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“What are you doing?”


“You can’t see it? I’m moving soil bags.”


“So why?”


“Why don’t you get a free cup of tea?”


“Then you can stop drinking tea and go home. You won’t be served tea for four hours.”


Dominic, who was stinging, pretended not to hear, slung the sack over his shoulder and walked away toward the greenhouse.


‘Somehow, since I said I ate ice cream with the boss, he asked where I worked for a long time.’


Dominic would have followed her all day if she didn’t answer, so she told him where the location was, and he came to the store the next day.


He says that blacksmiths work from dawn to avoid the hot hours, so there is nothing to do after lunch.


It was a pretty good reason for his first visit, but it’s not quite enough to explain why he’s been there for four hours.


Luce, who was carefully making a prototype of a blood-relieving potion, eventually threw away the ladle.


“Get out of my way, I’ll move it for you… I was worried for no reason. You look like you can’t even break an apple by yourself.”




“It’s nothing.”


She had to stop Dominic, who was secretly showing off his muscles to Isaac.


“I sometimes wondered if you were polite or not, but now I get it, Dominic. It’s pretty good, isn’t it?


“Hey, I’m helping you in return for tea, of course it’s polite.”


“Do you see that watering can?”




“How many liters do you think it is?”


“I don’t know. About 12 liters?”


“Isaac, take two of those in each hand. Of course, fill them with water.”




“If you have the energy for something useless, why don’t you help me sort out Dietrich’s data?”


Isaac lightly caught Dominic’s bag as it fell off his shoulder and smiled.


“Dominic must have been worried about what kind of place Lucette works for. The two of you are very close.”


“Why didn’t you tell me you could move it by yourself?!”


“Because there is no need to refuse to help. And it looked quite admirable. It’s something you do with a pretty heart, thinking of your older sister.”


Dominic, who was making an expression that he had met a strong enemy, paused for a moment.


“Wait, a pretty heart thinking of my older sister?”




“Did you mean as siblings when you mentioned a relationship?”


“I heard both of you have the last name Scintilia.”


“T, that’s because there’s a story, and that’s not important. I’m not the older brother, but Lucette is the older sister?”




“No, anyone can see! I’m much taller! I’m so big! I look like an adult!”


“Usually, a younger person is the one who shows how mature they are.”


Dominic, who was stuttering, turned his head. Say something!


Luce, who was seriously frowning at Dominic’s silent urging, opened her mouth.




‘Good job!’


“Do Dominic and I look alike?”


“Is that a matter to be taken so seriously?”


“He and I are like brother and sister…? Where on earth is it? What part?”


“Don’t pretend you didn’t hear me!”


Isaac smiled as he looked at Dominic, who was angry, and Luce, who was still being serious.


Mura Garden, which had been quiet since Luce came, is lively.


Although he unwillingly split Dominic’s mentality instead of an apology, Isaac liked the way it was now.


“You’ve been friends since childhood. Then I wasn’t very wrong.”


Isaac shortened Dominic’s one-chapter speech about how long he had known Luce into a few words, gave him the seventh cup of tea, and said.


If he said more, it seemed that Luce, who was stirring the medicine in one hand and holding a wad of paper in the other, would throw one of them.


He needs to turn the topic around. Dominic rolled his eyes and cleared his throat.


“I saw it on the way there, and it looked like there was a festival going on? There were a lot of flyers posted on the street.”


“Really? I guess it hasn’t been long since they attached it, I haven’t seen it.”


“Ah, it looks like you’re talking about the Hadasa royal family auction. It hasn’t been held in recent years, but it seems to be held this time.”


Like Isaac, Arthur, who had been happily listening to the conversation because he liked the noisy atmosphere for a long time, intervened.


“If it’s an auction, is it a public sale?”


“Yes, it’s an event to auction the art and collectibles owned by the imperial family. It’s usually held in the plaza.”


“I don’t know much about auctions, but aren’t those things usually done in secret places with rich people?”


Dominic asked, puzzled. Arthur chuckled.


“Of course, very expensive things are limited to watch. It’s only open to the aristocracy. But it’s also a charity auction, isn’t it hard to enjoy cultural life when you live a busy life? So, the intention is to develop an eye and culture even as it passes by…”


There was the sound of crumpling paper.


It’s like saying it’s not.


