Author: WhatTheFlo

Chapter 33


“Here, have a Mana Potion, too…….”


“Thank you.”


I didn’t realize it because I was concentrating, but when I inhaled the potion, I felt the freshness of mana rising.


“What do you think?”


“That’s nice. Who made it?”


“……thank you. Even though I’m only a junior…….”


Yeon Seung-yeon, who blushed when I turned my attention to the shy answer, was lowering his eyes as if he was not confident. I sprang up.


“This is inferior? No way.”


“Well, I always use good materials, but I get a lower grade…….”


I checked with an empty potion bottle for Yeon Seung-yeon, who was at a loss


<Lower mana potion>


It’s a low-level mana potion. Drinking will restore mana.


The producer’s misfortune created a lower potion.


Huh? But it might be quite useful.


What a producer’s misfortune. Perhaps there was some penalty on Yeon Seung-yeon’s skill.


“Did you get cursed when you went to the wrong place?”


“Huh, that. That’s……. I was caught up in the dungeon break and woke up, but the owner of the dungeon is a cursed monster…….”


“Then if you touch it, it’s all low-ranking…….”


The reason why it is difficult to produce potions that cripple sexual functions is that not only three advanced potions are needed as materials, but in the process of converging advanced potions, in addition to skills, the producer’s sense is needed.


The problem was the senses; I can’t even handle the advanced potion right now…….


‘Will Seung-yeon be able to make the potions’ ratings lower?’


“Seung-yeon ah!”


When I called him, Yeon Seung-yeon, who was looking at me with gentle eyes, was surprised and flinched.


“Yes, yes!”


“You should give it a try. Get up now!”


“Okay… But what do I have to do….?”


I grabbed Yeon Seung-yeon’s embarrassed hand and rushed him back to the lab. Yeon Seung-yeon held on to the doorstep.


“Ho-hyun nim! You have to wash your hands!”


“All right, all right.”




[Chatting] What is happening in Gangnam today?


There are a lot of people today. I was almost late for lunch because I had to go home


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– Where? I’m in Gangnam, too


└ There were so many people as soon as I came out. They were all holding cameras


– Right? What day is it today? I was going to the movies, but there were a lot of people, so I turned around to the inner alley and came to the police


└ Even the police? Crazy! Must be a demonstration.


└ No, no. It wasn’t like that. It looked like they were covering something.


[Stock] I recommend stocks. Desperate people come in. (Hunter stock)


Think of the stocks below as the lowest price and make sure to buy them


Baekduzu River


HT Studio


Cheon Rang


Monster Bioneer


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– Thank you!


– Thank you for sharing advanced information. I hope you get wealth and health in and out.


– Huh? I think there’s a mix of traps.


– What’s that in the middle? [Laughing]


– Cheon Rang? Are you crazy?


– Honestly, both Baekduzu River and [tnote keyword=”Monba”]Monba is the short from of Monster Bioneer[/tnote] are good places, but you don’t trust them because of Cheon Rang. Don’t you agree?


└ For real ㅋㅋ Our cute puppy, cat, malay bear ♥ feel


└ Crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


– Cheon Rang is struggling these days, too. Why are you releasing your part-time job


– I’m sorry, but why can’t I buy Cheon Rang? Isn’t it one of the top 3 guilds in Korea and a blue-chip stock?


└ Seong Hwon retired and a young boy in blue has become the leader of the guild. I’ve already escaped from the 92nd floor


└ Ah……. I see. ㅠ Thank you for your advice.


– I’m afraid that beginners will get caught up, so I’m telling you, but from the moment Seong San-ha became the guild leader, Cheon Rang Rakse was a foreseen step. If anyone still has it, take it out before it falls further


└ That’s not true. It’s because you’re still young


└ Yes, Seong San-ha’s boss is out. Children don’t join when adults play.


└ There are three kids as big as you, you brat!


– Shouting stocks in the first place? It’s hard to throw a dungeon once.


└ While you sell by-products of dungeon with your life on the line, I lie down on a cozy bed and watch Monba stocks rise~!


If you leave money play, for the rest of your unable to escape poverty.while the body is in a dungeon.The money is called by itself.I'll leave it. [1]


– The writer isn’t deleting this mess? It’s no joke.


