Actually, The Main Character Was A Villainess Cover

Actually, The Main Character Was A Villainess



As part of the nobility, one must fulfill their responsibilities as a noble and keep their dignity at all times.


That was how Elysia Hellen had lived all her life. 


‘I thought I was on the right path, what the hell did I do wrong?’


The fiancé who was engaged to her for over twenty years,


“Let’s break up the engagement. I have someone I love.”


The woman he loved,


“Lady Hellen, stop being greedy and please let us be.”


In the tale they wrote, she was a wicked woman. 

A villainess.


A vicious woman who tormented the two and became a slave after the collapse of her household.


To her, who had lost everything, a man reached out his hand. 


“Come with me, and I’ll make the Duke kneel at your feet.”


She became a villainess who pledged to him. 


“I’ll make you the Emperor, so help me with my revenge.”


The first chapter of a new novel unfolded.


This story is about a wicked woman who became the main character.


The revenge of the villainess, Elysia, had just begun.