Arthur, who was close to the source of the sound, glanced toward Luce, but saw nothing. He concluded the conversation awkwardly.


“…it is.”


“Then it’s just a nominal auction, and it’s actually like a public exhibition. Does it sell?”


“Well, I’ve never watched an auction until the end. How would ordinary people like us buy art products from the imperial family? As I was just passing by, I thought that this year’s flower paintings were more splendid than last year’s, and the image of the imperial palace in the paintings was so beautiful.”


Isaac shrugged as if it were the same.


“Imperial people are probably more interested in the flea market held nearby than the imperial family’s auction. Everyone spreads out stalls and sells second hand items. On that day, it seems that everyone wants to imitate the imperial family, so it’s more crowded that way because they put out pretty good things.”


“It hasn’t been open for the last two years, so there must be some decent second-hand stuff piled up. Isaac, if you have free time that day, go out and pick it up. I think I’ll have to repair the old apothecary tools in the warehouse. You should come and see if there are any used magic tools with intact parts.”


“Me? I’m sure I wouldn’t know, Grandpa.”


“There must be a lot of people and it must be crowded, but I can’t go because I have bad eyes.”


Dominic, who had been listening for a moment to Isaac and Arthur’s conversation, turned his head toward Luce and asked.


“Luce, you’re not going, are you? I heard you’re so busy these days.”


His friend, who he didn’t think had time to sleep because she had to do real work during the day and look up recipes and organize Dietrich’s data at night, closed her eyes. She frowned a little.


It was at a time when her reply, as she held a stack of papers in her white, strong hands, seemed to come a little late.


“No. I have to go.”


It’s not ‘I’m going to see it!’ or ‘I’ll go see it.’


Dominic, who was thinking, smiled and asked.


“Are you finally ready to sell that necklace?”


Luce, who looked at Dominic for a moment, raised the corner of her mouth without answering.


It was a small, slightly sharp smile like a shard




The auction was two days later.


“Lucette, you look very good in what you’re wearing today. It’s like Calla’s flower.”


Isaac, who came to accompany her, smiled brightly and talked to her.


It was just as Luce was about to answer. A sullen voice interrupted.


“Aren’t you hot? The sun is so warm. What kind of cape is it? And you’re wearing a hoodie. At first glance, I can’t see any hair or anything, so you look like some kind of boy.”


“As expected, Dominic is like a younger brother. Even though he speaks ferociously, he is worried that Lucette will cry more.”


“What’s so fierce about my tone, and younger brother… ha, forget it.”


Dominic, who had finally realized that there was no point in arguing against Isaac, was also heading to the plaza.


When Dominic heard that Luce and Isaac were going to the auction together, he immediately said that he would go too.


Luce didn’t stop Dominic, who gave all sorts of reasons in a harsh tone, such as Isaac was unfamiliar with machines, that he would be ripped off, that he bought something without knowing it was defective, and what if the medicine tool was broken.


The reason was pretty good, and most importantly, the more people who cover her today, the better.


In the distance, she saw a stage with blue curtains and people lining up to appreciate the artwork.


The first thing Luce looked at was the people. Not the people standing in line, but the people sitting in a separate seat on the other side of the stage.


[Blonde male lead collector: I was reading it, but I stopped at this episode. The description of the auction in the female lead’s flashback is sparkling in its own way, but I’m going to go crazy because I know the ending… ㅠ When I think about the auction episode, I become a woman who suddenly holds onto the blanket and cries even though I laugh. I can’t believe it.; (Like 193)


ㄴ After this flashback is over, it’s the start of the thin ice game… Up until this moment, our female lead was at least able to laugh. She secretly liked it while looking at the artwork, and was curious while looking at the people in the imperial palace… I cried too.


ㄴㄴ No, it wasn’t already thin ice!ㅠㅠㅠ How many people did the male lead already kill while conquering Country ㅠㅠㅠ That part was so terrible that I took a break and came back, but I’m already scared..


ㄴㄴㄴ After the auction, the male lead starts to mess around ㅋㅋㅋㅠㅠ As I went back and forth between the past and the present, it seems that comments was talking about the past as the female lead recalls!]


Alois can be seen in the distance.


Luce gritted her teeth, recalling the image that had passed before her eyes when Arthur brought up the story of the auction.


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