The Fox Tames the Villainous Grand Duke Cover

The Fox Tames the Villainous Grand Duke



A fox who became a nine-tailed fox after receiving a curse.

I only need to receive human energy 100 times, but I haven’t become a human for a thousand years due to many interruptions.

The God of Heaven locked the nine-tailed fox in a romance novel in which love blooms even if it is overturned.

“If you can’t become a human being there, you’ll live as a fox for the rest of your life!”

Asking me to possess, I’m asking you, what will get better if a small fox, without any penny, get inside a novel!?


But why fox is a cunning animal?

If I couldn’t be possessed.

“I’ll be you, Roselia Fellua.”

If I take away the female lead role, that’s it!


Please grow old together with the male lead, the true love of the female lead.

I will grow 100 days together will the Grand Duke who’s a villain but has a lot of money!



“We should do what we have to do between husband and wife.”

What do you mean by finally doing what the couple had to do the first night!

“It’s a contract. I’ll divorce you in one year.”

To think it’s a divorce contract! This is a fraudulent marriage, you know!


To make matters worse, the Villainous Grand Duke’s heart was already filled with someone, but…!

No! Can’t you kiss me just once so that I can get the fox beads back?