The Time-Limited Elixir of the Ruined Clan Cover

The Time-Limited Elixir of the Ruined Clan



[Checking the user: Danmok Ryeon]


The eldest grandchild of the Danmok Clan, Danmok Ryeon, who woke up after seven years.

A strange sentence suddenly appeared in front of her, who saw up until after her death and then returned.


[Please maintain your energy below 50. 

If this condition lasts for at least two months or more, it will result in death.]


At least as the eldest grandchild of a Murim Clan, she who was unable to build up life energy, must somehow release the energy stored up in her body.


However, after she raised a chicken, it became a phoenix,

She made a sticky rice cake, but it became an elixir,

And she only fanned it, but the air was purified?


“I’ll eliminate everything that interferes with my health and longevity!”


All preparations to raise up the Clan that was ruined were now done.

The moment she was about to reestablish the Clan like that.


“What’s your name?”



Just why is the Demon Heavenly Cult’s future Young Cult Master our house’s servant…?

What’s worse, he is two years younger than me?


Under the unexpected circumstances which kept coming,

Can Ryeon really revive the Danmok Clan?


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