She’s Always Good at Dying Cover

She’s Always Good at Dying



Once she died, Xu TuRan was ordered by a system and pulled into a certain thriller romantic novel, turning into a dead female character. As a result, her binding system was called back for repair the first time of her crossing because of aging. Their moment of bidding farewell was imminent, and her binding system was deeply worried sick at heart so repeatedly reminded her: The meaning of your existence is just a dead female character. You understand what it means to be dead, right? Xu TuRan recalled her rich experience of dying in her previous life and super confidently answered the system with an OK. So the system was relieved to go. 


Some time later when the system went back after completing the repair, it looked at the current situation and was frightened at the almost messy code: What are you doing?! 


Just in time while Xu TuRan was arguing with the evil god, looked back blankly: I was seriously trying to die according to what you just told me. 

System: …?! 


The system’s idea of death: provoking the heroine, vying for the male lead, disregarding a big shot’s wise words, belittling and stepping on a potential villain, seducing the male partner of the Flower of High Mountains and humiliating herself, then finally being swallowed by the indescribable horror of her death, much to the delight of people. 


Xu TuRan’s understanding of death: provoking an elite monster, bypassing the ranks to rob magical artifacts, ignoring her sense of existence even when frightening things are to happen, belittling a pseudo-god who is in seclusion and rearing it while she was at it, and dragging the male partner of the Flower of the High Mountains into the water together…. 


In the end, she brought back the flowers and pots. It was impossible to die. Even when dancing frantically on the edge of danger, it was impossible to die. At most, it’s just a little crazy and ferocious. And then more and more crazy, more and more fierce. Until at the end, turning herself into an indescribable horror, it was both frightening and legendary. 


The system went crazy. Is this even possible?