To Think That I’m the Trash Heir’s Daughter! Cover

To Think That I’m the Trash Heir’s Daughter!



I possessed as the daughter of the Trash Marquess who, other than his national treasure-class appearance, is the Family’s disgrace and a troublemaker.


The situation in which I had been left alone in the corner of the Duke’s Mansion since there was no one looking for me until I became 5 years old.


If I stay like this, then later both of us will be kicked out and I’ll die together with that Father.


After I resolved the troubles Father did in a hurry, and succeeded in cleaning everything up as I handled the women who were bewitched to Dad, Grandfather, who is high and noble, summoned me!


“Turns out you, unlike your father, are very useful. Follow in my footsteps.”




Suddenly me?


The story of Erusha, who received everything which the family has after rehabilitating her handsome Dad who worked hard on his face and appearance only.



But why is everyone obsessed with me?


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