ideas filled the paper.


Then there was a knock on the door.


“Ellen, can I come in?”




She naturally thought it was a maid, but Adrian stuck his head out through the crack in the door. Eleanor stood up from her seat.


“What happened all of a sudden? I heard you’re very busy these days?”


Adrian closed the door and strode in. He flopped down on the sofa in a familiar manner.


“Yeah, I stopped by for a gift.”




Eleanor’s eyes turned to the large bouquet of flowers in Adrian’s hand. The bouquet of large and small light pink flowers looked luxurious at first glance.


Why all this…


Eleanor, sitting next to Adrian, smiled brightly and stretched out her hands. Then Adrian grinned and hid his hands behind his back.


“I’m sorry, but this isn’t yours.”


Eleanor was shocked.




“Yes, really.”


Eleanor, embarrassed, pouted her lips and Adrian let out a low laugh.


She became genuinely curious. So who is that bouquet for?


“Then whose is it?”


Business partner?


No, it was too romantic for that. Eleanor tilted her head, looking at the fine lace that adorned the bouquet.


Adrian suddenly felt like teasing Eleanor a little.


“It’s for my favorite woman in the world.”


An earthquake occurred in Eleanor’s eyes. Confusion arose in her mind.


He said he liked her a while ago, yet now he’s giving flowers to another woman…


Eleanor blinked her eyes rapidly, like a broken robot. Adrian said, touching Eleanor’s forehead.


“You idiot, your mother. It’s their wedding anniversary.”


“What day is today, though?”


At Adrian’s words, Eleanor looked at the calendar. There were three red circles drawn above the date.


Eleanor muttered softly.


“I’m doomed…”


“You didn’t prepare anything?”


Eleanor shook her head. She had been so focused on Demian these days that she had completely forgotten about the anniversary.


Considering the grand birthday party her parents had prepared for her this time, it was a day that should never be overlooked.


‘Would it be better to go out and buy something now? But it’s meal time soon…’


Eleanor, who was chewing her lips, suddenly turned her head towards Adrian.


“But how do you know that?”


“How do you not know that?”


Adrian questioned, raising one eyebrow crookedly.


That’s right.


“Is it too late to go buy it now?”


“Yeah, we decided to eat together a little later…”


Eleanor sighed. At that moment, the bouquet in Adrian’s hand suddenly caught her eye.


Adrian twitched his eyebrows when he saw Eleanor’s eyes shining suspiciously.




Eleanor called Adrian in a friendly voice. He instinctively realized what she was going to say and answered firmly.




“Please help me.”




Adrian, who was sitting with his long legs crossed, slowly tilted his head. He crossed his arms as if he wasn’t going to let it go that easily.




Eleanor tilted her head and smiled. Adrian forced a solemn expression, yet he couldn’t stop the corners of his mouth from trembling slightly.


At that time, Eleanor’s fingers gently pulled Adrian’s sleeve.




He lost.


Adrian’s cheeks sank and his lips slowly drew a line. While Adrian buried his face in his hands and shook his head, Eleanor quickly took the bouquet away from him.


“You owe me.”


Adrian said while looking at Eleanor.


“Nothing is free in this world.”


Eleanor answered shamelessly.


“But it exists in friendship. A valuable heart that gives without receiving anything in return.”


“I changed my mind. Give it back.”


When Adrian held out his hand, Eleanor turned around.


“Take it somewhere.”


Eleanor said as she looked at the bouquet, which was in perfect condition without a single damaged petal.


“But it’s a bit touching. How did you know what flowers Mom likes?”


Adrian said playfully.


“Uh, I think I just won some points.”


“I would have been more moved if it hadn’t been for those words just now.”


Adrian laughed lowly. He glanced at his watch and stood up. Now it was time to go.


 He asked, adjusting his clothes.


“What are you doing on the weekend?”






Adrian’s eyes narrowed slightly at the short and bold answer.


“Which is more important, me or work.”




This time, Eleanor answered without hesitation. Her green eyes were full of mischief.


Adrian boldly proposed, clenching his fist tightly.


“Still, let’s eat with me.”


Eleanor’s eyes widened as if she was surprised. Adrian said, ruffling her hair.


“I’ll make it so you don’t even have to think about work. Spend the weekend with me, Ellen.”


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