I Thought I Was The Main Character Cover

I Thought I Was The Main Character



I was possessed by a romance fantasy novel.

As an extra whose name doesn’t even appear.


This is the Extra Possession!

‘I have become the main character in the novel!’


After a quick realization, I enjoyed the life of the main character and became close to the Male Lead, Sub-Male Lead, and the Mastermind in the novel.

Everyone seems to like me, but I wasn’t sure who was going to be my male lead.


So I asked outright.


“Luci, do you like me?”

“Why did you make such a misunderstanding?”


Luci asked, seemingly absurd.

The Male Lead in the novel seems to be not my male lead.


“Harrison, do you like me?”

“You shouldn’t say things like that recklessly.”


Harrison said sternly.

…It seems that the Sub-Male Lead in the novel is also not my male lead.


“Damian, do you like me?”

“Do you want me to like you? Would you like it?”


Damian asked, raising one corner of his mouth.

I didn’t expect to be ridiculed.

Even the Mastermind in the novel was not my man…


I was really an extra.


Why did I realize it now?


It was futile, but I was glad that I came to my senses even though it was late.

Now I have to find my husband to fit my fraction.


“I want to go back and find my husband.”


I told my three friends who didn’t like me that I was leaving.


What? Looking for a groom?

That’s really unexpected.”

“What the ….”


Anyone who sees it would know that all three of them are like me.

But now I know is not like that.


Who knew I’d fall for it again?


I will no longer be mistaken for their actions.


“I’m busy, bye!”


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