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Put him to sleep.


Kaidel’s expression became subtle. He knows how to wake someone up, but he has never put someone to sleep before. Of course, no one had ever put him to sleep either.


“How do you do that?”


Eleanor blinked at the endless question.


What kind of life has this man led?


He might have memories of his parents or nanny patting him to sleep, yet Kaidel had an expression on his face that had no clue at all. Eleanor stuttered to explain.


“Cover him with a blanket and pat him… Talk to each other about what happened during the day.”


Kaidel nodded his head. Demian turned his eyes as if he couldn’t imagine his older brother patting him.


“It would be nice to exercise together on the weekend. As you said before, the parade ground was well-maintained.”


“You’ve been to the military parade ground?”


Eleanor nodded at him.


“Because the kids want to play. I was planning to go back if they were still training, but the knights said it was okay.”




Kaidel’s eyes narrowed slightly.


“Everyone was very kind. They come first and ask if we need anything, and even set up the awning themselves. The children also like it.”




It seems like my training hasn’t been enough lately.


Kaidel muttered softly. His eyebrows twitched at the picture that was clearly drawn even without looking at it.


Eleanor continued cheerfully.


“They all seemed like nice people. They treated me well throughout my stay, yet I couldn’t greet them.”


“They’re like bison. I’ll give them your greetings.”


As soon as I get back, you all gather together.


Eleanor, completely unaware of his quietly boiling jealousy, just smiled brightly. Kaidel smiled brightly. To Eleanor, it was just a friendly smile.




After seeing Kaidel and Demian off, Eleanor walked toward the front door. Eleanor, who was casually walking through the front yard, stopped in her tracks. She felt like she saw someone.


Someone who couldn’t be here and shouldn’t be here.


“Your Highness…?”


Eleanor rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand.


Why is His Highness the Crown Prince in the front yard?


Izmel, who was standing in front of the fountain, saw Eleanor like that and burst out laughing. It was only when she heard that laughter that it dawned on her that it was real.


“Why are you here?”


“Why are you here?”


“Because it’s my house!”


“I have the same reason. Because it’s your house.”


Ismel walked up to her and held out a bright red rose in front of her. Eleanor suddenly took it and blinked her round eyes.


He said with an embarrassed expression.


“I heard this is how you usually ask for a date. You go to their house and give them flowers.”


“Is this your first time asking someone out on a date?”


“Yeah. Usually I’m the one who gets it.”


Izmel nodded calmly. It was truly a natural and calm attitude.


He was a bit obnoxious, but looking at his sparkling face even under a dull, colorless cloak, she could understand. He deserved it.


“Give up dinner time for me tonight. Let’s have a date.”


“Tonight? Now?”


Eleanor, who had been pondering his words for a moment, asked back in surprise. Izmel nodded.


“Yes, now.”


“This sudden?”


“If I give you time to think, you’ll just find ways to escape like a fish.”


Eleanor’s shoulders flinched as he hit the nail on the head.


It was awkward enough for Adrian and Kaidel to approach her, but Izmel was the Crown Prince. After feeling the distance between them at the ball, Eleanor somehow found it difficult to deal with him.


It wasn’t that she disliked Izmel. Rather than not liking him, it was quite the opposite. Time passed quickly as she was swayed here and there by his unique jokes and her face turned red at the words that struck him. He was a charming person.


“I counted, and I’ve been kicked eight times so far. By you.”


“What do you mean kicked! And we watched the opera together.”


Izmel raised one eyebrow at Eleanor’s words.


“Can a meeting with three children and a young marquis be called a date? You even slept the whole time.”


“That… is true, but.”


Just looking at this situation, it was like that. He immobilized Eleanor with just a few words and very naturally achieved what he wanted.


“I understand. Please wait a moment and I will change my clothes.”


Izmel’s face brightened at Eleanor’s words. He nodded his head quickly.


Ah, how dazzling.


Eleanor hurried up to her room. She wore a bright and light dress and pulled down her hat. Eleanor, who was looking in the mirror, took out the rouge and tapped it on her lips.


‘But it’s a date.’


Izmel was definitely not a man used to dating. He doesn’t even give her time to prepare! It must be the indifference of a man born with a perfect face, requiring no preparation.


Eleanor, trying to get out quickly, remembered Izmel wearing a hooded cloak. Just thinking about a cape in this summer weather made her sweat.


She stopped by Dwight’s room, grabbed a wide-brimmed hat, and hurried down the stairs.


“Your Highness, use this.”




“Why a cloak like that in the summer? Doesn’t that feel hot?”


Izmel muttered as he carefully removed the cloak.


“I’m afraid I’ll stand out…”


“You stand out more when you’re dressed like that, Your Highness.”


Sure enough, sweat was beading on Izmel’s forehead. Eleanor shook her head and held out a handkerchief.


He grinned, wiping away beads of sweat with the handkerchief.


