I Will Raise It as the Best Family in the World cover

I Will Raise It as the Best Family in the World

When she faced death in the final battle against Cheongung, the enemy who led her family to ruin, and opened her eyes, Seol Woonyeong was back as a ten-year-old child. Back to that time when her grandfather, a stern but fair man, her affectionate father, and her caring older brother were there. ‘I will make…

Survive! Foolish Bottom! cover

Survive! Foolish Bottom!

As the youngest son of a gangster family, I grew up showered with love from his family. The things I currently like the most are men’s passionate friendships and motorcycles. Even though I may be a little reckless, I thought he could cover it all with money, so I had no complaints about the world……

#Executive Director, Thank You! cover

#Executive Director, Thank You!

Rumors have spread about the second son of ‘that chaebol family’ known to all Koreans. He is said to be a huge fan of Lee Ruda, a member of the popular idol group WISH! His success in fierce concert ticket purchasing and buying hundreds of albums to attend fansigns is a hot topic on SNS….

I, the Female Lead, Ruined the Original cover

I, the Female Lead, Ruined the Original

I possessed the role of a female protagonist. But there’s a problem…   “When women gather, dishes get broken, so be careful on your own.” “Oh, really?”   This world was from a spicy adult novel. And the male lead is strangely individualistic? But he’s a crown prince, so is there no alternative?   Well……

As My Husband Said, I Brought in a Lover cover

As My Husband Said, I Brought in a Lover

“Do you remember, Luize? The moment you interfere with my private life, this marriage is over. You’re the one who accepted that condition.”   It was about three years of their marriage. One day, when she was tired of her husband, who was constantly cheating on her, her husband told her to bring in a…

Wasn’t I the Female Lead of a Regret Novel? cover

Wasn’t I the Female Lead of a Regret Novel?

“We’re getting a divorce.”   Vendia’s eyes slowly throbbed at the sound of divorce from her husband’s mouth. As expected, Vendia Rose was confident. Due to the nature of regret novels, if the female lead asks for a divorce, the male lead’s rehabilitation and love will begin from then on. But what’s this? They’re really…

Tell Me That You Like It cover

Tell Me That You Like It

“I’m late because I had to buy condoms.”   Anna flinched at his unexpected words.   “I have two.”   “I don’t think that would be enough.”   “How many times are you going to…”   He cupped Anna’s face in his hands and kissed her as she muttered in surprise.   The scent of…

The tale of Hera cover

The tale of Hera

No one has ever told my story before. Neither the artful voice of the minstrel of Ithaca nor the lascivious voices of the sirens, who sit on the rocks and seduce the sailors. As they were not worthy to tell my story, I did not allow them.   I am well aware of the rumors…

Trapped in a Dungeon with the Boss Monster cover

Trapped in a Dungeon with the Boss Monster

Evie James, an unremarkable E-rank hunter.   After clearing a dungeon as usual for her livelihood, she encountered an abnormal occurrence—a new dungeon had opened.   An enclosed laboratory drenched in blood. She barely escaped death using her skills against the boss monster. However, the monster wouldn’t let her leave the dungeon.   “Stay by…

Dead Man Switch cover

Dead Man Switch

After pulling an all-nighter to submit his project, he opened his eyes to a Christmas morning. However, instead of carols ringing, it was the beginning of a disaster. The dormitory was cut off from communication, and outside, There were zombies roaming, dripping black blood as they tore people apart!   Ho-hyeon, running away without knowing…