Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 99 - Yuna Garnet (2)

Author: Dawn

“This is what supporting each other is.”

Ethan smiled broadly.

The latest video from Heo Jun’s channel was, as before, a premium subscriber-only video that only Ethan could watch.


-[NEW!] How to fully make acupuncture and decoction your own

It was a title that seemed to scratch where Ethan was currently struggling.

In various ways, Heo Jun seemed to grasp Ethan’s state.

“As expected, just because I left a subscription review, the channel wouldn’t grow this big. To become a major channel, you can’t just teach skills. There need to be videos like this that can help ensure the learned skills are firmly trained and utilized.”

No matter how much water flows in, if you can’t row the oar properly, you’ll just stagnate there.

But Heo Jun had plenty of skill to row the oar.

What Ethan currently needed the most was presented in the video.

‘He probably made it in advance.’

Ethan had already raised his proficiency in Heo’s Acupuncture and Heo’s Decoction quite a bit.

But now that his proficiency was quite high, to master them, he needed to completely understand and embrace acupuncture and decoction.

‘In various situations, in various ways. That’s how you can master it.’

Ethan immediately clicked on the video.

-About acupuncture. The more you know, the more differently you see it. Depending on how well you know acupuncture, you can get to firmly know the patient and give them the right needles. But you have to be careful about that. Pride is forbidden. Even if it looks like you’re sticking them in the same spots, slight differences can produce different effects.

In the video, Heo Jun showed using acupuncture in various ways.

It was him raising his proficiency by using acupuncture in various situations, just as Ethan had been doing so far.

‘I’ve been doing well so far.’

Even without Heo Jun teaching him, Ethan had grown remarkably in Heo Jun’s way.

-Now, the most important part. Once your proficiency exceeds 70%, senses alone aren’t enough. You need to be able to induce both vitality recovery and physical function improvement at the same time. Precisely and quickly, relying not on senses but on sight.

Heo Jun pointed at his eyes with his index and middle fingers.

-Premium subscribers.

Since Ethan was currently Heo Jun’s only premium subscriber, this was effectively addressed to Ethan.

-With the likes I got this time, I purchased a new function. A function to hold subscriber events for subscribers. This subscriber event can help you master this Heo’s Acupuncture and decoction a bit more securely. Its name is…

Heo Jun took a breath before continuing.

-The sponsor function. With this sponsor function, you can help me, and I can help you in return. Of course, not just anyone can sponsor. Only premium subscribers can sponsor.

Heo Jun in the video snickered.

-What I will sponsor are quests. Clear the quests, and you will be able to completely master this Heo’s Acupuncture and decoction. 100% proficiency. You will be able to use that power completely like me.

Heo Jun gestured with a cackle.

-You premium subscribers watching this video, please sponsor. Wield this power to influence countless people.

After the video ended, a quest window popped up in front of Ethan’s eyes.

-[Eastern Physician of All Things] [Heo Jun] has sent you, [Only subscribed to the right gods], a sponsorship!

-Sponsorship contents: Received the Proficiency Raising Quest!

<<Master of Acupuncture>> Rank [?] 

[Perform acupuncture that can simultaneously induce vitality recovery and physical function improvement 1000 times.] 

[Reward: Heo’s Acupuncture [MASTER]]

<<Maker of Cure-All Medicine>> Grade [?] 

[Make 10 S-grade decoctions] 

[Reward: Heo’s Decoction [MASTER]]

“Oh, so gods can give quests as sponsorships.”

Ethan was newly amazed by the various functions of [New World].

Certainly, being made by the god of gods, it was decidedly different.

“Getting clear numbers like this is much better than vaguely mastering. Way better than before.”

Of course, the quest contents were not exactly easy.

Until now, Ethan had used acupuncture while distinguishing between recovery and buffs. And he had only made an S-grade decoction once.

‘It’s natural for the difficulty to be like this since it’s for completely mastering.’

If anything, Ethan was curious about the effects of the Heo’s Acupuncture and Heo’s Decoction Mastery he could earn by clearing these difficult quests.

‘First I should watch the other videos too.’

They were videos that didn’t exceed the scope of the Heo’s Acupuncture and decoction Ethan learned early on, but Ethan was currently Heo Jun’s premium subscriber.

He could watch all of Heo Jun’s videos for free without using likes.


The videos were also provided to other subscribers, dealing with ways to raise acupuncture and decoction proficiency.

They also explained in detail how to use acupuncture to induce not only vitality recovery but also physical ability improvement.

‘Extremely difficult.’

While it would probably be hard to understand with low acupuncture and decoction proficiency, current Ethan could understand it relatively easily.

It was in the latter half of the video that Ethan was reminded of what Heo Jun said in the beginning.

The more you know, the more difficult it is.

Now he understood what Heo Jun had said.

The more you know, the more differently you see.

That’s what the video explained.

-Now you’re prepared. If you know, you’ll learn, and if you don’t, you won’t.

Right after Heo Jun finished speaking, a notification popped up in front of Ethan’s eyes.

-Based on your Heo’s Acupuncture and Heo’s Decoction proficiency, you have learned a skill.

-Skill added: [Pulse Diagnosis][S]

The learned skill was pulse diagnosis.

“Come to think of it, that’s right. Nothing’s as difficult as pulse diagnosis.”

Before treating a patient, the most important thing is grasping the patient’s condition.

So pulse diagnosis could be seen as a fundamental skill for diagnosing a patient’s condition, yet ironically it was a considerably difficult skill.

Because not knowing makes you a quack while knowing makes you a master physician, pulse diagnosis was a skill where the more you knew, the more different the world you saw was.

‘You can only learn it when you’ve reached the most skilled state for the fundamental skill.’

