The Baby Fairy is a Villain Cover

The Baby Fairy is a Villain



The daughter of a fairy who becomes crazy, Richesia.

The famous fairy with a cruel personality,

who is growing a people-eating flower,

and cutting down those she dislikes with an axe.


“Woah, I’m gowing cayzy.”


She, who was the center of all kinds of splendid incidents….


“Itz dayve me cayzy.”


Is living as a baby!


Inheriting the mad fairy blood, Richesia transformed herself into a baby

to find those who experimented on her deceased mother

then became the adopted child of the Basilian family.


“I’m Zzesha Basilian.”


She intended to run away after stealing information,

but the situation has become strange.

The men of the Basilian family, who are all insane with a sane face,

begin to take an excessive interest in Chesha.


“I went to the bedroom and was surprised that Chesha was not there. I thought someone stole Chesha.”


A beautiful but dangerous dad, and…


“Why doesn’t she ask to stay in the County?”

“You’re really weird. Because of you, I became weird too.”


Three crazy brothers who don’t know where will be exploded

with only the affection for their adopted sister growing.


Even the Heresy Inquisitor of the Holy Empire,

who has been following the fairy for a long time, is in a strange state.

He, who doesn’t even get mistaken that Chesha is a fairy’s daughter

goes in search of Chesha’s real father.


“Why’re you looking fo ma fader…?”

“I have to kill him.”


When she is tired because of those annoying clingers.

Chesha discovers that she cannot revert to her adult body.

She even begins to narrow the siege of her fairy…


“How far do you plan to destroy me, witch fairy?”


Will Chesha be able to safely escape from the County?




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