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Kiss the Ground



Winchester United F.C. Number 12.

Yoon Chahyun, the Korean player making waves in the overseas league, achieved the team’s long-cherished goal of advancing to the Champions League Round of 16 with a miraculous comeback goal in the second half. At the moment when all media attention focused on him, teammate Misha rushed over and embraced Chahyun.

“Yuan, you did really well.”

And then, suddenly, he kissed him…!

‘I did think about what ceremony to do, but a kiss is a bit much.’

Chahyun closed his eyes tightly. On the field, with a man, their lips meeting. The only sound filling his ears was the continuous clicking of shutters.

That evening, a passionate kissing ceremony in front of 70,000 spectators became a special feature in the media.



Top: Misha Asplund (23) – A rising star midfielder transferred from Sweden. A Nordic handsome man whose appearance is reminiscent of a prince. Generally quiet in his player life to the point of seeming indifferent, but he shows an extraordinary reaction only towards Yoon Chahyun. However, Yoon Chahyun is the only one who can stop his outbursts.

Bottom: Yoon Chahyun (27) – A determined Korean player active in overseas leagues. A diligent and sincere eldest son of the nation, not just in football. After scoring a miraculous comeback goal to lead the team to the Round of 16, he became the subject of fiery flirtation from teammates who were captivated by his splendid performance. Struggling under the weight of the disaster he brought upon himself.


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