A Spirit’s Special Treatment Cover

A Spirit’s Special Treatment



During the peaceful times of the nation, I was born as a cute baby girl who only wanted to be loved. Number 1! I want to be a couch potato! But I was bound to undergo infinite regression.

Even though she became an extra, Ellet, the daughter of an employee, not even a young lady, would soon be ruined because of the S-class survival difficulty.

In the harmonious family of a poor but good brother and dad, I had a close friend who fit my tastes but I never had time to meet because I had a busy life, and even the gods of the Spirit Management Bureau who openly showed favoritism were surprisingly reassuring in life.

On top of that, I destroyed the original work with the novel “Spirit’s Life Insurance” that I accidentally entered just before my death, which led to a change in the ending.

I came here and became frustrated because of my current situation, but I received some privileges that weren’t so bad.

‘You wiped your face with your muddy hands.’

‘Don’t be surprised. I have an obligation to be kind.’


The male lead, Tesilid, is still nothing but a handsome young boy.

Why is he not giving up on me?