I Will Raise It as the Best Family in the World Cover

I Will Raise It as the Best Family in the World



When she faced death in the final battle against Cheongung, the enemy who led her family to ruin, and opened her eyes, Seol Woonyeong was back as a ten-year-old child.

Back to that time when her grandfather, a stern but fair man, her affectionate father, and her caring older brother were there.

‘I will make it, the best family in the world. To become the best in the world.’

The goal was to protect her precious family and lineage.

To achieve that goal, she brought in Jegal Dam, who was in charge of the Murim Alliance military before her return and saved Namgoong Hwi’s mother, who had grown up with a selfish and arrogant personality due to the loss of his mother, from illness.

The reasons for their connections before her return and the process changed completely.
Is that why?

“I think I like a woman stronger than me,” the handsome guy from the Namgoong family said these ridiculous things.

“How about making the entire Central Plain under your feet?” the smart guy from the Jegal family, sat down and made a wish that was completely impossible.

Hey, guys?

I’m busy making our Seol Family the best family in the world and protecting the martial arts world from the Cheongung brats, you know? So, can we put off romance for a bit?