D Minus Cover

D Minus



“I don’t have much time to live.”

“Is dying something special? It’s nothing much, you know.”

A sudden onset of gastric cancer. His given time, D-180. Hajin, who was sentenced to a time limit, quietly visits a quiet seaside village to end his life. There he meets Jonghwa, a dirty, rude and ignorant man.

Unlike his bad first impression, the time he spends with Jonghwa becomes enjoyable. He also feels his heart pounding for the first time in his life.




“Should we love each other a little bit?”


“Not much. Just a little bit.”

“Can’t we love each other more than that?”


Obviously, death is not regrettable but lingering feelings for his life continue to arise. However, Hajin’s physical condition starts to get worse. Time flies so fast that it is close to D-day.


“Shin Jonghwa.”


“Let’s meet in our next life too.”

“…What, fuck…what do you mean next life…”

“Just. There might be another life. So let’s meet once then, okay? Just once.”


“And love each other once then, to our heart’s content.”