In The Depths Of Shame, Love Exists Cover

In The Depths Of Shame, Love Exists



The boy from the back alley returned as an imperial soldier favored by the emperor.

A man that all young ladies covet. Dane’s actions were shocking.

He proposed to Liv, the black sheep of the Baron, who had a burn on her face.


“You’re going to have a marriage that won’t lack anything.”

“What’s left of you after you give me everything? I have nothing……”

“I have you.”


Dane’s tenderness was enough to melt Liv’s frozen heart.

So they seemed to be a happy couple.

If only Liv, who whispered love on their wedding day, hadn’t run away with the rebels.




“I thought you were a gentle noblewoman, but I never thought you’re a rebel. I was surprised at first.”


Liv’s heart leaped hot despite his cold-blooded voice.

Dane’s hand grabbed Liv’s chin and lifted it.


“Since when?”


Liv didn’t make eye contact with him, nor did she respond.

His fingers gently swept Liv’s lips.


“……Well, I’m going to kill them all anyway, so what’s the point?”

It was a cruel word that did not match his gentle touch at all.