Don’t Remember Me Cover

Don’t Remember Me





“Before I die, even at least once…. I miss you.”


Rosé was sentenced that she could only live for a long one year and left him.


She had only one wish while approaching her death.


Those I had to let go by her own hands.


The man she loved truly and genuinely and the baby that would grow up.


On the road from which she left; Rosé faced him.


“… So, you really forgot about me.”


It was the first time after five years that she turned away from the man who has lost his memory.




At first, she was just a sickly, shabby woman.


She was a benefactor who saved his daughter’s life and was only a child’s maid.


“By the way, why do you keep looking at me?”


Her green eyes that looked like they were about to burst into tears entered his heart.


Rosé, because that woman means something to him.


“What the hell am I missing?”




“Yeah, it was you. it was you How could I have forgotten you?”


Rosé accepted their sad separation before her death.


Only then did Haven remember his wife. Only after she quietly left his side.


… Now it was time for him to find her.