– Blessed are those who believe in it. My fingers hurt because I can’t eat even if I feed them.


└ Please go


[Chatting] What’s this? I got an alarm for the YouTube live




The council is making an important announcement


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– Link, please


[LIVE] Emergency press conference to announce the important announcement of the Korean Hunter Association (KHS exclusive broadcast)


~ Time remaining 1:03:47~


⊙ Real-time chat


Chick test. / What are you trying to do


Myeongjae Choiljin/ When does it start?


Shine [2] / What’s the big announcement?


SSS Class Hunter / Oh, is it today?


Myeongjae Choiljin/ When does it start?


Love Tiger / @SSS Class Hunter What’s happening today?


An open road / 2222


SSS Class Hunter / Coming soon lol


Red Horses / Makes you creative when you say you don’t know


WorldClass LimDan/ World♧Cla☎sㅐs≫Hunter★Lim☆Dan★give2her❀many♛love


Myeongjae Choiljin/ When does it start?


WorldClass LimDan/ World♧Cla☎sㅐs≫Hunter★Lim☆Dan★give2her❀many♛love


Lim Dan ssi Lovely / World♧Cla☎sㅐs≫Hunter★Lim☆Dan★give2her❀many♛love




Chick test / Fuck. Dan ppa [3] are here again


Love Tiger / Stop posting




Hyunsoo’s dad. / The reporters are sitting down


Myeongjae Choiljin/ When does it start?


Love Tiger / There’s time on top


Red horse / five minutes left


Great job. / Thank you


Myeongjae Choiljin/ Let’s go


Love Tiger / Who’s Coming In


Let’s have a laugh today. / Isn’t that Lee Cho?


Hitting healer / Crazy, that’s Lee Cho


Myeongjae Choiljin/ Who’s Lee Cho?


SSS Class Hunter / Why is Lee Cho here? Is it related to Cheon Rang?


Red Tomma / @SSS Class Hunter You said you knew what this was about!





[Entertainment/hunter] Crazy! Cheon Rang Seong San-ha has a schedule today?


I heard that Lee Cho came out at the press conference.


Comments (5)


– What? Where??


└ Thank you. It’s really Lee Cho


Crazy [4]


– Why is San-ha coming out? It’s not the meeting season yet


– A fireboard;;


└ It’s a post before the fireboard. I reported it as a dispute!



[Announcement] ▶▶ Fireboard related to the Constitutional Council press conference◀◀


I’m Na-eun, the Hunt Police operator.


At the request, we opened a fireboard related to the press conference of the Constitutional Association, so please use the fireboard for a simple monologue related to the press conference. 🙂


I hope you have a great time today.


– Emergency press conference to announce the important announcement of the Korean Hunter Association (KHS exclusive broadcast)


링크 :


Comments (5732)


– Thank you for the fireboard. Na-eun nim!


– Thank you!


– Here we go!


– The president of the association is shining again today


└ a bad boy


└ No one said I was bald?


– Oh, my


– That’s awesome


– Is it Mystic?


– I didn’t hear because I just came


– Wow, crazy


– It’s crazy


– What? I can’t hear because I’m at work ㅠㅜ


└ Mystic is introducing for the first time!


– !!!!!!I guess it’s a Mystic public press conference!!!!!!


– Wow, shit. He’s really korean?


– Is he really Korean?


– Face Reveal?


└ I don’t think so


– Why did it suddenly become so slow? It’s lagging.


└ News of Mystic’s announcement is spreading and people are rushing in.


– Someone is coming in




– go to one’s fate


– Crazy


– Wow, he’s so handsome


– Wow, he’s so handsome.


└ How can you write the same comment at the same time?


– He’s so handsome. Tears are coming out!


└ Wipe it


– It’s getting grand. Mystic is a hunter from Korea.


└ I’ve heard of Mystic’s name, but why is he so famous?


└ Sung Hwon is in 7th place, but Mystic is in 2nd place. Game over!


└ It’s been less than 2 years since he appeared, but already 20,000.


└ What…? How does 20,000 come out? I’m in my 5th year yet still in 400;;


└ Skill is a scam. Looks like he’s also betting on wide-area heels for wide-area deals.