“Thank you. Thanks to you, I survived.”


Eleanor asked while he adjusted his hat.


“Where do you want to go?”


Izmel answered.


“I heard that a festival will be held in the market today. There will be a lot to see since it’s the first day.”


“A festival?”


“Have you ever been there?”


Eleanor shook her head. Since Dwight and Adrian didn’t like crowded places, Eleanor naturally stayed away from those places.


Eleanor smiled brightly as she felt that it was going to be a different experience. Izmel’s heart skipped a beat at her favorable response.


Eleanor suddenly asked as she walked along with Izmel.


“But if it were a festival, there would be a lot of people… Can you leave without an escort?”


Izmel answered proudly.


“Of course not. That’s why I’m going out secretly.”




Eleanor was scared and stepped back. Somehow, she could see Lucas in the man in front of her. She didn’t think there was much of a resemblance, but guess what? Lucas was definitely reckless and mischievous.


He said, placing his hand on her hat.


“I will appoint you as my guard.”


In this way, Eleanor became the Crown Prince’s bodyguard.




Eleanor, with her hands full of food, looked at the chicken skewers and said.


“I want to eat that.”




She already ate five kinds.


Eleanor’s eyes became fierce at Izmel’s question, which was full of surprise. Seeing her sharp appearance for the first time, Izmel flinched and lowered his tail.


“Yeah, eat it. Eat a lot.”


Only after eating two more chicken skewers did Eleanor have time to look around at the scenery around her. It’s been a long time since she had street food.


Of course it was different from what she ate in Korea, but the sensibility was the same. Salty, sweet and spicy, a familiar taste. Although she’s now very used to the healthy taste, sometimes she misses it.


“There are so many people.”


Eleanor said, putting on the hat. Izmel nodded.


“But I think that’s why we’re less noticeable.”


As Izmel said, there were so many people that it was an atmosphere where no one cared about each other. The two people, who had been wearing their hats tightly at first, gradually became comfortable and enjoyed their freedom.


“Huh, dart?”


Eleanor was happy to see the dartboard and pointed. When Eleanor became interested, the owner quickly approached and encouraged her to open her purse.


“It’s not difficult, so give it a try. There are also gifts.”


The pile of gifts the owner pointed to wasn’t very nice. But originally, prizes weren’t that important in these games.


“How is it? Shall we make a bet?”


“A bet?”


Eleanor nodded her head.


“How about granting the winner’s wish?”


“Fine with me. Have you ever tried it?”




Not here.


However, at company dinners in her past life, Yeojin was called the empress of darts. Her friends clicked their tongues, saying that Yeojin’s athleticism seemed to be focused solely on darts.


The owner, who looked back and forth between Eleanor and Izmel, quickly intervened and handed over the dart.


“Alright. Starting from the big circle, there are 2 points, 4 points, 6 points, and 8 points. The black dot in the middle is 10 points.”


Izmel stood in front of the line first. Izmel, who was gently assessing the weight of the dart, then threw it with all his might.


“8 points!”


It’s not bad. Eleanor, assessing Izmel’s skills, shook her hands and nodded.


As she held the dart, the old sensations seemed to flow through her fingers. It was nothing special, yet Eleanor was more serious than anyone else at this moment.


Phew. Eleanor caught her breath and threw the dart with all her might.


“10 points!”




Eleanor clenched her fists and cheered. Izmel’s eyes widened.


“You said you’ve never tried it?”


“I guess I was born with it.”


Eleanor shrugged her shoulders. Izmel threw his second dart, looking a little nervous.


“10 points!”




Izmel cheered and grinned at Eleanor. At that laugh, Eleanor’s competitive spirit flared up.


10 points, 10 points, 10 more points…


A tense match ensued. Eleanor didn’t miss 10 points, and Izmel also hit the center of the target every time except the first time.


“The game will be decided in your hands.”


Izmel gave the dart to Eleanor. There was a strange tension between the two people. These were two people who never lost when it came to competitive spirit.


“If you just surrender now, I’ll treat you leniently. With a simple wish.”


“That sounds absurd. You will only know if you win until the end.”


“You saw it. I’m going to win anyway.”


Eleanor left her bag with Izmel and stood in front of the line. At this moment, it seemed like there were only two people in Eleanor’s world: her target, and her alone.


Ismel looked at Eleanor with his arms crossed. Seeing her like this for the first time felt fresh.


“Do well.”


“I know you don’t even mean it.”


I’m serious.


Izmel made an aggrieved expression. He won over Eleanor, but he did her no harm. If he wins, he will approach her and ask her to grant his wish, and if he loses, he will approach her saying he will grant her her wish.


“Uh, no!”


Still, it’s true that deep down he hoped he would win. Is that why? The heavens favored Izmel.


Just before the dart left Eleanor’s hand, the child who was running through the crowd of people collided with Eleanor.


“2 points!”


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