The Youngest Is Preventing the End of the World Cover

The Youngest Is Preventing the End of the World



“The stupid youngest who doesn’t know how to do anything, only believes in her cute face, and causes troubles, is her.”


The angry me looked at the mirror once again and shouted.


“Just why out of all the people, am I that ‘stupid youngest’ Diana Cartier!?”


Diana, the villainess who was brainwashed by the villain and greatly contributed to the destruction of the world after repeating her evil deeds in the novel called, [The Ending Can’t Be the End of the World]!


The villainess said her nose would break if she fell backward, but I fell backward and recalled my previous life?


I, who was just an ordinary college student in my previous life, realized that I had been reincarnated as Diana Cartier, the villainess of a novel, and made up my mind.


“This world will be doomed.”

“But, I’m not going to let that happen.”


I will prevent the end of the world with my own hands!

As well as save my older brothers from conspiracy!


Wait a minute. What is that black thing sprawled all over the floor there?


That face, I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere?


‘By any chance, is that Linus del Stein!?’


Why are you lying down there, Mister Main Character of the novel who destroys this world?


Diana and her older brothers who are working hard to prevent the end of the world! As well as cute animals and others, etc?


Our cute youngest is preventing the end of the world, get out of the way!


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