└ That’s not a warm, iced americano. He’s either a combat awakening or a healer


└ No one knows


└ It hasn’t been revealed what the skill is, but watch the video yourself;; I know it’s nonsense, but if you use the skill, you won’t have anything to say other than this.


– Is there a skill to change your appearance?


└ Yes, but Seong San-ha is the real one


└ But if you don’t cover it up like Mystic, it’s the same rule


– All of a sudden, Seong San-ha;;


– I just came in. Am I the only one who can’t see the screen?


└ I can’t see either


└ 22222


└ They closed the channel because there were too many people


└ Fuck, I miss Seong San-ha, too


└ Bang bang! There’s someone here!! Please let me in!!!


– Like a different race


– I’m going to give up and watch “ Hunting [5]


└ 22nd, please


– I don’t like the KHS zone. They always get exclusive rights, but they don’t have the ability. Who’s the broadcasting authority???


└ That’s what I’m saying. And then they crack down on simultaneous live performances in other places like crazy.


– ♨ Please focus! San-ha is here♨


└ If you’re going to do this, go to the fan club


└ What about the people who can’t see me


– I’m so jealous…….


– Not just a handsome man but also a boss


└ Face is the best skill


└ If you don’t want to see it, turn it off. I’ll go in


– But why is Seong San-ha here?


└ There’s Lee Cho, too


└ I know that. It’s a press conference for Mystic but why did Seong San-ha come all the way here?


– Is perhaps Mystic in there……?


└ Oh, my


└ Is it real?


└ This is awesome


└ This is it


– The president of the association is speaking.


– The president of the association is introducing Lee Mystic


– What is Seong San-ha doing over thereㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  I guess he’s trying to act like he’s close to Mystic.


– Don’t cover Mystic. Get out of the way


– He’ll brag about Cheon Rang for about 10 minutes and then Mystic will come out


└ Time to go to the bathroom


– I’m going to sleep, so wake me up when Mystic comes out


– If you’re not going to watch it, can’t you turn it off? There are people who can’t watch it even if they want to


– Seong San-ha is speaking


– ?


– Oh, my


– What’s up with the silence?


– Where are the others?


– What? It’s not a lie. Is it real?


– I didn’t just hear it wrong……?


– What is itㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


– Why didn’t you hear me


– Wow, that’s crazy. That’s crazy


– The tables have turned


– The fuck


– Let’s us know what it is. Fuck


– It’s a mess. Please


– There are people who can’t watch it. Are y’all teasing us?





– Seong San-ha is Mystic




└ Is this an aggro?


└ Are you serious…?


└ Channel restrictions have been lifted. Try again. I can’t see Seong San-ha because of the flash zoneㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ



[News] Currently, it is the world’s No. 1 search word (104)


[Entertainment/Hunter] Seong San-ha’s article photo collection (+There are some Lee Cho too) (203)


[Stock] Crazy Cheon Rang Stock Price is crazy! (14)


[Chatting] So what did Seong San-ha say? (27)


[Hunter Market] We’re selling Cheon Rang goods. Many Rare Items (11)


[Stock] I’m recommending stocks. Come in, desperate people.



Think of the stocks below as the lowest price and make sure to buy them


Baekduzu River


HT Studio


Cheon Rang


Monster Bioneer


Comments (426)




– Blessed are those who believe My fingers hurt because I can’t eat even if I feed them


└ Please go


└ Where are you going? Come back


└ I’ve finally recognized you…….


– I’m on a pilgrimage


└ 222222


└ 333333333333


└ 44 Crazy


└ 44444


– How did you know? Are you from Cheon Rang?


– If you know any other stocks, please recommend them. Please, please, please


– I believed in you~


– Let’s trust each other and go to heaven

  • 1. The actual line: If you let money play, you will never get out of poverty for the rest of your life. While your body is running through the dungeon, you should let money grow on its own.
  • 2. 빛이나 can be light/shine but if this is meant to be a English name, it’s Bitna.
  • 3. Dan ppa are the term given to Lim Dan crazy fans lol
  • 4. 도랏 is a word that is used to look at situations and actions.
  • 5. 헌팅 포장마차 (hunting street vendor, “hunting” is similar to “pick up, flirting”)
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