Ethan snickered.

‘Is this all I can learn with it?’

What remained was only proficiency.

‘It’ll be useful in many ways.’

“As expected.”

He felt Heo Jun had plenty of ability to become a major god.

‘When I almost died in the beginning, I received a lot of help too.’

Seeing Heo Jun grow this much with his subscription review, he didn’t feel too bad.

After exiting [New World], Ethan planned how to clear these master quests.

“First I should focus on using Heo’s Acupuncture. To induce vitality recovery and physical buffs at the same time. But decoction is different.”

Without backing from ingredients, it’s absolutely impossible to reach S-grade with decoction. Whether using brüle or whatever, that was inevitable.

To make S-grade, you had to unconditionally use good ingredients.

But Ethan instead snickered.

“That’s why I earned money.”

Since it was difficult because it required backing from ingredients, for Ethan, this Heo’s Decoction Master was virtually the easiest thing.

Because he already had plenty of money to purchase expensive ingredients.

“I’ll start by buying ingredients.”

For that ingredient purchase, there was a Merchant Guild more suitable than the David Merchant Guild.

A Merchant Guild that handled all kinds of ingredients and could easily obtain rare ingredients.

‘To find Yuna.’


Ethan stroked his chin.

Yuna should have been here. But Yuna was not here.

‘She’ll definitely come here when her mind is complicated.’

This was the place with the best scenery in the academy. Being the tallest building in the academy, the view overlooking from here was simply sublime.

For her, gazing at this sublime view would be the only comfort.

‘By now she would have noticed that incident.’

Originally it would happen even later, but with the future twisting little by little like now, Yuna would have definitely noticed that incident.

The incident related to her mother’s death.

The fact that her mother, who she thought had grown frail and died, had actually been killed by her stepmothers.

The fact that her half-siblings had even sent assassins to kill Yuna.

And the fact that her father, the head of the Garnet Merchant Guild, knew all this but kept silent.

Hit with these shocking incidents in succession, Yuna would quit the academy and dive into Merchant Guild affairs in earnest.

‘In the end, she pushes out Cromwell, the head of the Garnet Merchant Guild.’

Becoming the head of the Merchant Guild was the conclusion to this story.

At this point in time, Yuna would come to know about such incidents and eventually have to quit the academy.

‘To roughly match the timeline.’

Because Ethan knew that, he guessed things had begun when he saw her troubled expression.

However, something was off.

‘I already checked she’s not in her room either.’

Then this place should be the only possibility, but Yuna was not here.

“She must be somewhere else.”

Ethan looked around for places Yuna could be. But no matter how he searched, Yuna was nowhere to be found.

‘Something’s weird….’

When she should absolutely be here yet isn’t, that meant things had gone awry. If things had gone awry, he had to figure out how.

‘By now, she should be worrying.’

Since the end of worrying was quitting the academy, she had to be within the academy to submit a withdrawal notice.

“Locating her position is urgent.”

He couldn’t give up on Yuna here. One way or another, abandoning Yuna who would become the Merchant Guild head meant huge losses.

‘Her becoming the Merchant Guild leader is a definite future. I need to be part of it in that confirmed future.’

Ethan was considering moving even more aggressively than he was now.

No matter how exceptional Ethan was, continuing with radical actions would inevitably create resistance.

People would begin to oppose him, and there would be those who would align with them.

Then the radicalism would end there.

Someone was needed to pull off this radical move and change the flow.

‘The connections Yuna Garnet has made, I need that.’

Yuna Garnet’s connections influencing various teachers, and her power as the future Merchant Guild head of the Garnet Merchant Guild would clearly greatly help Ethan.

Besides, it was just that she wasn’t focused on swordsmanship because of Merchant Guild affairs, her swordsmanship skill was surely excellent.

Ethan thought for a moment. If things had gone awry, there would surely be a trigger.

‘Could it be the followers of the Moon side.’

Martynas Lane and Hassen Rittle who were the followers of the Moon were dead.

‘What they were in charge of could have been Yuna Garnet’s information. They could have been giving Yuna Garnet information and trying to influence the Garnet Merchant Guild with that information.’

But they died by Ethan’s hand. With the people who should be there gone, it was highly likely the situation had been distorted.


Ethan bolted out of the academy.

“Who are you looking for?”

Ethan visited the three mercenary guilds in Marquis Rond’s territory.

Mercenary guilds that took various requests would do pretty much anything if you had money.

And their most frequent request was tracking people.

Though they were originally troops deployed as guards or for wars, with things quite peaceful recently, they were putting a lot of effort into tracking people too.

So in this Marquis Rond territory, these mercenary guilds handled the work of similar other guilds.

“An academy student from Ivecar Academy. A girl, appearance like this.”

Ethan swiftly sketched Yuna Garnet’s appearance there.

Seeing that, the receptionist was impressed.

“I’m looking for this student.”

“Hmm, before hearing the full story, I’ll have to collect a deposit first….”

Before he could even finish speaking, Ethan placed down a money pouch full of gold with a thud. Just looking, it seemed pretty hefty.

The yellow gold peeked out from the opening, visibly filling the pouch.

A pouch full of gold pieces.

“Please, within 5 minutes. Top priority request.”

The receptionist made a face. A total newcomer yet requesting top priority?

Top priority requests were not something you could casually grant just because money was offered…

“That service isn’t something we do just because you pay….”

Before he could finish speaking, another money pouch came up.

“No, let me finish….”

Thud-. Thud-. Thud-.

As money pouches piled up, the receptionist’s eyes grew huge. Each pouch was visibly full, the yellow gold peeking out.

Pouches full of gold pieces.

“I’ll call the person in charge right away.”

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